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Stand By You

Summary: All your life, you’ve lived in the shadow of your stepsister, Serena. Now that you’ve established a life for yourself, Serena prances back into her life and tried to steal Steve, your crush, away from you. Just how much can you take?

A/N: This imagine reflects how I feel (minus the stepsister part because I don’t have a stepsister). I feel discouraged by a lot of people in my life, and my father and I aren’t really the best of friends. I consider myself someone who stands up for herself, but it gets real hard when I don’t have anyone backing me up. Low-key wish I didn’t have to stand up for myself all the time. Hopefully none of you feel this way. Happy reading!

Word count: 3,256.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader.

You stepsister, Serena, had a way of making things about herself. 

First, it was moving into your house. Your father had remarried a few years after losing your mother and slowly, his life revolved around around pleasing his new family. It didn’t help that he was a renowned businessman, meaning his time with you was already short, but Serena had a way of making sure he spent more time with her and less with you.

Then, it was during high school. She bloomed pretty quickly and her breasts grew in. The boys wanted to be her boyfriend and the girls wanted to be her best friend. Eventually, all your friends left you to become part of her posse and your father told you it was just a phase. You felt isolated. Your father and stepmother attended her cheerleading events, but didn’t attend your science fairs. They took her out to buy makeup and shop for clothes in Beverly Hills, but never took you to museums or saw you off when you flew to England for a science internship for a summer. Your father handed you a wad of cash whenever you wanted to take part in science-enrichment programs and never bothered to get to know your interests. 

Serena didn’t bother to get to know you either. You observed how Serena used her words and assets to get what she wants. Teenagers alike knew she was beautiful and rich, and it automatically made her the most popular girl in school. With her parents, she batted her eyelashes and played the helpless girl who needed help. They turned to you, asking you to pick her up when she got drunk, asking you to do things for her when you hung out with your friends, and asked you to give up your free time to do whatever Serena wanted. 

The last straw, however, was in college. She had already undermined your intelligence and you were grateful that you both went to separate colleges. You had been accepted into one of the best universities in the nation, far away from your home. New York had become part of your identity and you weren’t about to let that go. 

Your built a life for yourself. You had friends, a boyfriend, and a scholarship. However, your family flew themselves to New York for an impromptu vacation and asked you and you boyfriend to join. You were hesitant, but your father wanted to meet the man in your life. Long story short, you found Serena locking lips with your boyfriend and they ended up dating for a few months after that. Your father and stepmother hadn’t said anything about it and you were tired of no one defending you. You wished with all you heart that you had Serena’s confidence and the will to stand up to her, but you couldn’t. Who would back you up? 

Soon after college, Tony Stark had hired you as his co-lab partner. You were tasked with helping develop his suit as well as other things for him and the Avengers. 

Steve had grown on you and you could feel yourself crushing hard. He first caught your attention when he defended you from a stuck-up secretary who wouldn’t let you onto the Avenger floor because you forgot your ID, despite giving you her worker’s code, something every employee had. Steve came to your rescue and told her you were with him. She mumbled an apology and let you both in. 

Since then, you had been a mess whenever Steve came around. You found yourself smiling uncontrollably whenever he was in the room. Natasha and Wanda, whom you gotten to know the most, knew about your crush. They refrained from teasing you, though, and instead encouraged you to talk to him. 

“I can’t do that,” you said as you kept your eyes focused on the project in front of you. “He probably doesn’t even feel the same. He never talks to me unless he needs something.” Natasha rolled her eyes. 

“Y/N, whenever you walk into the room, he’s just as a mess as you are.” 

“I don’t believe that, I really don’t. Can’t Wanda read minds? Read his.” 

Wanda sighed and put her hands on her shoulders. “I could, but that’s invading my friend’s privacy. Everyone can see Steve has a thing for you.” You pushed your glasses up your nose and looked up, smiling gratefully at the girls. 

“I really don’t know what I’d do without you two,” you said. They smiled at you and you were about to say more, but you were interrupted by Bruce. 

“Y/N, I think there’s a Serena and Ethel Williams here to see you?” You groaned and rolled your eyes, Wanda and Natasha, giving you a knowing look. 

“What to they want?” Natasha spat. They knew your background and despised them as much as you did. 

“Let’s find out.” 

