co dependence

Also everyone crowing about Lefou’s redemption. I was expecting at least “I’m sorry” for the shit Lefou let happen, but he was just like “I’m sick of being treated like shit by Gaston” then it never focuses on him again. So like is he just doomed to have gay co-dependant crushes on straight men who commit evil acts and he’s just moved on from Gaston or what cuz it’s not like Emma Watson Belle would be willing to forgive him without at least an apology for Lefou helping her father get locked away in asylum or leaving him to die in the woods for like a week

all earth signs can have ritualistic obsessions. they operate on habit, not always destructive, but comforting routines. they are strict in terms of their own morality and self efficacy, often reticent to rely on others or admit co-dependence. earthy people are useful people. their sixth sense derives from acute observation 


So I think Lucille and Thomas would disagree about what the nature of the relationship is and who does the talking, who does the listening, and who does the leading, who does the following. But they are both… They’re both orphans and have lived together, it’s the late 19th century, so it’s obviously a time when a women’s power is expressed through the capacity of the men closest to her. That’s sadly the situation, and so her proximity to her brother is one of co-dependency in that she’s invested in his success in the world, and he feels very protective of her as well but not just because of their isolation, because they’re orphans. The thing of sibling who are close in age, who have been left alone and who need each other and who depend on each other, she’s older he’s younger.” — Tom Hiddleston

  • a normal kids show teaching morals: always be kind and just, eat your vegetables, believe in the power of friendship.
  • Steven Universe teaching morals: unhealthy relationships can be mutually abusive, and often create co-dependence at the point where the abused misses their abuser. Abusive people often use emotional manipulation rather/besides physical violence to try and control their partner. PTSD can't be cured just by facing the thing that caused you a trauma. No means no and if you don't respect that you deserve to be punched into next week.

Virgo ~ A Priestess of Purity 

The Mother Goddess guards Virgo. Virgo is ruled by the moon in esoteric astrology and emanates divine purity, the concealed secrets of the sacred ‘mv’ glyph, a symbol of ‘mother virgin’. There is a love of all things natural in Virgo, and a self reliance that reflects the autonomous virgin, an individual whose mind and spirit is enriched, intimate with nature, and free from co-dependance. Virgo is the mythological Great Goddess. And she is far from celibate. In fact there is an admirable self regulation in Virgo. She is the season of cleansing and absolving, and she can do this all on her own. Erigone was the maiden who hung herself from a tree when she found the grave of her murdered father. So we can wield incredible shadows in Virgo from this, an acute response to life and its harsh condition. From the archetypal trauma inside, the Virgo wants to sacrifice herself to serve others. This is a reflection of the mother in modern day life, a figure of solace and servitude. But she can also be martyred and discontent in a role of reliance. The Virgin Goddess twirled her femininity and expressed it at will. The Virgo is not completely contained or reluctant. Isis, Diana, and Ishtar were all referred to as ‘virgins’, designating power and sexual independence, a woman who was ‘one in herself’. Mystical secrets shroud the sign of Virgo. For this self regulating Great Goddess, the Virgo can become internalized and self reliant, seeming distant from relationships or affection. But the Virgo’s sorcery lies in what she carries, the threads of a pure child. Jesus, Buddha, Dionysis, and Osiris were all said to be babies of virgin mothers. Here we can begin to understand the sacred fertility that is rich in Virgo, a spirit self ruling, adequate, and profound enough to create something completely pure from within, alone and untouched. 


The Houses and things they worry about:

Gryffindor: not being strong and/or brave enough to face their fears, past demons, being seen as weak or too co-dependant, never living up to their dreams, being laughed at by the people they love, someone doubting their capabilites, losing at something they worked hard to achieve, being bullied in front of lots of people and not knowing how to defend themselves, not being able to help someone who is ill/hurt, being the one person in Gryffindor who struggles with confrontation

Hufflepuff: losing their temper or patience with someone or something and freaking out, worrying about freaking out in general, disappointing people-literally anyone, not measuring up to their expectations of themselves, their family’s/friend’s safety and security, anxiety over something they may have said or done that could have been nothing to actually worry about at all, not being/doing enough in anything they work on, being the one person in Hufflepuff who has a hard time being patient with difficult people

Ravenclaw: never fully understanding something they have extensively researched, being wrong about a hypothesis, failing or not doing well at subjects they struggle with, being the only person to actually care about the grade in group projects, being rejected by instituions that uphold intelligence and creativity, never finishing a project, not feeling unique enough to stand out, settling for a boring and unadventurous life, being the one person in Ravenclaw who is not good with riddles

Slytherin: losing the trust of people they love for a misunderstanding, being betrayed by people they thought they could trust, their darkest and most embarrassing secrets being released, losing touch with their overall goals, not living up to their family’s expectations/traditions, having to chose between two sides that they care equally about, visably falling apart due to stress, letting a great opportunity slip between their fingers, not showing their best face, being the one person in Slytherin who wants to see past tradition and the old ways.


