co: marvel

I just saw Ant-man 3D and let me just say

1. New fav marvel movie
2. Scott joins the avengers and Tony finally meets his equal
3. Scott and Tony play pranks on the other avengers
4. Steve accidentally steps on Antony Jr. And scott cries
5. “Bro im sorry but he’s just an ant.”
“He wasn’t just an ant… He was Antony Jr….”
6. Scott is so upset he sends ants into Steve’s pants for a week
7. Scott is in charge of repairing malfunctioning suits bc he’s smol
8. Tony tries to step on Scott at least twice
9. Scott asks Natalia how to do women’s hair like braiding and shit and the guys laugh but he just wants to learn how so he can impress his daughter
10. Natalia wont let him touch her hair so he practices on Thor
11. Tony wants to be small so he can be Iron Ant so Scott hits him with the disc and Tony just goes around bugging people like whispering in their ears and punching them
12. They cant figure out what’s happening bc scott’s standing there so who…?
13. Eventually pepper finds out it was Tony and locks him in a mason jar and throws him in a pool
14. Luis shows up with three boxes of pizza just whenever he wants and the others are cool with it bc its free pizza and one day he tries tellin them about a funny thing that happened the other day and they’re all like ???? What???? Except Scott, who’s laughing his ass off
15. Thor makes his hammer bigger and just stands there grinning at it
16. Better yet he makes it smaller and keeps throwing it at everyone and scoffs when they get knocked down like “wow you cannot even handle a tiny hammer ur not worthy” then laughing and saying “Tony, look, i made a funny”
17. They meet Cassie one day and Steve insults Scott’s “dadness” while Natalia has a tea party with her and secretly enjoys it
18. Cassie picks up the hammer and politely hands it to Thor like “u dropped this” and Thor just looks at her like …….The pink Tutu of worthiness….
19. Scott tryna shove a lego piece in someone’s ear while they sleep but they snort and inhale him up their nose
20. Where does Stan Lee live so i can send this to him