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Adventures in Retail Part...Whatever

So I started a new job. It’s a little reach right with the cashiers and I’m a cashier so that affects me.

Two cashiers were fired for marking down snacks and drinks for their friends…

And I’ve been having a issue with a fellow cashier who just doesn’t help out. She doesn’t help with customers in fact she ignores them. She is usually on her phone. And she hides at her register instead of being in front of it where customers can see her. And today she was hiding near her register and her light was off so I said hey your light is off cause customers walked past her lane and she said yeah I know I don’t want to turn on it. I told her to turn it on then I later told my supervisor about her behavior for the past few weeks cause I’ve been fed up. One time she had her back turned to the register was on her phone and my line was getting long so I told some customers her lane was open and she turned around saying oh…oh yeah I’m open. -,-

So my motherfucking co-worker told her grandson that he can’t have a Wonder Woman theme birthday party because boys should only like boy super hero’s. Her daughter took her son to see Wonder Woman and he LOVED it. He told his mom that Wonder Woman  is his favorite super hero. My motherfucking co-worker came in this morning telling us about how her grandson told her that WW is the best super hero and now he wants all WW stuff. My bitch ass motherfucking co-worker told that little boy that boys shouldn’t like WW. Are you serious? I asked my bitch ass motherfucking co-worker what day is his birthday because I’m about to hook his ass up with WW stuff. I’m giving the stuff to his mama so that she can give it to him. I’m not fucking with granny.

Happily Ever After

Except an AU where Dean and Cas are both working for Disney for the summer, and have been cast as the very first gay princes. And at first they hate each other, but it’s hard to pretend you’re in love all day for sweet, shy kids, and then not makeout under the bridge of the magic kingdom castle.

You should all go and check out the amazing fanart thunderjellyfish made for my little prompt! Here is the fic to go with it :)

DISCLAIMER: I have been kindly informed that employees at Disney are NOT allowed to pick up kids for safety and legal reasons. Please suspend disbelief for this fic!

“Where’s the princess?”

If Castiel has to answer this question one more time, he will not be held responsible for his actions. He understands that having two princes star in an epic love story is not exactly Disney’s usual fare, but they obviously did well enough to hire character actors.

Or, nobody watched the movie but Castiel himself, and Disney hired him because they were tired of getting criticized for lack of representation.

Though the latter seems most likely, it’s actually why Cas applied for this job in the first place. He isn’t necessarily a huge fan of Disney movies, but as someone who grew up with zero gay role models in popular children’s media, Castiel can wholeheartedly understand and appreciate the importance of a homosexual Disney movie.

The problem, then, becomes not the job itself, but everything else about it.

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When your coworker talks about going to another unit
H.S. Album Series: Kiwi

Word Count: 1880

A/M: Honestly I’m not sure where this story came from, being what the song is. It’s my favourite song too. But I think this was okay. As always I hope you like it, tell me if you do! Xx

*Disclaimer- obviously this is only (one of) my interpretations of what I think about when I hear the songs. Of course you may have your own, these are just one of mine.*

H.S. Album Series Masterlist | Ask

He played with the condensation that ran down the cold beer bottle that he held in his hands. He watched as he made little wet circles against the wood of the bar top throughout the night. 

The bar had reached last call and the bartender was already cleaning up, while other patrons were heading out all on their own. 

He wasn’t new to this place, having run into some hard times he found himself visiting a little more than he’d like to willingly admit. The bartender who had finished cleaning threw on their jacket and gave him a sympathetic look, “Good night mate. Time to head out.” They said. 

He gave them a look and an acknowledging nod before stepping off the bar stool and heading toward the exit, while the bartender left through the back. 

He stepped out and took in a deep breath of the cool early morning air. But as he took another step he found himself crashing into somebody on the street. 

As you both came to, he recognized you immediately as one of the wait staff and bartenders in the bar. He also knew you based on the stories and overheard conversations from other people at the bar. 

You were what he and everyone else at the bar thought was the “hot one”. It wasn’t uncommon for patrons to try and flirt and ask you out. You didn’t mind too much since it seemed to invite bigger tips, acting almost like a bribe but it never worked. He thought you were attractive as well, but he wasn’t one of the ones to make a move. He found you a little intimidating and after what he had been through he wasn’t at his most confident to make a move. He did however talk to you quite often. He was there so often you, along with the other employees would converse in conversation. However you were the only one who asked him why he came there so often, and for whatever reason he told you. 

Must have been the alcohol.

“Oh. Hey stranger.”

“Oh, hey [Y/N]. Would have thought you’d gone home by now." 