You stood up and followed Bruce out the door. Your heels clicked against the floor and you unbuttoned your lab coat. You put your coat away and greeted the pair.

“Y/N!” she yelled as she gave you a hug. You were taken back. She had never shown you this much affection before. 

“Hello?” she pulled away and you saw the rest of the Avengers standing around the both of you, and you put two and two together. 

“It’s so good to see you! Wow, I can’t believe you work beside the Avengers!” You grimaced, but smiled anyway. 

“I do. What brings you to New York?” 

“I moved here, silly! Didn’t dad tell you? He got me a modeling contract.” You resisted the urge to roll your eyes. 

“I didn’t know that. Welcome to New York.” 

“Serena, Ethel. Why don’t you both make yourselves comfortable?” Tony invited. “Any family of Y/N’s is a family to us.” 

“Great!” Serena squealed as Tony led her to a room. You huffed and Sam whistled. 

“Damn. An ass like that can get me to do anything.” You glared at him. “Was it something I said?” 

“Don’t,” you warned. 

Your father followed closely behind them and apologized for being late. 

“Sorry, I got held up with a call. It’s nice seeing you again, Y/N. I thought you wanted to become an actress? Why are you working as a secretary?” 

“When I was five, dad,” you said. You walked towards him to give him a hug, but he just smiled when he saw Serena behind you and walked passed you. You frowned and Bucky seemed to have caught on. 

“You okay?” he asked. You gulped and nodded. You looked around for Steve, but noticed he had followed Serena and Ethel to help them get situated. 

“I really don’t know what I did to deserve this,” you muttered. Bucky furrowed his eyebrows and Natasha ran to your side, pulling you in an embrace. 

“You’re such an angel and you really don’t deserve this,” she said. 

“Aren’t you happy to see your family?” Bucky asked. You looked at Bucky and he backed off, fully knowing when you got mad. 

Serena had taken over your life, once again. She tried to make friends with Natasha and Wanda, but they didn’t budge. Tony had to force the pair to go shopping with Serena, much to their dismay. 

But what really got you was Steve. You got the sudden courage to ask Steve out, but every time you were about to, Serena had a way to get Steve’s attention away from you. Every time it had just been the two of alone, she found you and made it so that she had Steve all to herself.

“I can’t believe you made this for me,” Steve joked as he picked up a batch of cookies from the plate. You laughed along with him.

“Technically it was for Natasha, but if it makes you happy, then I made this for you.” Steve held your gaze. It happened a lot, the both of you always silent and looking at one another before someone interrupted. This time, it was Serena. 

“Steve! I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” You both broke apart and stared at the blonde. He cleared his throat.

“What did you need?” 

“I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind accompanying me to dinner tonight. My dad has to work and I don’t want to make the reservation go to waste.” 

“Oh, sure,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck. Your eyes fell and Serena smirked in your direction. 

“Great! Pick me up at seven.” She left and you followed suit, leaving Steve alone in the kitchen. 

After that, he kept hanging out with Serena and accompanied her on dates and outings, leaving you int he dust. You had believed Wanda and Natasha, who told you Steve liked you, when you caught him stumbling over his words in front of you. Natasha told him that when he got nervous in front of a girl and stumbled over his words more than usual, he had it bad. But Steve never looked at you twice after he went out with Serena that night and your luck changed for the worse. 

Still, you tried to talk to him, but it seemed that the was always preoccupied between missions, reports, or Serena. You wished and longed to be in Serena’s position, but you had to tell yourself that it would never happen. 

Tonight was the annual Avenger dinner get-together. Tony had insisted Serena come because she had spent a few weeks at the tower, and he felt bad for leaving them behind. 

“No,” you said, when he announced to you that they were accompanying tonight. 

“Y/N, I know you’ve had your differences -”

“This isn’t a difference. This is Serena straight up walking into my life and stealing it again.” Tony sighed and rubbed his temples. “Weren’t you the one who told me you believed in me despite my upbringing?” 

“It’s too late, Y/N. I can’t un-invite them.” You sighed and stormed out of the lab, wanting the night to be over. 

The dinner was just as bad as you thought. Steve and Serena sat next to each other and the entire conversation was about her. Not once did Serena bother to mention about anything other than herself. She talked about her high school life, her life in college, and how your father had managed to get her a modelling contract. 