Happy Together (春光乍洩). Dir. Wong Kar-wai (王家衛). 1997.

Made on the eve of Hong Kong’s return from British colonial rule to mainland China, Wong Kar-wai’s Happy Together features the tumultuous relationship of a gay couple, Ho Po-wing (Leslie Cheung) and Lai Yiu-fai (Tony Leung Chiu-wai). The film is set in Buenos Aires, Argentina, exactly halfway around the world from Hong Kong, and through Wong Kar-wai’s trademark loose narrative structure, illustrates the couple’s destructive, yet mutually co-dependent relationship, as they break up only to get back together over and over again. Despite the film’s English title, which references The Turtles’ 1967 song of the same name, Happy Together is brimming with melancholy and unreciprocated emotions alongside momentary encounters of hope and love. The film also explores themes of diasporic exile, as the characters simultaneously long for home while also desiring to be in transit, and is commonly read as an allegory about Hong Kong’s return to China. The film abstracts the journey of coming to terms with one’s past, present, and future. As Leslie Cheung’s character repeats throughout the film: “Let’s start over again”.

Happy Together received international recognition, winning the prestigious Palmes d’Or and allowing Wong Kar-wai to win Best Director at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival. 

Aries might try to “keep” you with their confidence/cockiness and dominance.

Taurus might try to “keep” you with possessive behavior and passive aggression.

Gemini might try to “keep” you with lies and by being unpredictable, negatively keeping you on your toes.

Cancer might try to “keep” you with possessive behavior and with co-dependent manipulation.

Leo might try to “keep” you with bossiness and by putting you down.

Virgo might try to “keep” you by deterring others from getting close to you and by tricking you into thinking you need them in someway.

Libra might try to “keep” you with passive aggression and by creating quite the maze of deception.

Scorpio might try to “keep” you with intense manipulation and mind games.

Sagittarius might try to “keep” you with bullying and with misleading communication/empty promises.

Capricorn might try to “keep” you with controlling behavior and emotional blackmail.

Aquarius might try to “keep” you with a lack of reassurance to make you desire something more and with spellbinding persuasion and charisma.

Pisces might try to “keep” you with guilt-tripping and highly ingrained and intimate manipulation.


Okay… Let me tell you how stupid it sounds to me when people keep on telling me: “You can’t say that Sam doesn’t ship Destiel”. 

First, I respect your ship, okay? But for God’s sake, Sam ships Destiel? He’s an optimistic person in this show, the most one, I suppose. He went to school because he thought things would better even when he knew monsters were out there. He chose to follow his heart, he saw the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s Sam. Sam sees the light. And then he dicided to commit suicide. Don’t act like you don’t know the real reason. Yes, he did it for the world, but he also took that as an excuse to kill himself. Because he couldn’t take it anymore. Seeing Dean choose someone else, someone not him, seeing Dean being with Cas, with Benny instead of him, thinking that Dean didn’t want him anymore, it hurt him, hurt him so bad that he just wanted to die. He didn’t care anymore. If he couldn’t be with Dean anymore, so why should he try to be with anyone else? So that, he tried to kill himself. And you’re still thinking he ships Dean with anyone? He will die if Dean doesn’t love him anymore, genius!

You can ship anything you want, I respect. But for once, please stop saying that Sam is your cheerleader, because he’s not. Thank you.

Can’t move on

Ep 9 gave me so much feelings.

