co worker problems

When your coworker talks about going to another unit
Social Anxiety Problems
  • Co-Worker: Guess what?! This important meeting about a massive upcoming workload that I scheduled for you is actually a SURPRISE LUNCH PARTY! We're just going to hang out and eat this thing I made and play some games!
  • Me: (thinking) You lying piece of shit. I had to spend days psyching myself up for a serious, stressful discussion about our backlog of work and upcoming load of projects and I DID NOT ONCE prepare myself to sit and fucking socialize and pretend to be friends while eating some lunch you provided that I don't even want. Christ people, I LIVE for lunch breaks where I can put on my headphones and do my own thing isolated from forced pleasantries, THIS IS MY HELL
  • Me: (out loud) Oh yay you're so sweet