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I’ve always been kind of bothered by that hypermasculine trope where the father has to threaten or be stern with the daughter’s boyfriend, even if it’s joking. Like “don’t hurt my daughter or I’ll ______”

And tbh, it kinda surprises me when people paint Tom in that light because I feel like that’s the last thing he’d tell Adrien. 

He’d sooner get down on his knees, thank God, collect his winnings from his wife because he knew Adrien would ask his daughter out this week, give them money to go on a date, and say that they’re not allowed back before 10pm because “I’ve been waiting for this day for years, please go show my daughter a good time, make her happy, it’s all I want.”

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Ok, call me delusional. When I search about her co-presenter, his wife's name is Lauren. Indirectly, he's the rep of Lauren. Ahahaha! 😂

Ahah! it is an indirectly that’s interesting 👀but that’s okay. If I hear the word Camren, no matter how it’s spelt: I. will. be. delusional

im dont like the shit where stuff like eyelashes define the gender of the i.e. animal but… i also want to specify this a loving lesbian marriage between a zebra and a leopard.

Wife and stepson charged with murder of KKK leader Frank Ancona

The wife and stepson of a Ku Klux Klan (KKK) leader who was found shot dead have been arrested and charged with his murder.

The body of Frank Ancona, the self-appointed imperial wizard of a Missouri-based chapter of the KKK, was found on Saturday (11 February) on the banks of the Big River, around 70 miles southwest of St Louis.

Donald Trump to trade in Air Force One for a stealth bomber?

According to an autopsy conducted on Sunday, the 51-year-old died as a result of a gunshot wound to the head. Now his wife, Malissa Ann Ancona, 44, and her son, Paul Edward Jinkerson Jr, 24, have been charged with first-degree murder, tampering with physical evidence and abandonment of a corpse in connection with his death.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported on Monday that according to a probable cause statement, Jinkerson shot Frank Ancona as he slept in his bedroom on Thursday before his body was driven to an area near the river and dumped.

Mass evacuation order as California dam threatens to collapse

According to police, when they searched Ancona’s home, they found “extensive blood evidence” in the master bedroom.

Francois County Sheriff’s Detective Matt Wampler wrote in court documents that Malissa Ann Ancona told police her biological son, Jinkerson, killed Ancona while he was asleep. It was stated that she attempted to destroy blood evidence and altered the crime scene to conceal evidence, and that she was acting in concert with Jinkerson.

Schoolgirl ‘gang raped by bullies’ writes powerful letter to classmates

A US Forest Service employee found Ancona’s car abandoned on Thursday but he was not reported missing until the following day.

The Park Hills Daily Journal stated that police interviewed Malissa Ann Ancona and her son in their home with “all indications” showing Frank Ancona had been killed.

Malissa Ancona reportedly told investigators that she had last seen Frank early on Wednesday, before he disappeared claiming that he had a call from work that meant he had to drive across the state.

On his website for the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Frank Ancona is depicted wearing a white hood in front of a burning cross on the website.

“The media will tell you the KKK is dead, gone, irrelevant,” the website reads. “They have tried since the birth of the Klan to downplay the influence and power of the KKK … We cannot allow this. The time has come to awaken from our hypnotic sleep before we and our children wake up to a hell we can never escape from.”

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Season premiere of The 100!

I have so many feelings about 4x01 and Bellarke that I have no words! I am just so happy that my babies are back on screen!

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It was everything I was hoping for and so much more. Could Bellake be more obvious? 

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I mean I am not saying they will FOR SURE get together this season, but you can tell something will happen.

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Bellamy starting out strong this season. That sass is back, at the same time he’s a LEADER. “We didn’t survive this long, just for a little radiation to take us out.”

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“Thank you. For keeping me alive.”
That look on Bellamys face, I was grinning like an idiot.

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Clarke not having Bellamy by her side for 3 minutes and Echo has a sword to her throath. Seems about right.

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But in come Bellamy when he sees Echo being mean to his wife/co-leader. “LET HER GO!”

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…and then sends her back into Bellamys arms. 

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Clarke and Abby saving Roan!

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And then everyone being held prisoner. Yup, seems fair.

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Clarke breaking down in front of her mom about L. was so sad. I loved Abbys ‘I know’. Heartbreaking and beautiful.

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The most telling moment for me this episode when it comes to Bellarke this season was Bellamy looking over at Clarke and Abby and THAT look. Broke my heart yet again, but it was SO beauiful. It was just this beautiful mix of wanting to comfort her but also heartbreak because HE LOVES HER GODDAMNIT!

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Abby and Clarke having a mother/daughter moment at the end there while Kane and Bellamy has a father/son talk. What is not to love?

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And Bellamy called Clarke ‘Princess’ again!

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This episode was just great on so many levels. I feel my characters are being awesome again and I have every faith in the writers that this will be an amazing season!

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Hanni and Will on a Coffee shop Date (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

Bill Gates says Trump's anti-abortion ‘gag rule’ endangers millions of women and children
Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates fears President Trump’s “global gag rule,” a policy that blocks funds to organizations that offer abortion advice and care in foreign countries, may endanger millions of woman and children. Gates, alongside his wife and co-chair Melinda, voiced criticism of the rule in an interview published today in The Guardian. The two philanthropists oversee the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world’s largest and most charitable private foundation. Read more

“I welcome you to the Higuri Regalia – Where There is Power in Beauty.”

The Higuri Regalia is a well-renowned Goldsmithing/Weaving empire run by Thiji Higuri, an eccentric Dunesfolk noble.  Recently his company joined with the Spear & Spire Co., led by his wife, Nanago Nago.  They specialize primarily in accessories and fashion (with a hidden expertise in Alchemy - inquire further if you wish) - as is wont for any goldsmithing firm.  During his adventures in Eorzea, however, Thiji had grown in experience, expanding his family’s business into many new avenues of commerce, from furniture to precious artifacts and even cute (and incredibly expensive) pets!

Their Aldenard Branch Headquarters is stationed in The Goblet, Ward 7, Plot 43, and they usually see clients via reservation (signing up outside the mansion).   On occasion they will advertise an event that occurs every few weeks to use their profits to give away helpful items and adorable pets for the public to enjoy and the seasoned adventurers to make good use of. After a hiatus of three moons, the Regalia has reopened its doors as of the 15th Sun of the 1st Astral Moon, and are prepared to serve the people of Eorzea with their generosiy and goodwill.

All friends are welcome to visit the mansion; the signboards are updated frequently on future sales or events, and accept reservations and commissions from everyone, regardless of social status, alignment, or occupation (Just so long as you don’t give themselves a reason to reject you).