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endless summer characters as people u meet at a party

diego: the one who got too drunk and keeps crying and asking the DJ to play taylor swift songs

michelle: wore the same dress as you and looks better in it

lila: the step-mom who bought all the alcohol for the party because she wants teenagers to think she is cool

quinn: the nice drunk girl in the bathroom who compliments your shoes and offers you some chapstick, like the nice burts bees kind

jake: “anyway here’s wonderwall”

grace: that chick who brought her homework and actually started doing it

iris: what do you want me to say about her she is not a real human being she’s the spotify playlist the DJ is using or something idk

craig: the guy that won’t stop yelling “DO IT FOR THE VINE”

sean: three girls are trying to hit on him but he keeps texting his mom

raj: dude that made pizza rolls inexplicably even though it’s not his house and the host didn’t have any pizza rolls in the freezer so where did he get them?? did he bring them??? we aren’t sure

zahra: came to the party “”“ironically”””

estela: found the cat and just sits in a bedroom silently petting it and when couples come in to try and hook up she just looks at them and keeps petting the cat until they leave

aleister: yeah he didn’t even go

We here at the podcast are bereaved at the death of our friend and long-time co-host Gary. His last wish was to let you all know about the great deals on website hosting you can find at

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We’ll miss him so much.

The Masterlist

because I know you guys loooove the anticipation…. we’re posting the authors of these little gems before the results….


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HBP Missing Moments/AU

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What is the Glee cast doing now?

  • Amber Riley: Effie White on Dreamgirls
  • Kevin McHale: He co-created +one
  • Jenna Ushkowitz: Marie on Hello Again
  • Chris Colfer: The Land Of stories is being made into a movie
  • Lea Michele: Valentina on The Mayor 
  • Cory Monteith: I miss you
  • Dianna Agron: No idea, she got married recently
  • Naya Rivera: She’s a mom now
  • Heather Morris: She’s gonna be Lily St Regis on Annie 
  • Mark Salling: hopefully he is in jail 
  • Harry Shum Jr.: Shadowhunters
  • Jonathan Groff: He is in the gap ad campaign
  • Ashley Fink: No idea
  • Chord Overstreet: His new album is out
  • Darren Criss: he is gonna be Versace on American Horror Story
  • Damian McGinty: He rejoined Celtic Thunder
  • Vanessa Lengies:  Kordie on Lego Star Wars
  • Alex Newell: He is doing things with Broadway Dreams
  • Melissa Benoist: Kara Denvers on Supergirl
  • Jacob Artist: Currently shooting Misfortune
  • Blake Jenner: Currently shooting American Animals
  • Becca Tobin: part of the Lady Gang podcast
  • Noah Guthrie: He has an album out
  • Samantha Ware: Peggy on Hamilton 
  • Billy Lewis Jr: He is gonna be in Camp Watanachi
  • Laura Dreyfuss: Zoe Murphy on Dear Evan Hensen
  • Marshall Williams: Currently shooting Supergrid
  • Jane Lynch: Co-Host of Earth Live
  • Jayma Mays: Carol Ann Keane on Trial and Error
  • Matt Morrison: Co owner of sherpapa
Would Anyone Be Interested in a Kingkiller Chronicle Podcast

 I have been looking around and hard to find anything recent on a Kingkiller Chronicle Podcast. In a show of hands would anyone have any interest in listening or being apart of a KKC podcast. The focus would be breaking a few chapters each episode and discuss those set number of the chapter. Later on, episodes could focus on certain characters or places or speculate on the future and cover any news. I would love to see if anyone would be interested either listening or if they want to be apart of one.

marina looks like she’s constantly trying to force a smile like she’s incredibly uncomfortable but she has to push through the show

i’d understand though especially when her co-host looks like this

Are you a fan of podcasts or web series? Then your help is needed.

