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Can’t say I’m upset at all with Rob’s dark side reemerging (to deny Rob his darkness is just as offensive to me as those that purposefully erase Aaron’s grayer morals to woobify him) If anything, I’m grossed out by how they’re forcing the victim!Rebecca angle. She got moved to the top of my shitlist the minute she decided to sleep with someone heavily under the influence. Sorry, BLECHS, but that dog just ain’t gonna hunt.

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i’m still more angry about the consent thing than anything else they’re doing*

Rogue One Fic Recs #1

As I continue to binge Rogue One fics in massive quantities, I’ll put together periodic rec posts. So far all my recs are from Ao3, because that’s the easiest place to find things.

Canon compliant one-shots

Let it Happen, by Lafayette1777  Cassian/Jyn. A missing moment scene set on the flight from Yavin IV to Scarif, in which Cassian shares an unexpected moment of intimacy with Jyn.

Playing from the heart, by marginaliana  Bohdi/Galen. A glimpse at Bohdi’s life and how his flirtation with an older officer changes the course of history. Excellent characterization and beautiful writing.

honey, i been thinking about you, by alsoalsowik Cassian/Jyn elevator kiss. Cassians pov, his final thoughts. Many tears.

Fix-it Fic one shots (some or all characters survive)

we are rogues, we are shooting stars, by ninemoons42 Cassian/Jyn, Jyn pov. A depiction of survivor’s guilt and how Jyn and Cassian turn to each other while also throwing themselves back into the fight. Rated E. Includes meetings with A New Hope characters and events. There is also a lovely sequel from Cassian’s pov set several months in the future. Both stories imply that dead companions are watching over them.

run to me in the rising dawn, by katsumi Only Cassian and Jyn survive. Cassian/Jyn. Survivors guilt, co-dependency, and mutual pining as they struggle to start the next phase of their lives. Beautiful writing.

AU wips

Explosions of Stardust, by shinigamigirl196, AU in which Jyn and Cassian have an encounter in their childhood when they are sent on missions to the same Imperial installation by the Partisans and the Alliance respectively. Years later, after Saw Gerrerra abandons Jyn, instead of going it alone she joins the Alliance and meets Cassian for the second time. Slow burn Jyn/Cassian.

Fix-it Fic wips (some or all characters survive)

heart in a headlock, by andromeda3116 Bodhi rescues Cassian and Jyn, and the first place they can get to for medical treatment is Tatooine. Slow burn Cassian/Jyn.

Chance, by Irelando Everyone survives. Cassian/Jyn, Chirrut/Baze. While Chirrut, Baze and Cassian recover from their injuries, Jyn and Bohdi ask to be put to work in order to avoid focusing on recent events. But when news of Alderaan’s destruction reaches Yavin IV, Mon Mothma fears that Jyn and Bohdi’s Imperial ties could draw anger and the possibility of reprisals, and sends the entire team off-world for their recovery.

floating, sinking, by shuofthewind Everyone survives (even K2, via a hard drive backup). Cassian/Jyn slow burn. Chirrut/Baze established. My favorite Rogue One fic so far. I wait on bated breath for every update. Beautiful writing, excellent characterization, and a fantastic plot. Though Jyn and Cassian are still struggling to recover from their serious injuries (both physical and mental), as soon as they learn that the plans they fought to steal have been lost, they take Bohdi and K2 in a new body and go rogue again, hoping to recover the plans themselves. Chirrut and Baze stay behind on Yavin IV to continue healing, and their connection with the Force and with each other is explored. The characterization for Bohdi and Jyn are particularly well done, and their ongoing adventures feel organic and real while keeping the reader on the edge of their seat. Plus the slow-burn romance is wonderful. Top recommendation. Updates several times a week. Currently the Rogue One characters are on the verge of colliding with the New Hope characters, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

These are all my recs for now. There will be more. Anyone who wants, please reblog with your own recs. The more the merrier! 

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Before the attacks on Paris on Friday, Matthew Inman was thinking a lot about the unpredictability of life.

