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Grace Slick on Jim Morrison

[Excerpts from her memoir: Somebody to Love]

“What went on outside the studio during that time (the making of Surrealistic Pillow), certainly dipped into the Surreal world. We all stayed at the Tropicana, a cheap motel on Santa Monica Blvd., where we had semi-kitchenette set ups and complimentary smog. 

On one of our first nights in L.A., we were coming back our rooms, when we heard what we thought was a dog howling. On the balcony, crawling on all fours, was a totally nude Jim Morrison, barking at the moon. Oblivious to the contrast between his natural state, and the urban slum look of midtown L.A., he kept up the dog act even after Paul Kantner stepped over him to get to his room.

When I asked Paul what he said to Morrison, Paul answered: “What do you say to a guy whose becoming a dog, nothing”. 

Jim was so willing to take himself completely to the edge of human experience. I found his performances both fascinating and frightening. I tried to imagine what kind of curiosity could take someone to those extremes, without the overwhelming fear of maybe ‘I’ll never get back.’ But back to what? Who’s to say which is the preferable reality?”

“As soon as we were free, we took about a week to buy some new underwear, then zipped over to do the continent (1968 European Tour) Co-headlining with The Doors.

In London, The Doors Airplane concerts took place in an old structure called ‘The Roundhouse’. Images of The Doors performing are still vivid in my mind. No colour, all black except one spotlight on Jim’s face. Both of his hands holding the mic right up on his mouth, eyes closed and silent. You could see him just waiting for ignition to come flying up through his body. The long silence was full of music he could hear but everyone else only felt, then in a sudden step backwards, arms lifting out to the sides, he yelled ‘Fire’. The audience let out a collective scream, relieved by the explosion they’d been anticipating. Most of them had never seen him before, but he had the ability to draw people into his mood without opening his eyes or his mouth. I was always fascinated by the way he seemed to go from one side of his brain to the other, ignoring all the synapses in-between, it was just like his lyric, ‘Break on through to the other side.’

And beautiful, he looked like a rabid Johnny Depp, perfectly formed and possessed by abstraction. I’d been backstage before and after all the shows, talking easily with members of both of the bands, but when I directed a remark to Jim, I usually got back a colourful non-sequitur.

“Jim” I’d say. “You see the broken chair by the speaker system. With a pleasant smile and pupils dilated to the very edges of the iris, he’d respond with something like “Lady in smoke shop, nobody for broken chair… broken chair”. He inhabited two places at once and although I knew there was some pattern of events going on in his head that connected what I just said to what he was thinking, it never made sense. I’m sure that the people who knew him well, must have heard normal dialogue out of him like “What time does the plane arrive”, but I never heard anything intelligible I could respond to, until I was able to see what he was like, alone, away from the frantic energy of the music halls.

We co-headlined in Frankfurt, London, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam, and I cant remember which country we were in when It happened, but I do remember strangely isolated things like the colour of the rug in the hotel hallway, rose pink and maroon, and the nervousness i felt standing in front of the door to Jim’s room.

‘It’s daytime, he’s probably asleep, if he’s asleep, then he won’t answer my knock and I can go back to my room and stop shaking. What if it’s the wrong room? Oh fuck it.”

I did the secret knock, which he wouldn’t have known anyway since it was Airplanes private signal, the opening beat to one of our songs to let the other know it was one of us standing outside the door. I was surprised when Jim didn’t even ask ‘who is it?’ instead, he turned the handle and pulled the door all the way back so I could see him and the whole room.

He smiled. “What’s up?”

I wish I could remember my answer but some specifics about the past are clear while others are really vague. Since I had no idea that anyone would care about this 30 years later, I never kept a diary. In fact, had I known the enormous impact Morrison would have on future generations, I might’ve been tempted to wear a tape recorder. I also wish I could tell you that he came to my room to hustle me, but it didn’t happen that way; I was once again the perpetrator.