“Oh, wow,” said Bruce. 

“It’s pretty impressive.  My dad had to pay a lot of money because I didn’t go to the casting calls, but I got a contract with IMG Models anyway,” she boasted. “I don’t think Y/N has done anything big yet and I want to be the first person who has done something important.” You raised your eyebrows. Did Serena really just say what you thought she had said? 

“A modelling job, huh?” Natasha said without interest as she sipped her wine. 

“Yeah! I remember Y/N wanted to be an actress, but that didn’t work out, did it?” She laughed and sipped her drink and everyone let out uncomfortable chuckles.

“I don’t think Y/N ever had the guts to pursue her acting career. She never auditioned for the school plays,” your stepmother joked. 

“I don’t think she even stepped out of her room,” your father joined in. 

You were tired of being belittled. Abruptly, you stood up and put your hands on the table. 

“I’m extremely tired of you three undermining me. I’m tired of you pretending you know me, when you don’t. I wanted to be an actress when I was a child, but I wanted to be scientist when I got to high school. None of you bothered to ask me what I wanted to do and none of you bothered to get to know the person I was. I am an independent woman who does not need your approval and I don’t need to impress you to make me a better person.” 

Natasha and Wanda beamed at you, both giving you two thumbs up. You let a small smile dress your lips and felt proud or finally standing up for yourself. 

“And you know what, Serena?” you said, turning to face her specifically. “I made it as a scientist, working alongside two of the brilliant minds. I’m the one who keeps the world safe and I’m the one who keeps the Avengers safe. I’m the one who keeps you safe. You’re the one who needed someone to do things for you. I got here without daddy’s help.” 

You left the restaurant, not bothered that you had left Tony to pay your bill. You had driven Tony and Steve to the restaurant in Tony’s car, and felt pretty badass as you drove alone in his classic, most prized, red Ferrari.

Back in the restaurant, Steve felt horrible. He hadn’t known that you felt like you always came second your entire life and wanted to punch himself for spending so much time with Serena. Truth be told, he had a crush on you, but thought you didn’t reciprocate your feelings and sought Serena as a surrogate. 

“Well that was rude,” Serena said to break the silence. Natasha and Wanda looked at her.

“I don’t really think she was being rude at all,” said Natasha. They both stood up and walked out, following you back to the tower. 

The rest of the team looked baffled, but felt upset that they were imposing on your life as much as your family did. They felt bad for encouraging you to take time off of work to spend time with your family. They sat in uncomfortable silence and tried to finish up the dinner as quickly as possible. 

Steve couldn’t handle it and stood up, wanting to go back to the tower to find you.

You told Natasha and Wanda that you wanted to spend the night alone for a while. At the same time, you were proud that you stood up to your “family,” but you felt upset that you had potentially compromised your job. You decided you’d figure it out in the morning and got ready for bed. 

As you were about to slip underneath the covers, a soft knock came from your door. 

“Come in,” you said, assuming it was either Wanda or Natasha. The door opened and you saw Steve walk in. “Steve, please don’t -”

“Y/N,” he said, cutting you off. He looked at you differently and you sighed, walking towards him and crossed your arms in front of your chest. 

“Can I help you? I’m tired, Steve.” He looked down before meeting your eyes. 

“I’m sorry that you felt that way all your life,” he said, quietly. You pinched the bridge of your nose, tired that your crush didn’t feel the same, tired that you had to explode in front of your friends, and tired that you weren’t getting any sleep. 

“Listen, Steve. You can hang out with whoever you want. I don’t care if you choose to be around Serena and I don’t care what you do with you life. I don’t want anyone’s pity and I don’t want to be the person who causes drama. I’ll leave in the morning if that makes everyone happy.” Steve frowned. 

“No, I don’t want you to leave.” He took a step forward. You didn’t move, but were aware of how much closer you two were. “Natasha told me how you felt about me. I feel the same.” You looked at him.

“You do?” 

“Yeah, I do. I guess I busied myself with Serena because I thought you didn’t like me back. I’m an idiot,” he sighed. 

“You’re the biggest idiot, Steve.” He chuckled when he saw your lips curl upwards. Steve took your hands in his and uncrossed your arms, swaying them back and forth. 