This series is called The Wayward Guide for the Untrained Eye and is from the he brilliant minds of @tincanbros but it is in need of funding on @kickstarter

Wayward Guide is an amazing web series with an action packed plot and interesting characters. Artemis, a pod cast host, is looking for an escape from the fluff pieces the APN always give her to cover but soon her and her twin brother/producer/co-host are thrown into a story revolving around an old mining town. But not all is as it seems as they soon discover the town is run by werewolves. There is a promise of twists, decite, Badass Ladies and of course mystery because you never know who could be the werewolf and who could be innocent.

This series has 10 episodes and is accompanied by a series of 10 podcast episodes. So if you enjoy web series’ or if you love podcasts there is something for you. Plus the rewards are great, whether its a postcard, poster, tshirt or being in the cast there is something you can get to keep with you forever just through funding.


And that’s not all there’s a brilliant soundtrack from Chuck Criss (Computer Games) and an amazing cast of people. The series Stars Mary Kate Wiles as Artemis (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Poe Party) and Steve Zaragoza as Paul (Mostly Harmless).

Starring along side them are 2/3 of The Tin Can Brothers themselves, Joey Richter and Brian Rosenthal who you probably know from Team Starkid Productions such as AVPM. A number of other Starkids such as Dylan Saunders, Nick Lang and Corey Dorris are also joining the cast. As well as that some of the other Poe Party crew are starring such as Sinead Persaud, Sean Persaud, Ashley Clements, Clayton Snyder and Tara Perry. Jon Cozart (Paint), Titus Makin (glee), Gabe Greenspan (Solve it Squad returns) and Joanna Sotomura (video game highschool) also add their magic to the cast.

Oh and there’s Sean Astin playing the head of the APN who’s in this thing you may or may not know, Lord of the Rings ????

But most importantly we really need to get this funded otherwise the series won’t be made and we will miss out on this amazing plot and cast and the great idea of an accompanying podcast series. So please even if it’s just $1 donate so we can finally get this project funded. 🐺🌕

Please Back Wayward Guide Now and help make this project become a reality.


In case you missed last night’s stream…

…here it is, all four hours of it!  Man, what a total BLAST.  I can’t wait for chapter 4 to come out!

Big thanks to @ceeblathers and @xiospirit for co-hosting with me, as well as to all my moderators who kept some degree of control over that TOTALLY ZANY chat!  Man, seriously, this was SO MUCH FUN.

See you all next chapter!


Should 2 Chainz be a regular Area 21 co-host with Kevin Garnett for the #NBAPlayoffs? 🤔 (at Atlanta, Georgia)

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Though we’ve already seen Daveed Diggs on both ABC’s black-ish and Netflix’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt since he left Broadway’s Hamilton last year, the first project he filmed after leaving was actually Wonder, the adaptation of R.J. Palacio’s best-selling book.

And, just like with his dual roles in Hamilton, which Diggs scored without an audition (he was in a freestyle rap group with Hamilton director Tommy Kail and a little nobody named Lin-Manuel Miranda), Diggs also got the part of Wonder in a slightly unconventional way. “There was no time for me to tape or audition or anything — they needed to cast the thing!” he recalls. So, on a bright, sunny day in the summer of 2016, during his last week on Broadway, Diggs took a Skype call with Wonder director Stephen Chbosky from the roof of the Richard Rodgers theater.

“We had this great conversation, and they decided they would cast me,” Diggs explains. “I had read the screenplay, and it was great. It was so sweet but it wasn’t saccharine at all. It felt so good: The way the kids were written was so good, so honest. I was excited to be around it.”

What happened next was a whirlwind: He finished Hamilton on a Friday, took an early morning train to Washington, D.C. to co-host the Youth Speaks National Poetry Slam on Saturday, then hopped on a 5 a.m. flight to Vancouver to start shooting Wonder alongside such illustrious costars as Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. “Then I’m on set the next with Jacob Tremblay, who’s like, Laurence Olivier in a 12-year-old’s body,” he laughs. “It’s crazy!”

Daveed Diggs explains how he got his role in Wonder