A few days earlier he had posted his latest comic to his popular website, “The Oatmeal.”

The cartoonist apologized to his fans because this comic strip is not like his usual work. It’s not funny.

He says he didn’t leave his house much over the five days it took him to draw and write the comic titled “It’s going to be okay.”

Since last week, it has been viewed 30 million times. Inman was inspired to write it after hearing a real-life story that took his breath away.

On June 18, 1947, a Pan Am flight crashed on its way to New York from Calcutta, killing 14 people instantly. The co-pilot survived and helped organize a heroic rescue mission that brought 22 survivors home.

That co-pilot was Gene Roddenberry, who went on to create Star Trek.

‘The Oatmeal’ Remembers 'Star Trek’ Creator’s Heroic Plane Crash Rescue

Image: Courtesy of Matthew Inman

Wallace is the only person who knows about Veronica’s rape throughout much of the show, like for the entire first two seasons, and you can really see how it affects him and how he deals with people, like you can see him get a lot more hostile towards people after he finds out. He gets more reckless and willing to jump into fights or into situations that might be over his head. He tries to never treat Veronica any differently but finding out that his best friend was raped by the people he goes to school with every day obviously changes the way he looks at the people and world around him. And he gets accused of being in love with Veronica (he isn’t), and of letting Veronica get between him and other people (he does), he makes real sacrifices in his life to prioritize Veronica and the things that he knows she needs to do in order to heal, and I’m probably projecting like an IMAX but I just think he’s a really important character who gets written off as the sidekick Black guy who likes basketball. I don’t know if the writers INTENDED for him to be a super complex, nuanced character and co-survivor to Veronica or if it’s all the actor’s performance that conveys those things, or if none of it is even there and i’m just imagining it, but dang.


maxons coat makes any character instantly look bAMF as fuck

if you dont wanna kill maxon, you can also get this coat by opening the console and typing player.additem  001fe1a6

Lone Survivor’s Takeaway: Every War Movie is a Pro-War Movie

Peter Berg’s Lone Survivor opens with documentary footage of a boot camp for the United States Navy SEALs, where hardbodied trainees strain their way through feats of endurance and strength. The point of this sequence, it seems, is to show how exceptional the real-life SEALs are before introducing SEALs as characters. With soldiers’ conviction and might thus demonstrated, the film can then whisk a few of them off on a mission that, as the title suggests, does not end particularly well.

But this montage serves another, more insidious function. Assembled like a high-gloss music video and slathered in Explosions in the Sky’s soaring post-rock, it plays out like an advertisement for the Marine Corps—an affectionate endorsement from Hollywood of the SEALs’ peerless brawn.

Adapted from the memoirs of former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell (played in the film by Mark Wahlberg, who also co-produced), Lone Survivor is the sort of film you expect to seem at least a little propagandistic. It’s rooted in a tradition of patriotism as old as the motion picture itself, stretching from the John Wayne vehicle The Green Berets to the recent Act of Valor. Many of its more aggressively nationalistic elements are just a matter of following genre protocol.

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I am an 80-year-old Holocaust survivor who co-founded the US Animal Rights movement. AMA • /r/IAmA

My name is Dr. Alex Hershaft. I was born in Poland in 1934 and survived the Warsaw Ghetto before being liberated, along with my mother, by the Allies. I organized for social justice causes in Israel and the US, worked on animal farms while in college, earned a PhD in chemistry, and ultimately decided to devote my life to animal rights and veganism, which I have done for nearly 40 years (since 1976).

Widely seen as the mother of the global movement to end female genital mutilation (FGM), Efua Dorkenoo has been campaigning against the practice since the 1980s and was instrumental in getting the British government to change its policy towards it. Dorkenoo passed away a week after participating in the launch of The Girl Generation – a major Africa-led campaign to tackle FGM across the globe.

“She was a giant on whose shoulders we stand, she prepared the way for us, and even though she did not see the end of FGM in her generation, it will end – and that is thanks to her,” says Nimko Ali, an FGM survivor and Co-founder of Daughters of Eve, a UK-based NGO working to end the practice.

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