You shrugged, "What about you love? You’re still here. Don’t feel like heading home?" 

He sighed, not knowing how to answer the question. "I don’t know. I guess truth be told, if this place didn’t close I probably wouldn’t leave." 

You gave him a sympathetic look. As a regular you knew his story. Having a runaway bride the day of the wedding was a rough experience to go through and he proved it. You and the rest of your coworkers felt bad for him but what else could you do?

You looked him up and down, "Alright hun. You need a serious cheering up, you’ve been depressed about your runaway bride for far too long." 

He gave you a questioning look, "What? What do you mean?" 

"Well, it’s bridging on to 2AM now, pretty much everything is closed. But tomorrow, or rather today, I’m not working. Meet me here at 6pm and I can help you get out of your little slump you’ve found yourself in.”

He furrowed his eyebrows, not completely understanding your actions. 

“Open up your phone and I’ll type my number." 

He gave a hesitant look but gave it to you without another word. He watched as you typed and handed the device back to him, and when you did he began to feel something along the lines of remorse, "You don’t have to-" 

"It’s the least I can do. You’re in our bar almost every other night. You sit there looking so sad and lonely and staring down the bottom of your drink. You talk to me or whoever else is working. I like you, and even though you drive good business for the bar, I can tell you need to stop coming here. It’s not healthy.”

“What? And you know what’s healthy for me?" 

"Based on your weekly, almost daily visits, I think I know what’s more healthy than you do." 

He raised an eyebrow from what he thought sounded like genuine concern for him he looked at you again. To him before you just seemed like a… well someone who just worked at the bar. He always felt intimidated by you, and wondered how you could be so kind to him. 

Did I really vent to [Y/N] that much to prompt this?

He looked at you and shrugged, "Alright. Where are we going for this therapy?" 

You chuckled, "Oh don’t you worry about that sweet pea, it’ll be a surprise.” You said with a wink. 

“[Y/N]…” he whined. 

“Not another word. See you tomorrow.” You said turning to walk away. 

He just sighed and did the same. 

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Video Games ~ A Chanyeol One Shot

A Park Chanyeol one shot 

Requested by lalahiatus

Genre: Romance

Member: Park Chanyeol

Summary: (of this one shot) After a long and stressful day at work, you come home to your loving boyfriend, Chanyeol, who cheers you up with his talkative and goofy personality.

Stomping out of your boss’s office, you angrily make your way to the break area to get a cup of coffee, to try and calm yourself down. She suddenly dropped a huge burden on you, asking you - commanding you to work two more hours overtime to cover for one of your co-workers who had gone home sick a few hours ago. When you get to the break room, you see a sticky note stuck on the coffee machine.

Coffee machine doesn’t work!

Great. So now you had to do extra work for you and your sick co-worker, with the other problem of not having coffee. You didn’t even get to have your morning one, the line at Starbucks was too long and when you arrived this morning, there were way too many people crowded at this one, shitty, and now broken coffee maker. Pulling your hair into a tight ponytail, you walk to the vending machine to see that they had run out of your favorite beverage. Even better, your workplace wants you to work an extra two hours, and they want you to stay dehydrated until you get home. You were supposed to have a night in with Chanyeol, who had just so happened to have today off, unlike you. You usually got home before he did, him coming home just as you’re about to drift off to sleep. It was alright, you still had the weekends and you still saw each other in the morning while getting ready for work.

But today was not your day.

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Being: My day job is implementing/supporting a telecommunication software application. I avoid project management at work like the plague because it requires detailed notes, project plans, organization, conference calls, and lots of follow up. All methodical things that usually have to be done in a specific order. I am not good at these things and hate methodically doing anything in a specific order. But I am very good at logically troubleshooting problems, at asking the right questions to get to a customer’s true needs and/or problems, and at resolving issues faster than most of my co-workers. Give me a problem at work, leave me alone, and I’ll resolve it or escalate it to the engineers. I know pretty much right away when it’s an issue I can figure out and fix myself versus something I would be wasting my time on it needs to be escalated to engineering.

I have no patience with slowness and having my time wasted. At all. My co-workers will usually give control of a computer over to me if I’m helping them solve a problem because they know they’re not going fast enough for me. I even avoid going to the grocery store with certain family members because they take too long randomly browsing aisles. I can do it twice as fast alone, get out of my way! I have a sign that says “The only thing worse than seeing something done wrong is seeing something done slowly.” This is so true. I’m value independence and need the freedom to do what I want when I want. I have no problems traveling alone, going to movies alone, going to dinner alone. I’m not so good with romantic relationships, but I like to think this is only because I haven’t met someone willing and unthreatened by the sheer amount of space and alone time I need. Even spending time with my family requires me to retreat to privacy to recover after just a couple hours of being with them. On the other hand, large crowds don’t faze me because they don’t engage me or affect me personally. They’re merely obstacles to be navigated around. What exhausts me at a place like Disneyland is never the crowds, but the family or friends I have to spend the day with. It’s almost guaranteed I’ll take off by myself at some point during a visit to Disneyland to regroup. Also the time-wasting thing comes into play again… I’m not going to sit around while they move too slowly for me or do something I don’t like. I’m going to go do my own thing and meet back up later.