“Forget about them. Your family isn’t with them, it’s with us. With me.” He let go of your hands to move them to your neck and used his thumb to caress your jaw. “I want to be the one who loves you. I want to be the one who gets to see your face every morning.” You grinned even wider and forgot why you were angry in the first place. 

Steve let a breath out when he saw you smile. “Look at me, the captain, getting tongue-tied when I’m used to giving orders.” You laughed and closed your eyes, enjoying the feeling of his touch. “Can I kiss you?” 

“I’d never say no to you.” 

Steve laughed and leaned in, pressing his lips to yours. You savoured the moment and tilted your head, wrapping your hands around his waist. He pulled you close and tugged your bottom lip for access, which you granted. Pretty soon, the moment got heated and you pulled away for a breath of air. 

“As much as I love kissing you, Steve, I’m really tired.” Feeling bold, you led him to your bed with one hand. “Stay with me? Just until I fall asleep.” Steve nodded and you wrapped the blankets around the both of you, resting your head atop of his chest. You fell asleep quickly, leaving Steve to admire the person you are. He got the girl.

The next morning, you awoke with Steve’s arms loosely wrapped around you. He awoke as you tried to step out of his grip and you both decided to enter the kitchen together. 

You saw your father, stepmother, and Serena walk with their suitcases in their hands. 

“Where are you off to?” you asked. Serena scoffed. 

“As if you’d want to know.” 

“I don’t, but I thought I’d make nice.” Your father looked at you with regret. 

“Y/N, I-I’m sorry for neglecting you. I guess I didn’t know how to cope with your mother’s and you were doing just fine on your own.” You sighed and awkwardly patted his shoulder before he walked out the door with Ethel. Serena stayed behind for a while. 

“You know, this won’t last forever,” she said. 

“That’s kind of the point of life,” you said. “I won’t work with the Avengers forever, but I sure as hell am going to make this the best damn thing I’ve ever done in my life. 

“You and Steve won’t last forever,” she said with a smirk. You were about to speak up, but Steve beat you to it. 

“Listen, Serena. You can’t go around life thinking everything will be handed to you. I don’t care what you think, but Y/N and I will be just fine. She’s the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. I’ve had a thing for her ever since she started working here and I’ll always feel the same.” Steve leaned down to press a loving kiss to your lips as Serena stuttered. 

“B-But, Steve we -”

“I don’t care. Leave before I make you.” Serena turned around and rode the elevator down to the first floor. 

“You mean that?” you after as she left. Steve smiled and nodded.

“Every word.” 

Tony walked up to you and gave you a nervous smile. 

“I’m no good with apologies and feelings, and you of all people know that. But I’m sorry for insisting they stay. I hope this doesn’t create a rift between us.” 

You shook your head. “No, it could never. I know apologising isn’t something you’re used to, so thank you.” 

Steve looked down at you lovingly and pressed a kiss to your temple. 

“I ship this,” Wanda said. Bucky fake-gaged. 

“I did too until I realised they’ll be making out in front of us all the time,” he said. You laughed and shrugged as Steve pressed another kiss to your lips.

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Scientists Catalogue “Parts List” of Brain Cell Types in a Major Appetite Center

Using Harvard-developed technology, scientists at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) have catalogued more than 20,000 brain cells in one region of the mouse hypothalamus. The study, published in Nature Neuroscience, revealed some 50 distinct cell types, including a previously undescribed neuron type that may underlie some of the genetic risk of human obesity. This catalog of cell types marks the first time neuroscientists have established a comprehensive “parts list” for this area of the brain. The new information will allow researchers to establish which cells play what role in this region of the brain.

“A lot of functions have already been mapped to large regions of the brain; for example, we know that the hippocampus is important for memory, and we know the hypothalamus is responsible for basic functions like eating and drinking,” said lead author John N. Campbell, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of co-corresponding author, Bradford Lowell, MD, PhD. “But we don’t know what cell types within those regions are responsible. Now with the leaps we’ve had in technology, we can profile every gene in tens of thousands of individual cells simultaneously and start to test those cell types one by one to figure out their functional roles.”

Each cell in an animal’s body carries the same genetic information. Cells take on specific roles by expressing some genes and silencing others. Drop-Seq technology – developed by study co-authors Steven McCarroll, PhD, and Evan Macosko, MD, PhD, both geneticists at Harvard Medical School – makes it possible to assess every gene expressed by individual cells. The automated process means the BIDMC researchers could profile tens of thousands of cells in the same amount of time it once took to profile about a dozen cells by hand.

