co-op city

Brickwork and balconies in Co-op City, the Bronx.

Six Fun Facts About David Berkowitz

1. He was born Richard David Falco in June 1953; his parents were married Jews having affairs on their spouses. He was adopted at the age of three days by Pearl and Nathan Berkowitz, who gave him their surname and switched around his first names.

2. Berkowitz never knew he was adopted until he was a teenager, and even then he was lied to and told his mother had died giving birth to him. As an adolescent Berkowitz would suffer terrible depressions caused by his belief he had killed his mother.

3. Berkowitz entered the Army at age eighteen and was quickly recognized for his superior sharpshooting ability. His tent mates even nicknamed him “Crack Shot”.

4. Berkowitz tried to murder a woman on at least one occasion before he embarked on his serial murder spree. Roughly six months before he murdered Donna Lauria, Berkowitz had approached a girl in Co Op City and tried to stab her in the chest. Her struggling and screaming scared him so badly that he vowed never to use a knife again.

5. Berkowitz would often spend days looking for ideal victims, and often went back to favorite old “haunts” where he had spotted a potential victim but decided not to kill her. He even returned to the crime scenes of his fatal shootings to relive the sexual thrill of pulling the trigger.

6. Berkowitz has claimed in later years that he operated with a satanic cult during his murder spree, and he had help from members during at least three of the shootings. Berkowitz called this cult “The Twenty Two Disciples Of Hell” and stated that they are responsible for dozens of civilian “sacrifices” per year, including his murder spree and the notorious unsolved homicide of student Arlis Perry.


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