I’m calm and quick-acting under duress and emergency situations. I also crave adventure constantly. If I’m driving, I’m always eyeing any open country I see and wanting to be out in it hiking or just wanting to see what’s over the top of a rise or around a bend. I passionately love the outdoors. But my need for adventure is also satisfied by a good action movie or book or television show. I don’t have to physically be out doing things. Thinking about them will do the trick. This is a big reason why I became a writer, so that when I wanted adventure, I could just write an adventurous story.

I only drive manual transmission cars because then I’m in control and I can shift gears when I want, not when the car wants. I love driving and I love a car that handles and moves out like a sports car, but pragmatism also make me choose low maintenance vehicles that also get good gas mileage and have good visibility out all the windows. Almost everything I do is a balance between satisfying those physical cravings and logical efficient practicalities.I am a sucker for shiny things, like a watch with all the gadgets, and high-end audio/video equipment. I am drawn to the best of things and will admit I look down my nose at cheap things. I also like instant gratification and will often buy in haste, though I usually do at least some online research about any large purchases.

I have very strong opinions on a lot of things, but I basically never share my opinions on controversial topics (such as politics) because I’ve found no good comes from it. I may completely disagree with what someone says to me, but I will merely nod or make a non-committal noise and move on, and they usually never know how opposite my own view actually may be. I’m value honesty, so saying nothing is usually the best policy. Most people, I’ve found, don’t actually want to hear what someone else thinks, anyway, they just wanted to air their own views. I’m very emotional over some things, but not over other things that perhaps I should be. Movies, music, books, beauty, animals – these things make me cry pretty freely. Actual people-things I probably should react to usually don’t elicit a feeling. I have cried at funerals of extended family members because everyone else is crying, but inside, I would have to admit I do not feel sad. The opposite is true as well. I can beam and tell someone how happy I am for them and not feel the least bit happy inside. I am very good at putting on the appropriate face for others while keeping my inner feelings private. I will often say generic things that I don’t feel or mean in small talk with people simply because I know the person I’m with feels that way, and it keeps things smooth and easy. What I’m really thinking is none of their business.

How others perceive me: People who don’t know me seem to find me intimidating and anti-social, aloof, a bit mysterious, and humorless. I can be very blunt in criticizing, though the older I get the more tact I’ve learned to employ. Part of that is because I handle criticism very well, and I didn’t realize for the longest time that most other people don’t. People seem to get their feelings hurt very easily, which is foreign to me. People who do know me find me loyal and caring and get to see my silly side. Which can be very very silly. I laugh a lot when I’m with people I trust. But it usually takes a long time before I trust people.

The perception of ISTP: mechanic who will take your car apart and put it back together. Hah. No. Not cars. However, I’m very good at figuring out how things work on my own. I built two wooden gates myself just from understanding how a gate has to work. I’ve put in multiple brick patios. I’ve made multiple costumes by hand with no instruction, but because logically a corset can only function if it’s made a certain way, etc.

ISTPs are daredevil adrenaline junkies… no, that’s not me. This kind of stereotype seems to look at Se without considering Ti comes first. My Ti prevents me from doing stupid reckless things that would get me injured or killed, raise my insurance, cost me money I don’t have, etc. I think first, then act. Sure, I enjoy driving fast, but will only do it when I don’t endanger others or myself. I’d love to know what it feels like to parachute out a plane, but I doubt I’d do it because one thing goes wrong and you’re dead.

They’re badasses – Well, I admit, I’ve studied fencing, kickboxing, can use a bullwhip, and am good at archery. I walk/run several miles every day, and I have a great need to be in shape or I’m very unhappy with myself. But I avoid conflict and would try to talk my way out of a bad situation before I tried anything physical.

ok this video isn’t about which ship is more relevant, it’s about two men enjoying their free times together

Homemade Ice Cream

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Homemade Ice Cream

Leo Fitz X Reader

Written by: Hannah

Prompt(s): Hi! Could you write me a Leo Fitz imagine please? I think he’s very precious and adorable. Maybe something about the reader goofing off and singing? Thank you! I love your blog. Looking forward to your masterlist. Sorry this message is so long! 😳

Notes: Hello anon! I hope you like it, it went in a different direction than I had planned but I still like the outcome! This was very fun and lovely to write, especially since I love Fitz <3

Warning(s): None.