Campbell and colleagues profiled more than 20,000 adult mouse brain cells in the arcuate hypothalamus (Arc) and the adjoining median eminence (ME) – a region of the brain that controls appetite and other vital functions. The cells’ gene expression profiles help scientists determine their functions.

In addition to identifying 50 new cell types, the researchers also profiled the cell types in adult mice under different feeding conditions: eating at will; high-fat diet (energy surplus); and overnight fasting (energy deficit). The technology allowed the researchers to assess how changes in energy status affected gene expression. The cell types and genes that were sensitive to these changes in energy status provide a number of new targets for obesity treatment.

“Sometimes a cell’s true identity doesn’t come out until you put it through a certain stress,” said co-corresponding author, Linus Tsai, MD, PhD, an assistant professor of medicine in the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at BIDMC. “In fasting conditions, for example, we can see whether there is further diversity within the cell types based on how they respond to important physiologic states.”

Finally, the scientists analyzed previous human genome-wide association studies (GWAS) that revealed gene variants linked to obesity. Noting which brain cell types express such obesity-related genes, the researchers implicated two novel neuron types in the genetic control of body weight.

Campbell and colleagues have posted their massive data set online, making it available to researchers around the world. The open-source information should accelerate the pace of scientific discovery and shape the research questions asked in the field of obesity research.

“The classic way of doing science is to ask questions and test hypotheses,” said Lowell, who is a professor of medicine in the Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism. “But the brain is so complex, we don’t even know how much we don’t know. This information fills in some of the unknowns so we can make new hypotheses. This work will lead to many discoveries that, without these data, people would never have even known to ask the question.”

♤ ♧ ♡ ♢ —— Bout time I did another helpful type thing. Under the cut you’ll find a list of possible character connections along with a little description of the connection. I always get stuck coming up with a plots page so that was my inspo for this. They are p generic but act as a starting point if that makes sense? Likes and reblogs would be the as always.

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New type of soft, growing robot created

Imagine rescuers searching for people in the rubble of a collapsed building. Instead of digging through the debris by hand or having dogs sniff for signs of life, they bring out a small, air-tight cylinder. They place the device at the entrance of the debris and flip a switch. From one end of the cylinder, a tendril extends into the mass of stones and dirt, like a fast-climbing vine. A camera at the tip of the tendril gives rescuers a view of the otherwise unreachable places beneath the rubble.

This is just one possible application of a new type of robot created by mechanical engineers at Stanford University, detailed in a June 19 Science Robotics paper. Inspired by natural organisms that cover distance by growing – such as vines, fungi and nerve cells – the researchers have made a proof of concept of their soft, growing robot and have run it through some challenging tests.

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gnomer-denois  asked:

I think that one of my secondary characters is going to be a Scottish immigrant in Denver, CO. She is a lab tech forensic scientist doing things like DNA screening and etc for a hush hush government entity (think Abby Sciutto from NCIS as far as work goes). What sorts of things can I add in to make her seem authentically Scottish? Are there good phrases I can drop in, or foods she'd prefer, or just a mannerism what will read "Scot!".

A Scottish person living in the US will most likely adapt to the culture around them, so in terms of language, I wouldn’t worry too much about her not sounding authentic enough. However, she may still slip some Scots words into conversation.

Some words she could use could be aye/naw (yes/no), ken (know), wee (small), wean/bairn (child/baby), crabbit (moody/grumpy), eejit (idiot), tube (also idiot), bampot (idiot, again), glaikit (stupid), scunnered (tired), blootered (drunk), boke (retch/vomit), braw (pretty/attractive/nice to look at), feart (afraid), lassie (girl/young woman), wan/yin (one) and greet (cry). Some phrases she might say could include “you’re no right in the heid” (meaning you’re crazy or stupid), “I’m up to high doh” (I’m stressed out/worked up), and “away and boil your heid” (something you say when someone’s talking rubbish or being a nuisance). There’s also “yer da’ sells Avon” which is supposed to be an insult but is just something stupid we say for a laugh.

