torchwood 2.0

i’m calling it right now; the governors is going to be the new torchwood back in  doctor who s2!!!

don’t believe me?

remember when the new principal has that file about charlie?

torchwood had a file about the Doctor as well!!

even those comments she made about his last name being smith.

“’such an old name; smith. you don’t see those around that much anymore. like john’.”

she DOES know about the Doctor and the fact that charlie is an alien. 

should we trust her? no.

would she be a good ally? possibly. 

after 6 years of watching the show and the spin offs; i don’t trust the writers enough for them to pull a ‘doomsday’ on us for the season finale. 


class episode 4 trailer!!

Omg okay so ik charlie has his flaws but he’s genuinely a good person like he could’ve killed the shadowkin king who killed his mother infront of him and everyone on his planet but he didn’t because he didnt want april- a random girl he met like the day before- to die
And yes ik he treats miss quill badly and is possible thinking of genocide but like that’s how he was raised. That’s what he was taught. And he’s a 17 years old boy who’s entire planet was destroyed ofc he’s going to atleast consider bringing them back i mean wouldn’t you? If you had to chance to bring someone you loved back to you Like he gets sent to a completely different planet after his people died and ik he has april and ram and tanya and ofc matteusz but they’re not like him (literally a different species) and they don’t know him? Like his culture and what he’s seen and what he feels. He must feel so lonely like remember how the 9th doctor was
Sorry for the rant 😊😊


Okay, so I’m getting a lot of requests coming in and gaining followers quickly! At the moment I can just about handle the requests but I know soon I’ll struggle so I’m looking for a co-owner. If you’re interested then carry on reading.

About being a co-owner for this blog:

So being a co-owner for me/this blog is going to be quite a structured thing it’s not just ‘Log on whenever you want and do whatever requests you want,’ no. It’s going to be more organised than that. So basically we’ll have a schedule and we’ll discuss it together to see which days you’re able to do etc… The schedule will be along the lines of 'On mondays I answer the ship and clothing requests and you answer the imagines and preferences’.

AUDITIONS: 15th August - 22nd August

For the auditions you have to just mail me in my ask or make a post to your tumblr blog and give me the link (it’s more professional) and these are the things that you need to include:

  • Your name
  • A bit about you
  • Are you a Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall or Liam girl
  • A sample of your writing (If you do a ship as well you’ll have a huge chance of becoming the co-owner)
  • Why I should trust you with the log in details
  • Your email address (I’ll be emailing the winner, so check your email between the dates of the 22nd August - 24th August YOU COULD BE THE WINNER) If you’re the winner but you don’t reply to the email by the 25th I’ll be choosing someone else


Hey, I am SO GRATEFUL for all the art you guys are making for the au!! I really want to keep my blog a bit less crammy so if I had like your post it means I’ve already drafted it!! I’m SO SO SO GRATEFUL FOR ALL OF YOU.

You guys are the best and this au is so amazing just because of all the support and love.

I want to remind you guys again that @objectionable-code is the co-owner of this au and they actually thought out MOST of the characters!