Leo Fitz had managed to find the equilibrium between paying attention to his partner, (y/n) (l/n), and attending to his work. He was working on a new type of stealth gun, and so far it was coming along nicely. He hummed as he worked, (y/n)’s content rambling helping to provide a steady background noise. He was paying attention to the words, don’t worry.

“And so I could really care less, but that’s mainly why I think that homemade ice cream is better than store bought ice cream. Sometimes.” You played with one of his other inventions on the table next to you. He grabbed them and set them down before returning to the stealth gun. You grabbed another device and the cycle continued.

“Really? If you want home made ice cream we could totally do that, a little bit of ice, a little bit of ice cream salt, some paper bags, some milk, flavoring and color dye, and sugar….and then shake it up, I think.”

“Wow Fitz, I’m surprised you remembered all that! I thought you said earlier that you hadn’t made ice cream in a while.” (Y/n) swung their legs against the table, seeing as they were sitting next to Fitz’s work space. The Scottish man continued to converse, the now dull vibrations from their legs on the table legs comforting as he worked.

Eventually (y/n) had to leave, seeing as there was work to be attended to elsewhere in the facility. Fitz smiled to himself, it was their birthday in a few days. Perhaps a surprise of homemade ice cream and a cake would add an extra pep to their step on their special day.


You dragged yourself to yours and Fitz’s shared apartment a few days later. It had been a long day at work, with annoying co-workers and multiple problems that just wouldn’t solve themselves. Fitz had been holed up in the lab working on a serum for something on Coulson’s request and thus you hadn’t the chance to see him. Just the thought that you hadn’t gotten to eat lunch with your boyfriend had your stomach twisting a little, seeing as you would have liked the company on your bad day. It turned around, though, at the surprise that greeted you in the apartment.

“Happy Birthday!! You didn’t think I would forget, would you?” Fitz asked, hugging you close, despite the shock. You laughed, holding him tight once your senses came back to you, “Fiitz! Thank you so much…I’ve really needed this, my day’s been kinda bad…”

“Yeah I know, Daisy came and told me about it. That’s why Simmons and I, mainly Simmons though, baked you a cake. And she helped me with, ta-da! Homemade ice cream, just like you were talking about a few days ago.” The engineer smiled brightly, seemingly proud of himself. He was, and especially grateful for Simmon’s help.

Leo grabbed the candles and put them onto the cake. He lit them before hugging you from behind, his head on your shoulder as he sang. You sang with him, the two of you slightly out of tune but more than loveable to listen to anyways.

“Happy birthday to you…Happy birthday to you…Happy birthday dear (y/n), happy birthday to you…” Leo kissed your temple and watched as the candles were blown out. The combined chorus of your celebration meant it was time to dig in and eat cake and good ice cream.

“What’d you wish for?” He asked between mouthfuls.

“Hm? Oh, for a happy end to a bad day…And it seems I’ve gotten one.” You grinned and shared a kiss with Leo, the rest of the night lost to cuddles and the Doctor Who marathon on TV.

Emily Prentiss / Better than Sleep

As requested by @scissorhappysunday: “I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay” and “I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death” 

My first Emily fic! I never wrote an Emily fic before so I hope i did her character justice. I love her inner strength and independence. It’s something I really admire about her! I hope i conveyed that!  Enjoy!

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‘’It’s Judgement Day! You think it’s bad now—just wait.’’


On April 6, 1999, 40-year-old Pierre LeBrun, a disgruntled former transit worker, arrived and parked at his former job at OC Transpo at 2:30 P.M. in his black Pontiac Sunfire. Grabbing his high-powered Remington 760, Pierre headed into the garage and, reciting a line from the movie ”The Terminator”, shouted, ”It’s Judgement Day! You think it’s bad now—just wait.” Immediately after, Pierre began firing at his ex-work colleagues. After two shots were fired, someone grabbed the public-address microphone and screamed for employees to run and call the police. Co-workers who survived the shooting recall Pierre’s expression as deadpan.

As panicked people quickly sought hiding places in the bus garage, Pierre LeBrun proceeded into a small office, cornered two victims, and killed them instantly with two blasts from his rifle. By this time, it’s already been a half hour since Pierre commenced the shooting rampage and he had already managed to gun down four men and wound two others. Although Pierre had encountered dozens of people, he only opted to shoot some. He had also attempted to burn down the building, but the sprinkler system doused the two fires he set.