She might occasionally drop some of these words into conversation - perhaps without realising it - but she won’t be speaking broad Scots whilst surrounded by Americans. Also, some of these words are regional. If she’s from the Highlands or Islands, she probably won’t use them, and if she’s from the Aberdeen area she’ll most likely speak Doric. But if she’s a Lowlander these will do.

Some things you could do to make her seem more authentically Scottish could be:
- have her start conversations with strangers in public, like on the bus, in a waiting room, in a queue, etc. Scottish people will talk to anyone and everyone; and not just small talk. She’ll have their life story by the end of the conversation.
- have her complain about the weather. If it’s too hot, she’ll complain. If it’s too cold, she’ll complain. If it’s raining, she’ll ask when it’s gonna stop, if it hasn’t rained in a while, she’ll wonder when the rain’s coming back.
- she might like a drink. Scottish people love to drink, and we’re good at it, but obviously avoid making it seem like she has a drinking problem. We love a drink but we’re not alcoholics.
- Scottish people have a great sense of humour. We laugh at everything. We laugh at ourselves, at each other. We love innuendo and double entendres. We’re very self-deprecating. Scottish comedy tends to be heavily based in the pretty shitty aspects of Scotland, and we make a lot of jokes at our expense. Also, we like to rib our friends, and generally the closer we are to someone the more we will do so.
- have her support a Scottish football team, particularly Rangers or Celtic, plus maybe a local team. If she comes from a Protestant background, she’ll be a Rangers fan, if Catholic, it’ll be Celtic.
- she might start sentences with “see” especially if she’s asking a question or explaining something, or “here”, kind of as a way to get everybody’s attention. Also, when asking a question, she might ask “how” instead of “why”.
- she may be more cautious with her money. Scots aren’t tight, but we don’t like to waste money. It will be simple things, like bring lunch from home or mending clothes rather than throwing them out, just the average stuff you do to save money, and generally we don’t waste money on status symbols - if we buy an expensive car or a big house, it’s because we wanted it, not to show off how much we have.
- she’ll lament the lack of good Scottish food that she’s used to back home - square sausage, potato scones, Scotch pies, Irn Bru - and if she can, she’ll buy them by the barrel-full.

When it comes to food, Scots love our home cooking, so when she has time she might make soup, stew, or stovies (which is like a stew made of potatoes, onions, carrots and usually beef), or sweets like tablet, cakes, biscuits, or shortbread - and she’ll make loads, and probably offer some to her friends.

Scottish people are very patriotic. We are fiercely proud of our country, our culture, our language, our history, and our contributions to the world. And being abroad makes us even more so. Generally, we’re not dicks about it - it’s about how much we love our own country, not how much we hate yours.

Also, we have this word “thrawn” which essentially means we don’t like being told what to do, especially when it comes to politics. We don’t like non-Scots getting involved in our affairs - especially when it comes to the issue of independence. Your character won’t like her American friends making comments on Scottish and even, to an extent, UK politics or culture, regardless of her feelings on the subject.

This is quite a lot information and I think I’ve basically dissected your average Scot, but I think their good things to consider when writing a Scottish character. Hope this helps.

Mod Haggis

Namelessshipping: What If...

Chapter 2

Pairings: Red x Green Oak

Warnings: None

AU: Canon Divergence.

The past week with Green’s eevee had been great, it was like having a piece of his childhood friend there with him. A glimpse into the private life of the superstar. Eevee was definitely spoiled, having her meals at a certain time, to having multiple groomings and then demanding she sleep on Red’s pillow with him. It was nice, Red had often wondered if Green still treated his Pokemon the same as they had in their youth, but seeing how well taken care of eevee was, his concerns were soothed over. He didn’t know how or why Green had changed, maybe that was just a part of growing up. His pikachu was equally thrilled to have eevee around, though he had learned quickly that eevee wasn’t the rough-housing type and would bite pikachu if he was too out of control for her.

As Red observed her, he noticed she acted quite similar to how he remembered Green, on the surface, she held herself like she was better than everyone else but in fact, she hated to be alone. Whenever his pikachu was around, she would groom him as long as he stayed still, otherwise she would swat and bite until he behaved. It was cute and amusing, something he never wanted to forget. Which lead him to start taking pictures of them with his phone, he knew eevee would eventually go back to Green, so he wanted something to remember her by. However, he felt the desire to show these pictures off, for if they made him smile then maybe it would make someone else smile.

