co operative living


Boeing-Vertol ACH-47A “Stump Jumper”, one of the four “Guns-A-Go-Go” experimental heavy assault helicopters that made up 53rd Aviation Detachment Field Evaluation (Provisional). Stump Jumper, along with her sister birds “Birth Control”, “Easy Money”, and “Co$t of Living” operated in-country as part of the 1st Cavalry’s 228th Assault Support Helicopter Battalion. Stump Jumper was destroyed in a landing accident shortly after this photo was taken, Co$t of Living would crash due to her heavy 20mm cannon vibrating loose and throwing her balance off during an assault, and Birth Control was destroyed by mortar fire during the Tet Offensive. Easy Money served as a maintenance trainer for the rest of the war, and was restored and put on permanent display at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.