Pierre then made his way up the nearby stairs for the mezzanine level and walked all the way back to near the midpoint of the garage, affording him a wide-open view of the garage area and an excellent vantage point to continue shooting. More of his frightened ex co-workers were nearby and Pierre had 36 rounds of ammunition left. He briefly yelled and swore at them, but instead of firing more shots, he turned the rifle on himself and ended his life.

Background Information

Pierre LeBrun was born in 1959 in Ottawa, Canada. Growing up, Pierre was often teased for his speech impediment. This molded him into a shy, aloof individual who had no social contacts other than his own parents.

Pierre began working at OC Transpo 13 years prior to the shooting. Co-workers described the bus driver as ”quiet and shy.” During his decade-long career span, Pierre has been shifted to three other jobs at OC Transpo to his request to escape constant harassment from other co-workers. When frustrated, his speech impediment worsened, which caused co-workers to mock him and laugh. One man was recalled to have laughed so hard that he collapsed on the ground while clutching his stomach.

In the summer of 1997, Pierre’s anger got to the best of him and slapped a mechanic who was teasing him for his speech impediment. Pierre was subsequently fired from his job, but was given a deal that if he agreed to take a one-month anger management course, he was granted a rehire. At the end of the course, Pierre was given a self-evaluation. One survey question asked, ”Did you reach the goals you set for yourself?” Pierre answered, ”No.”

Pierre was permitted to return to work, although was sent to work at the main garage as an audit clerk since employees wanted nothing to do with him. The following January, Pierre quit his job and was unemployed for the remainder of the next few months before returning to his job in April with a vengeful mindset.

In his suicide note, however, discovered by his parents in their home in Orléans, an eastern suburb of Ottawa, just as police called to tell them of the tragedy, Pierre mentioned four co-workers he had problems with and three that he liked. But none of his victims’ names were on the list.

Way of the World- part 3

Fandom: Supernatural

Word count: 2055

Characters: Dean x reader (soulmates), Sam, Ezekiel

Warnings: Reader in danger, angst, violence

Summary: Dean and Sam go hunting demons, Ezekiel makes an appearance, and the reader finds Dean’s police record.  Part 1 Part 2  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7 Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16

Notes: See the first part for the inspiration for this AU! 

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You tried not to investigate Dean. You really did.

All these years you’d been working for the police, and you had always managed to avoid the temptation to look up any records the police might have on your soulmate. But, since you’d seen him, your curiosity was becoming almost irresistible. It was like a sheet of ice over a pond, slowly cracking as the weather warmed up. You knew what Dean looked like now, and you knew he was lying about something.

Surely a quick look couldn’t do any damage?

It took an entire morning of staring at your computer to actually work up the nerve to type his name in. There was a hit- Dean had a record for something- but that was when your nerve failed. You closed it hastily.

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Today is kind of a crappy day. It’s raining. I’m pretty sure the guy I was kinda-sorta seeing dumped me. Someone reminded me our Point of Sale software is still malfunctioning. I’m looking at all these pictures of weddings and kids and fun vacations and I feel pretty awful. But my boss told me I was doing a good job today. I collaborated with a co-worker to fix a problem, and there’s a new movie for me to watch when I get home. Little things will get me through this.


It’s been a while since our last character post, hasn’t it? Let’s change that and introduce the one male hero of the Starlights: Boltslinger!

Bolt’s design says it all: he’s a futuristic cowboy. He carries a pair of ray-gun revolvers and rides a rocket hovercycle named “Rocket.” (The design for Rocket hasn’t been finalized; we’ve got several other versions floating around the art folder. Rest assured, though, that Rocket will always look like a horse.) He speaks with a vaguely Texan drawl, but is actually quite tight-lipped about where he’s really from. Is he a time traveler? A sheriff from space? A parallel-universe peacekeeper? Nobody knows—possibly not even the Starlights themselves!

Contrary to what it might look like, Bolt actually does have powers: he can store and discharge electricity. However, since Spark is intended to be a little more realistic than most comic-book universes, this ability isn’t as useful as it sounds. Bolt can’t simply point at a villain and hit them with a bolt of lightning: he has to worry about the path the electricity will take, whether the target is grounded, what he’s touching, et cetera. So instead of using his bioelectricity directly, he instead uses it to power all his neat gadgets. Those ray guns? Actually electrolasers, which are basically tasers that shoot like lasers. They don’t have an internal power source, since Bolt is the power source! This makes them much more compact than they would be otherwise, and also ensures that nobody but Bolt can fire them. Same goes for Rocket: she won’t budge an inch unless Bolt’s hands are on the handlebars.