Either the hotel had sent them up, on a complimentary food tray, or he’d ordered them from room service, but either way, there were strawberries sitting on a plate on top of the coffee table. I went over to look at them just for something to do while I figured out what to say next, and Jim flopped on the bed and watched me. I brought the strawberries over to the end of the bed, and then for some stupid reason, I put my finger into the middle of one of them. There was an extraordinary cold and hard centre. ‘Frozen strawberries, thank you baby jesus for a topic to guide my conversation with Mr. Non-sequitur’.

“Okay if I put this plate on the radiator?” I asked him. This was Europe 1968, no central heating.

“Sure, but it’s not on” he said. One of the most coherent remarks i’d ever heard from him.

After I set the plate of strawberries on the cold radiator, he crawled over the top of the bed, reached out and picked one up, and squeezed it until it turned to juice in his hand. He laughed and did it again to another one and kept on laughing. Words are hard to respond to, but laughter makes it’s own sense. ‘I can play this’ I thought, and I relaxed.

It wasn’t 9 ½ weeks with Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke using food as erotic lubricant, it was more like kindergarten, play mud puddles and silly putty. Smash it, shove it around - not on each other, but we just individually tried to make a bigger mess than the other one could. He outdid me by smearing the strawberries all over the cream coloured bedspread, but then suddenly, the private stories in his head made him stop and go over to the top dresser drawer. He opened and closed it without putting anything in or taking anything out, and came back to where I was kneeling at the end of the bed, still playing in the fruit tray. I didn’t ask him what the dresser move was all about, I was afraid i’d be stepping on that fantasia tape that seemed to be running in his cranium.

This was new, like making love to a floating art form with eyes. I’ve never had anyone study me like that. It wasn’t the standard evaluation of body parts, he seemed to be appraising the distance between us, as if it was an invisible garment that needed to be continually breached with each motion. With our hips joined together, and his body moving up and down, it felt like he was taking a moment each time to circle the area between our bodies with his eyes and consider the space that separated us.

He was a well built boy, his cock was slightly larger than average and he was young enough to maintain the engorged connection right through the residue of chemicals that can threaten an erection. At the same time, he was surprisingly gentle. Somehow i’d expected the sort of frantic horizontal ritual. It’s interesting, the most maniacal guys on stage can be such sublime lovers, but I guess everybody had to stop being a jerk sometime.

Jim mystified me with that otherworldly expression, and at the same time, his hips never lost the insistent rolling motion that was driving the dance. When he did look directly at my face, he seemed to be constantly searching for the expression that might break the lock, as if I might be wearing a disguise. I’m not sure what I mean by that, but I can say it was both intriguing and disconcerting, waiting for him to ask me if I was someone else, an imposter or a product of his imagination.

I have no idea how long I was there, but there was no lying around afterward having a cigarette dreamily looking at each other. I knew I should leave before I got caught, we both had other relationships and it felt like I was an intruder. I dressed as fast as I could without looking like it was a race. Jim didn’t seem to notice, he appeared to be totally unconscious just lying there motionless on the bed, but, naked with eyes closed and without moving a muscle from his completely immobile posture he said, “Why wouldn’t you come back?”. Since I hadn’t said anything about coming or going, I didn’t know what he expected to hear, so I went into proper Finch College mode and said “Only if I’m asked”.

He smiled but he never asked.”

Slick, Grace, and Andrea Cagan. Somebody to Love?: A Rock- and Roll Memoir. New York: Warner, 1999.


Brand New and Modest Mouse co-headline The Saltair, 6/28/16. ALL PHOTO CREDIT: CHARISSA CHE

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The blog punkzack made a great post about why having girls working in this industry isn't easy and how there just aren't the same opportunities out there for women as there are for guys. So it's not ATL's fault. It's the industry's fault there aren't a lot of women around. ATL can try but failure is all too likely an option even if they tried their best. Which female-fronted bands would you like to see tour with ATL?

