cnu is so cute

You dance sexy on Weekly Idol (B1A4)

Jinyoung: -you didn’t intend it to be but you had a natural groove to you. So when the music came on your body just moved sensually and suggestively. Jinyoung wasn’t very happy that other people got to see you move like that- “this creature, does she know how bad she is?”

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Sandeul: -They asked you to dance as sexy as you could but you were blushing the whole time you swayed to the song before you quickly sat down- “Oh baby you’re so cute”

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CNU: -lead dancer meant you always liked to move so sexy dancing was natural. Everyone cheered you on as you moved so Dongwoo and the boys were slightly shocked- “what the heck is she doing?”

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Baro: -he went on with you so when they asked you to do your latest dance in you new MV he watched you shake and move with grace.- “why is sexy so natural for you stop”

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Gongchan: -You were asked if each member on your group to do your sexiest dance for fun. Your hands ran from here to there before you broke out in laughter and sat down with a red face- “she’s going to be in so much trouble when she gets home”

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i should be asleep so heres my evaluation of cnus hair in different eras
  • ok: cute onion boy 4/10
  • beautiful target: the ugliest hairstyle ive ever seen in my life 0/10 fite me (ง •̀_•́)ง
  • baby i'm sorry: skrillex is that u 5.5/10
  • baby good night: finally some good fucking food 10/10
  • tried to walk: that ponytail's a little tight let's say 5/10
  • what's happening: i love hat. 6/10
  • lonely: all they did was give him a middle part why am i hyperventilating 8.7/10
  • solo day: a concept to suit my ocd ass 9.2/10
  • sweet girl: cute round hair for a cute round face 9/10
  • a lie: COLOR !! A RUBY BEAUTY 10/10
  • rollin: gold sex or blonde cutie depending on the day. either way 9/10