As we noted in an early post, Bolt is the only male character on the team—we specifically did not want the Starlights to be an all-girl team. One reason for this is because making the team completely female might seem like a gimmick, like one of those terrible super-teams created in the 1990s. The Starlights aren’t mostly female because they’re trying to make a political statement; they’re just a group of heroes who work together exceptionally well and happen to be mostly female.

Secondly, we wanted to make a character who would be a positive example of a male feminist, a man who doesn’t feel that his masculinity is challenged if he’s surrounded by female co-workers. Bolt has no problem working with women, taking orders from women, or deferring to women; he’s part of a team, and he knows it. The comic as a whole is aimed at female readers, and the majority of our cast is female, but it can’t hurt to put in a good male role model as well!

I got an idea for this fic from silenthillsparkinglot and decided to do write about my OTP, John and Dave from Homestuck! Please enjoy and reblog and feel free to message me feedback! Thanks!

Five Nights at Freddy’s with John and Dave.

“Dave come on!” John said in the doorway of his and his best friend’s apartment.
“Ugh, what time is it?” Dave asked with a groggy, sleepy voice from the nap he took.
“11:30. The guy said we need to be there before 12 so let’s go!”
Dave then got up and threw his security uniform on. John was already wearing his. Dave thought he looked so dorky in his uniform. But a cute dorky. Even though he thought this, he would never tell John that he felt that way. 
“So what is this place anyways? And what are we doing again?” Dave asked as he stepped into John’s car, adjusting his sunglasses and his messy blonde hair. 
“It’s called Freddy’s Frazbear’s Pizza. I saw an ad for it in the newspaper. It’s this chuckey cheese type place with singing animatronic animals and such. I figured since we both needed the money and also since it was probably the easiest thing to do to get money we should take it. Also. I knew you’d love it knowing how lazy you are” 
Dave smirked a little, but still managed to keep his cool composure.
“Do you think they’ll have pizza there for us?” Dave asked while John pulled out of the driveway.
“Was that the only thing you heard me say?” 
Dave laughed a little as they continued down the road. He pictured the place they were going and the lame animatronics and lame party hats and lame decorations he had to guard for the night. He smiled “This is going to be a piece of cake.”

Of course, after John and Dave had gotten there, Dave had managed to scope out a pizza and bring it into the security room for the two of them. On the way back, Dave looked at the animatronic animals, all holding some sort of instrument. He looked into the barren and cold eyes of the bear they called Freddy. He felt intense chills go up his spine and small tears forming in his eyes. He blinked them away and walked back to the security room with the pizza for him and John. They sat around the security screen listening to the last security guard over a recording giving them an introduction to their job. “Hello. Helloo. ehh I wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled down on your first night. Uhm I actually worked at that office before you. I am finishing up my last week now as of matter of fact so I know it can be overwhelming but I am here to tell you that there is nothing to worry about. You’ll do fine.” Dave looked over at John and smirked a little. “So lets just focus on getting you through the first night. Okay lets see uhm first there is a introductory reading for the company that I am supposed to read. Its kinda a legal thing you know. Uhm welcome to Freddy fazz bear’s pizza, a magical place for kids and grown ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life,” John and Dave chuckled at the lameness of the introduction, while Dave secretly noted that Bro would probably ironically love it. “Now that might sound bad I know but there is nothing to worry about. The animatronic puppets become quirky at night but do I blame them? No! If I were forced to sing those same stupid songs for 20 years and never got a bath I’d probably would be irritable at night to.” John gulped a little “Irritable?” He said, nervously putting a hand through his black hair. 
“Ok so just be aware that the characters tend to wander a bit. Uhm they have some sort of free roaming mode at night uhm, something about their servers locking up or they get turned off for too long. Uhm they used to be allowed to walk around during the day to but then there was the bite of 1987. Yeah its amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe ya know.” Both boys shifted uneasily in their places. “Now concerning the only real safety during the night watch if any is the fact that these characters if they happen to see you after hours probably wont recognize you as a person. They’ll most likely see you as a metal indo skeleton without its costume on. Now since that is against the rules of Freddy’s Frazzbears pizza they’ll probably forcefully stuff you inside a freddy Frazzbear suit. Uhm well that wouldn’t be so bad if the suit themselves weren’t filled with crossbeams, wires, and animatronic devices especially around the facial area. So you can imagine having your head being pressed inside those would cause a bit of discomfort and death” Starting to shake, Dave looked over at John, who was now doing the same.
“John…” He spoke quietly, “what have you gotten us into?” The voice on the recording continued, “The only parts that will see the light of day will be your eyeballs and teeth that will pop out of the mask. Yeah they don’t tell you these things when you sign up but hey see you first thing tomorrow. Uhm check those cameras and remember to close those doors only if they are absolutely necessary. Got to conserve power. Alright good night.” And with that the two boys were left in complete silence.