I’ll reblog @punkzack‘s post in a second for anyone who wants to see it! 

If people are so desperate for Alex to do something, all he can really do is promote females in the industry, talk openly about how there should be more women in crews (touring or otherwise), and make it a welcoming and valid space for women to enter. If he had the chance to open more spaces for women, I’m sure he would. But it has to be talked about. 

I would DIE for All Time Low/Paramore co-headline but I don’t think that’ll ever happen even though their fandoms have a great amount of overlap. It would be really cool to see All Time Low and PVRIS tour together – I love Alex and Lynn’s friendship, and can you imagine if she featured on Remembering Sunday? Beautiful. 

I’m guilty of not really knowing a lot of alternative type bands in this scene that contain women though. It’s just not something I’ve been exposed to listening to (I’m lazy when it comes to music at the best of times… still haven’t listened to LYR) and most of the girls that I’m a fan of are way bigger. People like Ariana Grande, Avril Lavigne, Halsey, stuff like that. They’d never cross paths with ATL. (Well, Halsey has but I don’t think she would musically, and Avril Lavigne has very briefly). 

Paramore’s support on tour was a three-piece all girl band called Bleached and I really wanted to like them because how often do you see that? Plus they had a very 90s dress sense. But I just didn’t; I didn’t think they were good at all. 

So if anyone has alternative female solo artists or bands with girls in them (doesn’t have to be a female singer) to recommend, send ‘em my way! 

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zendaya is barely in spiderman :( im pressed



Brand New and Modest Mouse co-headline The Saltair, 6/28/16. ALL PHOTO CREDIT: CHARISSA CHE

(via Brand New // Modest Mouse)

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No offense but reblogging a Larry who does nothing but says vile things in regards to Harry and his life doesn't exactly thrill me. I wish they would just stay in their lane when it comes to him. Of course it's a business move and what he did is exactly what a great deal of stars who have gone solo did with their first tours, see people from Paul McCartney to Justin Timberlake. J..T. only played ga clubs when justified first came out. Then after a few months co-headlined an (cont)

Part2- arena tour with Christina Aguilera. The small venue not just increased his demand, but many music critics who still weren’t taking him seriously because he came from a boyband, changed their tune after the smaller shows. Breaking from a boyband or going out on your own, you better be business savvy or you won’t succeed.

Hi anon!

Yes I know about that blog….I have seen some of their post about how they currently dislike Harry’s image.

However, the post I reblogged wasn’t even criticism. Like you said JT, Paul started playing small venues before making it big. 

Start small and climb your way up. Even I would have found it very ambitious if Harry had announced big arena tours right now.

Playing in front of mainly his fanbase that already likes him reduces a bit the stress and gives him a platform to practise and hone his skills as a solo artist. 

Harry’s brilliant strategy though is selling the tour before the album even came out and where it ties to the album sales. 

You got to admit it’s a very good marketing point. That to me at least was something I found interesting.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in playing the game. There are a lot of people pushing for Harry’s solo success and the expectations are high especially considering the amount of money being invested. 

Everything is meticulously planned. From the roll out announcement of his first single to create the buzz all the way till now… And there is more to come.

I found the OP’s analysis interesting and it showed a different perspective.

So yeah……

Four Times Eliza Texted Henry "I Love You" and the One Time She Said It

Note: So I wrote a fic.  Because there’s honestly not enough.  And honestly I’ve marathoned this stupid beautiful show enough times to warrant wanting to write this (somewhat longish) fic.  I blame the chemistry shared between Cho and Gillan.  Damn them.  I don’t own any of the characters, by the way.

Four Times Eliza Texted Henry “I Love You” and the One Time She Said It

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All Time Low in a nutshell the past few months

All Time Low: We’re doing an Arena Tour…

All Time Low: It’s going to be a co-headliner with You Me At Six…

All Time Low: One of the dates is at Wembley arena… oh and p.s we’re filming a new DVD there

All Time Low: We’re going to star in a little movie called ‘fangirl’ about a teenager who is obsessed with a band’s music. ironic or what?

