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Just wanted to give you a big ‘ol event list where you can see me!

MARCH 21 - CHALLENGER’S Women’s Comic Month @ 11am - 7pm (Chicago, IL)

APRIL 8 - ZINE NOT DEAD, at Co-Prosperity Sphere @ 7pm (Chicago, IL)

MAY 5 - CZF Chicago Zine Fest, Friday night reading @ 5pm (Chicago, IL)

JUNE 10-11 - CAKE Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (Chicago, IL) 

SEPTEMBER 16-17 - SPX Small Press Expo (Bethesda, MD)

more maybe??????

Toshio Tamogami: “Japan was not the aggressor, but the liberator. Japanese soldiers fought valiantly to expel the hated white imperialists who had subjugated Asian peoples for 200 years.” [x]

Japanese nationalist revisionists are running wild. Nice. The revisionist discourse is always all about depicting WW2!Japan as liberating Asia from European imperialism. As if Asian nations can’t also be brutally imperialist, as if Asian civilisations haven’t been amongst humanity’s oldest empires. Honestly, the reason why my relatives cheered when the British returned was because Japanese rule was nothing short of a reign of terror. So a lot of relief was not so much because European rule was awesome but because Japanese rule was that terrible. (As you know though, much of the former European Asian colonies all demanded independence after the war.) 

There was nothing resembling the ‘Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere’- the warped name they gave their empire. Our families were all Asians, sure, but everyone had to bow to the Empire of Japan. I know there’s a lot of talk about how there are issues with Germany’s apology for its past but they’ve done a hell lot more than Japan. There’s always been constant denials about the atrocities, always the claims that the Asian countries under Japanese rule were exaggerating them to squeeze Japan for money.

reconguista  asked:


Japan did nothing wrong! Pearl Harbor was an inside job! Bataan death march is white pig lie! Co-prosperity sphere was going to benefit all of Asia! Sub-human Okinawans were brain washed by white devils! Nanking and unit 731 are yellow chink lies! Moon face Korean whores offered themselves to superior Nippon soldiers who totally dindu nuffin! Lesser Asian races needed to accept Hirohito as the god emperor and their place in life to serve the Nipponese empire with complete devotion! The Jew fears the samurai this is why they lie about glorious Nippon in their “history” books.

Members of the Waffen-SS’s elite “Dschungel Kader” alongside Japanese occupation troops in the former French Indochina, 1960. Operating against the American-funded Viet Minh guerilla army, the Germans’ superior parachute tactics and combined-arms expertise soon ended the civil conflict and secured the Greatest East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere’s hold on the resource-rich nation.



Chicago’s DIY scene makes space for geniuses, freaks and weirdos

There’s a show every night in Chicago, regardless of the season. Under-the-radar concert spaces range from massive warehouses to old department stores (like the Co-Prosperity Sphere) to people’s basements. Punk out and you’ll miss the next cool thing. But it comes with a price: You will get involved.

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