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 working on taako tictac long time no digital lets see how this goes  👍


Still really not a lot of time to draw so it’s back to sketchbook each time I can… So I sketched Flynn’s family ! His mom and dad, Tiame and Darick Aldara, and his older brother Kaleb. (All design ideas except Flynn are @rakiah‘s !)

Polish swear words #2

See the introduction to Polish swear words HERE
Check out the tag POLISH SWEAR WORDS


1. Pierdolić się + nominative (co?) - to break down
Pierdoli mi się komputer, muszę go naprawić.
My computer is breaking down, I have to repair it.

2. Pierdolić się + nominative (co?) - to mix up
Pierdolą mi się te definicję. Chyba położę się spać.
I’m mixing up these definitions. I think I’m going to sleep.

3. Pierdolić się + nominative (kto? co?) + instrumental (z kim? z czym?) - to mistake sb/sth for sb/sth else; to mix sb/sth up with sb/sth else
Odkąd pamiętam Julek pierdolił mi się z Adamem - wyglądają identycznie!
Since I remember I mistook Julek for Adam - they look the same!

4. Pierdolić się + instrumental (z kim?) - to fuck with sb
Nie pierdol się z Patrycją - to suka! Wykorzysta cię!
Don’t fuck with Patrycja - she’s a bitch! She’s gonna use you!

5. Nie pierdolić się + instrumental (z kim?) - not to give a fuck about sb
Nie pierdoliłam się z Markiem - od razu wyrzuciłam go na ulicę!
I didn’t give a single fuck about Marek - I kicked him out onto the street immediately!

6. Pierdolić się + instrumental (z czym?) - to work on sth (fruitlessly, continuously)
Nie pierdol się z tym ćwiczeniem. Chodźmy do kina - rozluźnisz się.
Don’t work on this exercise. Come to the cinema - you’re gonna relax.

You can also use pharses:

  • Pierdol się! - Fuck off!
  • Pierdolcie się (wszyscy)! - Go fuck yourselves!

Nr 5 - we usually use this phrase with nie (no, not; negation particle), it’s rarely used without it.

Metamorphosis || Fitz and Gentaro


I am Leopold Fitz.  Leopold Daniel Fitz.  Born 19 August, 1987.  Fitz–or what was left of him–tried to pull himself out of the…wall?  Membrane?  Whatever the hell this place was.  It was something out of a space-horror movie, the walls made up of something almost but not quite solid, goop dripping down his everything, and he was too afraid to even catch a glimpse of himself, after what he saw of the other bodies, other SHIELD agents, in the chamber.  “Kle-pold F’zz,” he clacked.  How did this happen?

Investigating one of the Siberian sinkholes seemed like an ordinary day for SHIELD.  Go in, poke around, find that the permafrost had melted and left gaping methane vents, the usual.  What they hadn’t expected to find was what looked like a hibernating hive of some kind, beneath a membrane.  A few had rappelled down into the hole, armed very heavily, but had vanished the instant they’d crossed the membrane.  Fitz was one of the first through, and realized that somehow, there was a time pocket, and that they’d  been transported to the summertime, though past or future, and by what amount, he had no idea.

That was when the creature came out of the wall and injected him through his HAZMAT suit with something that felt like fire in his brain knocking him out.  The rest was something he didn’t want to think about unless he had to.

Leopold…Fitz.  Leopold Fitz.

Look, I made a mix yesterday. in love with love & lousy poetry.

  1. The Mountain Goats - Distant Stations
  2. Waxahatchee - You’re Damaged
  3. The Weakerthans - Aside
  4. RVIVR - 20 Below
  5. Gateway District - When I Fall
  6. Pinhead Gunpowder - Achin’ to Be (Replacements cover)
  7. Dillinger Four - Noble Stabbings!!
  8. Lifter Puller - Back in Blackbeard
  9. Sleater-Kinney - No Cities To Love
  10. Divers - Tracks
  11. Swearin’ - Just
  12. Hop Along - Laments
  13. Franz Nicolay - Marfa Lights
  14. Neutral Milk Hotel - Where You’ll Find Me Now
  15. Magnolia Electric Co - Leave the City
  16. Nob Dylan and His Nobsoletes - Subterranean Homesick Blues (Bob Dylan cover)
  17. World/Inferno Friendship Society - Dr. Dracula Who Makes You Get High!
  18. Dag Nasty - Values Here
  19. Meat Wave - The Truth
  20. The Promise Ring - Is This Thing On?
  21. Rites of Spring - For Want Of
  22. Jawbreaker - Want

I also earned a badge on 8tracks:

Hell yeah.

Draw the squad!

Preacher squad and selfie for god! :D

Jesse isn’t necessarily approving… Cas strikes a sick pose, Emily is tip toeing ok and Eugene is subtly saying hi from the hellfire im sorry


 Black male models at John Elliott +Co S/S 2016 show at NYFW

nb - it’s so nice to post a runway photoset feat. more than 3 black models. The model casting was pretty evenly spread amonsgt white, black, asian, mixed models. See it’s not that hard fashion industry smh.