All Time Low: The movie stars Kiernan Shipka, and Meg Ryan, are we cool now or wut?

All Time Low: Oh and P.S.S. we have a new album coming out.

All Time Low: It comes out in April… and oh look… it’s called Future Hearts and the cover art and track-list for it have already been leaked…

All Time Low: We’re doing an American spring tour

All Time Low: This tour we’re taking Tonight Alive, State Champs and Issues along to support us

All Time Low: But also, Jack and Alex are hosting the APMA’s, lets get drunk and fuck shit up

All Time Low: Oh we also starred in a burger commercial

All Time Low: And hey look, remember that album we mentioned, we’ve already released the first single from it, enjoy that shit and pre-order it and there may be another single released soon

All Time Low: P.S.S.S We already released the video for that track, check it out. Oh and also we’re filming some stuff in Manchester.

All Time Low: P.S.S.S.S If that’s not enough, we’re off to Australia now…

Alex Gaskarth: BUT… P.S.S.S.S.S. Before we goo… I’m engaged!, I just needed to drop another little bomb on y’all before we left. Cya.

All Time Low: Oh but also here’s another track, from ‘Future Hearts’ this ones called Kids in the Dark, have the video for that shit too why don’t ya

All Time Low: but that’s not all we’re doing some shows and signings for future hearts, c’yall there. And p.s.s we released a live video shot in Manchester for ‘Something’s Gotta Give’

All Time Low: That Wembley show came around… and Josh Franceschi and Cassadee Pope came out to support.

All Time Low: but hey there’s more, here’s another track from Future Hearts for your sincere pleasure, this ones called ‘Runaways’

Fandom: …….. cannot ahndle this.

All Time Low: … Bound to release more shit and it’s only March.

All Time Low: hey guys we are releasing another song. It’s called “Tidal Waves”. It gets better its the one we did with Mark Hoppus. 

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year one (2.0)

Wrote and recorded an album with butch walker. Hung out with foxes, big Sean, Courtney love, and sir Elton John. Set stuff on fire by comisky park (semi safely). Heard our song on the radio. Got in skeleton suits and chased each other around like daniel larusso on jimmy kimmel. Played the nba allstar game with 2chainz, Went around the world on tour. And then did again and again and again. played on tv shows- even convinced conan to let us do spinal tap. Wrote and filmed a video series where we got to play with hawks and cut each others limbs off. Played coachella with 2chainz. Went on a headline arena tour. Played ramones songs at Barclays with marky ramone. Had the Stanley cup come to a show in Chicago and played with naked raygun. Played the Victoria’s Secret show. Played dick clarks NYE show. Played the nfl probowl halftime show. Planned a summer amphitheater co headline tour with paramore.

thank you for the best second first year ever.
Common, the National Announce Huge Planned Parenthood Benefit Concert
The night before the inauguration, Common and the National will headline a "call to action" and benefit for Planned Parenthood.

“Common and the National will co-headline the Planned Parenthood benefit Show Up! on January 19th. The event, billed as a “concert for reproductive health, freedom and justice” will take place the night before the presidential inauguration at Washington D.C.’s 9:30 Club.

“We plan to send a clear message to the incoming administration that millions of people across this country are prepared to fight attacks on reproductive health care and abortion services,” Planned Parenthood’s president, Cecile Richards, said in a statement.

While Common and the National are on the bill as the only musical performers, the show, hosted by the All Access music and comedy series, will also feature activists, elected leaders, celebrities and more who support abortion rights and widespread access for women to reproductive health services. 

“Women should be able to make their own decisions regarding their bodies and health,” the National’s Matt Berninger offered in his statement on the event. “This is a basic human right, and we’re at the very beginning of a long and tough battle to defend these basic rights. A concert in D.C., inspiring people to take action, seems like a pretty good way to kick it off.”

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