  • Victor looked so worried to leave Yuuri behind and hugged him before saying goodbye.
  • Yurio’s grandfather cheered Yurio with his Katsudon-flavored Pirozhki and kid was overjoyed.
  • Emil Nekola not giving up all throughout his FS.
  • Crispino twins had finally talked about no co-depending on each other (at least, that’s what I understood from the body language and no I don’t speak Japanese).
  • Seung-Gil Lee cried after his FS and Yuuri seeing him while he was warming up (and yes he was alone </3).
  • Yurio’s FS was perfect, his hair was perfect, he is fucking perfect. Lilia Baranovskaya cried.
  • Felt something was missing when right after the flashing of Yurio’s score, it was already the start of Yuuri’s FS. I felt so lost.
  • Yuuri, while skating his FS, was thinking of Victor from the moment he entered his life, those flashbacks, those words from Victor.
  • After seeing his score, Yuuri hugged Yakov, who was beside him in the Kiss and Cry. I’m thinking that he said in the lines of “thank god that’s my score” but I could be wrong.
  • JJ’s FS was perfect, too.
  • From what I understood, the top 6 skaters to compete for the Grand Prix Final are: Christophe Giacometti, Otabek Altin, Jean Jacques Leroy, Yuri Plisetsky, Phichit Chulanont, and Katsuki Yuuri. 
  • And of course the scene at the airport when Yuuri came home, Makkachin barked and he/she is okay.
  • Yuuri and Victor made eye contact.
  • Yuuri ran as fast as he could to meet Victor at the other side of the glass.
  • Victor hurriedly stood up to meet Yuuri.
  • They didn’t break eye contact as they run as fast as they can towards each other.
  • Victor stop and extended his arms openly to receive Yuuri’s hug.
  • They savored the moment of that hug.
  • Yuuri saying something in the lines of “Until I retire, I am entrusting myself to you.”
  • Victor answered something in the lines of “That sounded like a proposal.” as he kissed Yuuri’s hand to accept the proposal.
  • And they hugged again.
  • Yuuri saying something like, “Let’s get the gold medal in the Grand Prix Final, together.”
  • To be continued

what’s interesting about that ep9 free skate is that yuuri didn’t just realize that he can skate without victor and wants to win whether victor is with him or not (because he did–he had some revelations about himself as a skater on his own). he also realized that despite this, he wants victor with him. he’s stronger because of victor’s presence in his life. but it isn’t co-dependent! he calls himself out on being so glum that victor is gone that it affects his skating. he becomes determined to prove that he is the only person who can skate that program at its best, whether victor is there or not–because it’s the program they made together, and no one loves it like yuuri does.

he recognizes that the strength in his skating is his own strength and that he is the only one who can skate himself to a win. he recognizes that he already has all he needs to do it. but he found that strength with victor, and that’s significant, too. and it’s honestly moving, and it’s touching. it’s a strong relationship and a really strong love, and it’s just good. 

Bellarke Sleeping Headcanons

Inspired by the new episode, obvz.

  • Clarke and Bellamy start sharing a bed when they’re not official and supposed to be just friends but no one ever questions it. They both sleep better with the other and it eventually becomes a co-dependent thing.
  • Clarke can go days on end without sleep and not show a single crack. She’s used to it, since she’s been helping her mother in the med-bay from age eleven.
  • Bell is the polar opposite. He was always a smart kid, but he never got up early because he cut classes on the Ark to look after Octavia. Bellamy can be a real grumpy bastard when he hasn’t slept properly so the Guard learn to avoid tasking Bellamy with back-to-back shifts.
  • Most of the time, Clarke is the little spoon. It’s practical because Bellamy likes to hold Clarke and Clarke likes the feeling of Bellamy at her back. But if Bellamy is already asleep when Clarke comes in, Clarke seizes the opportunity to be the big spoon. She puts her head between Bell’s shoulder blades. He complains that her nose digs into his spine but he secretly loves it. 
  • Bellamy is a pro at napping. The couch, the Rover, a tree, the floor, his desk, the kitchen table, literally anywhere. Any amorous couple have to check before they do the do in a store cupboard incase Bellamy is in there sleeping, after a previous case in point with Monty and Harper.
  • Bellamy’s napping can be a problem for Clarke when he’s obstructing where she wants to be but she hardly ever moves him because she thinks it’s cute asf.
  • They both have nightmares. Bellamy gets sweaty and his eyes roll but he never makes a sound. Clarke develops night terrors by the time Skaikru actually get some semblance of peace. It doesn’t matter how many times it happens, waking up to Clarke screaming always scares the hell out of Bellamy.
  • Because of her night terrors, Clarke can have trouble going to sleep. Sometimes, to distract herself, she’ll peruse Bellamy, tracing his facial features, curling his hair around her fingers, running her hand down his chest. 99% of the time, Bellamy is awake but pretending not to be. 
  • If one of them is ill, the other stays up through the night to watch over them, even if it’s completely irrational. The eventual Griffin-Blake kids get the same treatment, except Clarke and Bellamy take turns. 
  • Clarke has a thousand drawings of Bell when he’s asleep. To her, it’s when he looks most content.
  • Right up until the day he dies, Bellamy sleeps with a knife, just under the bed where he can grab it quickly. No amount of persuading from Clarke convinces him to stop but he never once uses it.