Dave was starting to cry. He didn’t care about his cool guy personality anymore. He was scared shitless and he didn’t care who knew. “Hehe… he…” John started to laugh nervously, tears now also forming behind his square glasses, “jokes on the new guys… You know… Right?… Right!?” Dave was left speechless for a moment. “Yeah I guess you’re right… hehe…” The silence enveloped the both of them once again. After awhile Dave jumped up to the security monitor. He calmly looked over the rooms of the building. Frequently looking back to the place where the lifeless metal animals were. “So I guess we have limited power…” John spoke finally. “Yeah.” Dave said, still focused on the cameras. “If we use both doors and the cameras and lights it’s going to drain the hell out of our power so leave those doors open for right now and lights off” He spoke very orderly and quickly. As if this needed to happen quickly or else something bad would happen. John say silently and looked at the half eaten pizza. He wasn’t hungry anymore. The only thing he could feel was pure fear. “Do you think that-” “Wait… Shh.” Dave cut him off. A small pattering of heavy steps could be heard in the distance of the building. John now stood behind Dave staring at the screen that was on the kitchen area of the building. His hand slowly moved to switch the camera to the place where the animatronics stood. As soon as the screen switched both boy’s stomachs dropped. “Where… Wh- where did the b-bunny go…” John whispered, half crying. “I…….. I don’t know” Dave shivered. He looked through the two windows on his left and right, making sure it was not right next to them. He then turned his attention to the security screen, still on the place where Bonnie the Bunny used to stand. He braced for the worse, switching the camera once again.

“HOLY SHIITWHAT THE FU-” Dave jumped up and cut John off by holding his mouth shut and shoving him against his chest, John’s glasses crashing against the taller boy. While Dave could admit holding him was nice and comforting, and he really was longing for it, the fact that a metal bunny was a few rooms away and looking to kill them both definitely did not feel good. “John listen to me,” Dave spoke into John’s ear, “that thing cannot know that were in here. So in order for that to happen you need to be quiet.” Bonnie was still standing in the party room, just standing completely still and lifeless, staring into the camera. Almost as if he was staring right into the eyes of the two helpless boys. Now breaking the embrace, John walked over to the pizza box again and sat in front of it. “He he…” He laughed nervously once again, “well he did say they wandered at night. Nothing to worry about, right?” Trying to convince himself more than Dave that everything was okay. He didn’t respond this time, and went back to checking the cameras. Every time he looked at the party room he and his friend flinched a little, seeing that Bonnie was still standing there, watching. “I… I’m sorry, Davie.” John cried from across the room, “I didn’t know that this job would be like this, or that these fucking animatronic things would try to murder us or… I’m just sorry.” Seeing his friend in misery, Dave picked John up and hugged him. “It’s okay bro, it’s not your fault. You didn’t know any of this messed up shit was going to happen to us. It’s okay.” Dave stood there while his friend was clinging to his chest. He closed his eyes and pictured them being at home in their apartment. Dave had just woken up and John was making breakfast. ‘Morning, sleeping beauty!’ John calls out to his friend. Dave walks up and gives him a sloppy kiss and embraces him, just like they were doing now. Opening his eyes, Dave realizes that this is not happening. And would never happen even if they were happy at home. Breaking away, he sadly goes back to the computer screen.

“Oh shit…” Dave mutters to himself. “Let me guess. She’s not in the party room anymore?” “Congrats, Sherlock, you have common sense.” Dave though this came off a little mean. But he wasn’t worried about being a nice person right now. He was only worried about where that damn bunny went. Unable to find him, he gave a horrified look at John, and then over at the door to their left. John nodded, and slowly walked over to it and hit the light switch. Dave finally got his answer. There it was, standing in the doorway reaching out to John, ready to grab him and bring him to get stuffed into one of those death suits. Dave wasn’t about to let this happen. Since his friend was too scared to move at all, he jumped out of his chair, sending it rolling across the room in the opposite direction, and slammed on the button to close the door, saving John’s life my a millisecond. The two roommates now collapsed to the ground. “Thanks… A lot.” The black haired boy said to his blonde co worker. “No problem.” he replied. “What time is it?” John asked, still on the floor, while Dave was getting back up to check the cameras. “3AM.” “Power?” “Around 40%.” Although he was back at the computer, Dave found it hard to take his sights off of where Bonnie was, even though the door was shut.