Pokemon had always cheered him up when he felt down, especially after he and Green had gone their separate ways. Loneliness had set in, his life seemed all too quite without Green’s loud voice calling out for him to come outside and play. Pikachu was a great companion, keeping him on track and moving forward when all he wanted to do was go back into the past, when things were much more simple and fun. Red hadn’t been one for social media, his co-workers at the lab continued to hound him to get something like facebook or twitter, but Red hadn’t been interested in it at the time. Now though, he wanted to share pictures, to share what made him happy. However, he didn’t want anyone to know it was him, he didn’t want any attention on him, so he signed up to Twitter under an alias.

The Silent Photographer.

He stopped there, he felt a little nervous as he looked down at eevee and pikachu curled up asleep on his lap, would people even really care? There had to be tons of images of Pokemon online, would people even manage to find his? Were the pictures even that great? His expression shifted to one of stress as his brows furrowed, red eyes staring at the screen as if it would give him the answers. Instead, eevee’s trill brought him from his doubts, she was giving him an annoyed glare, sensing the tension within him. Red gave a breathy little laugh at that look, this was definitely Green’s eevee. How many times had his childhood friend given him that look whenever Red thought he couldn’t do something? He switched over to his camera feature so he could capture that look, which afterwards he received a small bite from the eevee for laughing at her.

Her glare was the first picture he uploaded to his Twitter account.

Once the first picture was uploaded, he couldn’t really stop himself as he began to upload more pictures. He made sure only to pick the best ones and he didn’t put any description. This was about the Pokemon, not about what he thought. Eevee, satisfied with her job well done, settled back down to snuggle up against the sleeping pikachu who hadn’t been in the slightest bit disturbed. Red set his phone on the table beside his couch and picked the two up into his arms, it was time to clean them both up, then himself, and then it would time to fall asleep in bed. It was a routine now and he was glad to have the company, too bad he couldn’t sleep in since he had to head in to work early tomorrow.

The next day, Red’s phone went off, the alarm waking him up with a groan and he reached over to grab his phone and shut the alarm off. He sat up in bed, scratching at his bed hair as he looked blearily down at his phone to check the time. The clock was correct but he noticed he had over a hundred notifications from twitter. Startled, he quickly unlocked his phone and tapped on the Twitter app to check what was going on. A lot of people liked his photos, some even retweeted them, he even received a few comments proclaiming how adorable these two Pokemon were. It made him nervous and panicked and he quickly shut off his phone as if that would make it all go away. He hadn’t expected that much attention, so he decided to ignore it and get ready for work instead.

After doing his morning rituals of cleaning, getting dressed and grabbing breakfast, he headed out towards the lab with eevee and pikachu perched on his shoulders. It was a bit heavy, but he was used to it by now, it was definitely a workout, not that he really needed it. As he entered the lab, he was lucky enough to not be greeted by chaos this time, no flock of pidgey flying around wildly, no upset eevee tearing up his lab reports.He could only hope it stayed like this. Eevee and his pikachu hopped off his shoulders to go play around the lab and the pasture in the back of the lab that kept the larger Pokemon. Red sighed out, wishing he could join them, but first he had to handle the paperwork that stacked up overnight.

He sat down at his desk, booting up his computer, it was quiet this morning and the other assistants wouldn’t be in for another hour or so. Red worked best when he was alone anyways, the silence allowed him to think and not worry about interacting with other people. The other lab assistants had grown to understand that Red didn’t like conversation much, so they tended to leave him be unless it was important and they needed his help. He was just about to open his work email when the door slammed open, making Red jump a little in surprise. No one opened the door that fast and that loudly around here, it was supposed to be a calm paradise for Pokemon who were stuck in a trainer’s PC or a wild Pokemon in need of healing. Whoever it was, he did not really want to confront them.

“Where is she?!”

Frowning at the familiar voice, Red turned around as he needed to see it to believe it and no doubt Green oak was standing in the open door, looking hellbent on something. Red felt his heart beat pick up, suddenly panicking. He hadn’t seen green in over a decade, hadn’t even talked to him. Green had never tried to reach out to him, to find where he was so he assumed his childhood friend had moved on and Red didn’t want to bother him with the past. They weren’t children any more, things had changed and Green had left this little town in the dust along with everyone who lived in it. He could understand Green not talking to his grandfather, he’d seen how Professor Oak had treated his grandson. It was just another reason Red never had the heart to beat Green at the Indigo Plateau, Green needed an escape.