All of a sudden, the crash of pots and pans could be heard in the distance. He switched the cameras and felt the familiar “oh shit” feeling in his stomach and slammed his head on the desk. “Is it the Chicken or the Bear?” John asked, still on the floor in the same position as he was a few minutes ago. “… The chicken.” Dave sighed “He’s in the kitchen but of course the camera is broken in there so I can only hear him cla-” and just like that the noise from the kitchen was gone. John stood behind Dave once again. “Oh fuck.” Both boys said in unison. Chica the Chicken was standing in the party room now, in the same spot that her band mate was, only her mouth was gaping wide open, and her eyes were a bit more menacing while she was staring at the camera. “Hehe… I mean-” “John stop, this is not o-fucking-kay alright? These things are really trying to kill us. Did you see how that bunny tried to grab you? We need to be realistic about this!” John went silent for a moment. “Where’s the bunny now?” Dave checked around for a bit “In the supply closet. Open that door so we can save some energy and turn the light off. We only have 25% left.” John did as he was told. “Time?” “Almost 5.” John sat silently in the corner while Dave took care of the cameras and doors for a bit. The chicken went back and forth from the kitchen to party room for a bit and Bonnie just stayed put. John thought of home, and how much he wanted to be there at this moment. Also, how much he needed a hug from Dave. He decided distracting him at the moment was a bad decision.

Time went by for a bit like this until John finally broke the silence, “Time and power?” “5:45 and… Oh fuck.” “What? What’s wrong this time?” Dave rushed over to John and slung himself around him. John was confused for a second, but quickly got his answer. The lights went dead and they were left in complete silence and darkness. “Dave…?” “John…?” Their conversation was broken by the flashing face of Freddy Frazzbear and horrifyingly creepy music. Both boys held on tightly to each other. Neither could speak. Dave, thinking to himself in his final moments, ‘Geez, I’ve liked John all this time and never said a thing to him. I guess this is as good a time as ever.’ “Hey John,” he spoke quietly under the music, still staring at the bear’s flashing face. “I just needed to let you know that… I just… I…” Then, like a miracle from heaven, light descended through the windows. John whipped his phone out of his pocket and looked at the time on the bright screen ‘6:01’ it read. He breathed out a heavy breath and slumped in his position. The two friends could hear the heavy clunking of the animatronics going back to their places on the stage. Dave smiled “Jesus fucking Christ.”

They then continued to get all they’re stuff together, pack up the pizza, and go to exit the building. Dave stopped by the stage again and looked at Freddy like he did before the night had started. This time when he felt chills and tears he understood why. John was standing in the doorway holding the door open for him. Once they had both stepped into the car, they sat in silence for a minute. “Well… That was…” “Terrifying?” Dave finished his friend’s sentence for him. John silently nodded his head as a response and then began to drive home. Once inside the apartment, both roommates put pajamas on and sat down on the couch next to each other. John put on his favorite movie, Con Air, to calm his nerves a little while Dave stared blankly at the screen, processing this thoughts from the night.

“Hey Davie?” John asked. Dave didn’t even know that he had paused the movie and was now sitting closer to him than before. “What’s up?” “You know how you were like about to tell me something right before 6:00?” “Uhh… Yeah…” “Well… What was that?” Dave say silently thinking of what to say. Should he tell his friend his feelings and jeopardize their friendship, or keep his mouth shut and take the safe route. “Well… Listen…. I…. I’m just really tired right now. I think I might go sleep for a bit. I’ll talk to you about that later.” Dave got up to go and crash and his room, but turned around at the last second and asked “Hey John?” “Yeah buddy?” “Well I’m sorta unnerved and stuff from this whole thing…” “Wow, the legendary Strider unnerved. Amazing.” He said sarcastically. “Hehe… Anyways would you mind maybe… I don’t know like… Crashing with me for a bit. It’s okay if you don’t I just-” “Dude it’s okay,” John cut him off, “I was going to ask the same thing.” “Thanks… A lot.” “No problem.” Both chuckled at the dejavu moment. With that Dave and John went into Dave’s room and laid down on his bed. John was out way before Dave. He looked at John’s figured lying next to him. “He might hate me when we wake up for this… But whatever.” Dave muttered to himself before cuddling up to John. “Why would I hate you for this?” He said back to his shocked friend. “Oh. My bad bro I thought…” “Shh…” John pressed his fingers to the blonde boy’s lips, “just sleep.” And with that the two boys were asleep. Resting before having to go into work that night.