With no one else but Red here at the lab, he couldn’t send them to deal with Green, making him wonder if he still had time to hide. The bookshelf behind him partially obscured Green’s line of sight, so it was a possibility.He turned back and slowly began to try to ease himself down, hiding under the desk didn’t sound like a bad idea. Running away was a cowardly move but how could he face Green? He had no idea how to interact with him now that they were adults, would Green even remember him? He was afraid to know the answer, afraid it wouldn’t be the one he hoped for and couldn’t allow himself to feel crushed like that. However, before he could disappear, Green spotted him and began to storm his way over to Red.

“Yo’, nerd in a labcoat! Don’t think you can hide from me! Where’s eevee!”

Arceus, he was too late, he reached up and rubbed his cheek, good thing he decided to shave this morning, he didn’t want to look like an exhausted washed up Pokemon trainer. Before Red could try to sign anything, Eevee came running up, trilling happily at the sight of Green, Pikachu was running after her and carrying a flower in his mouth. However, when Pikachu noticed Green, his look soured, making Red want to groan. Pikachu had never really got along with Green, it was mostly Red’s fault though. He had confided in his remaining friend how much he missed Green during their League adventure, making Pikachu pissed off at the other trainer for ignoring Red and his feelings. Luckily Green hadn’t understood Pikachu, or was just too caught up in obtaining his dreams, he didn’t stop and consider it.

Green opened his arms, catching Eevee as she lept into his arms, delivering tiny licks as kisses all over her trainer’s face. Red watched in a bit of admiration, hearing Green laugh and smile like that, truly in a state of happiness. It was a sight to behold. Red glanced over at his phone, yearning to take a picture but he didn’t want to risk ruining the moment. A moment he might not ever see again, so he wanted it to last as long as it could. Until Pikachu growled and the snap of sparks from his cheeks drew Green out of his reunion, amber eyes looking down in surprise to see Pikachu there. The yellow rodent was braced on all fours, his fur bristled and the flower he’d been holding was forgotten on the ground as he stared at Green with anger Red had never seen before.

“Pika-punk?” Green managed to say before an electric shock bolted from Pikachu’s body and clashed straight against Green. Eevee had been smart enough to leap away from Green, abandoning her trainer to land on Red’s lap. All hope of a decent greeting towards Green went out the window thanks to his defensive Pokemon.

So much for a peaceful day.

anonymous asked:

If the characters were youtubers, what would their channels be like? (I love this blog so much!!)

Levi: criticising stuff he’s found on the Internet, basically Onision 
Erwin: directing sidesplittingly funny films like Brandon Rodgers, and also lazy day vlogs
Hanji: stupid experiments, like “WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MIX A METRIC TONNE OF MENTOS WITH AN OLYMPIC SWIMMING POOL OF COLA?” or “DRIVING A CAR OVER A TARP COVERED IN OLIVE OIL” and it’s a lot of her cackling madly with Moblit screaming
Mike: dog training videos, and earlier videos of him, Nile and Erwin running around pulling stupid pranks
Armin: those hella useful revision videos, and they’d always involve him going off on adorable tangents that he may or may not edit out
Eren: loads of vlogs and prank videos, kind of like Ben Phillips 
Mikasa: videos of animals and sports, with a lot of Eren popping up in random places
Marco: really adorable vlogs, like Dodie Clark, and co-labs with Jean and Sasha
Jean: so many prank videos, mainly on Eren, Reiner and Connie, and also maybe some Let’s Plays
Sasha: eating challenges and badass archery and riding videos (like this one)
Connie: badass, hilarious gamer channel, known for making people laugh, and the best co-labs with Sasha and Reiner
Ymir: parkour videos and adorable vlogs of her and Krista on dates
Reiner: loads of dumb challenges and vlogs like Ryan Doka 
Bertholdt: craft channels, and also little short films and animations
Annie: lots of videos of her cats, and also really adorable videos with Bertholdt like this one, and they’re known as the two YouTubers that NEED to get together
Krista: lot’s of fashions and make up videos, but also really adorable ‘day in her life’ vlogs where she’s shopping with Reiner or Annie or Mikasa, or on a date with Ymir


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