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wakeupgom:  #BANA let’s try for a little cheering project prior to #CNU s Birthday. In last year’s birthday video he was joking a little about making 6 160 000 hearts on VApp for the cast. We want to show him with united strength that we can raise all the hearts until his next birthday in 73 days.
Please let’s support him and show him love with pressing hearts on this video up to his coming birthday.

#B1A4 #CNU #신우 #신동우#HappyCNUDay

So, I follow wakeupgom on instagram and they posted this. I don’t really know if cnu would even see these hearts, but it’s a nice project, and if we can do it and he ever sees it, I know he would be really happy. We are at 2.337.465 right now, it’s an ambitious project but the number is growing and if everyone just taps a little every day then we will make it.

(In case someone is on mobile just search “Happy CNU Day”, that’s the one.)

“I want to be an all-rounded entertainer. I want to be able to say ‘I am the multiplayer CNU who can sing, rap and dance’ when I introduce myself in the future. Since I am lacking in many areas now, I will work hard, hoping that the day I can introduce myself this way is not far away.” - CNU

Happy 25/26th Birthday  🐻 🎤 🌠 🎂 💖

“People may see you in different lights; they will say what they like. But to me, you are EVERYTHING.”


happy birthday to the only one shin dongwoo ♡ thank you for being a continual inspiration.


150616 :: happy 24th (/25th ^^) birthday shinwoo!!

where do i even begin? you have an incredible passion for what you do and i find that so inspiring. you tend to be more calm and soft-spoken, but you also have a playful and silly side that banas love to see. you’re always looking out for your fellow members, and we can see just how much you love them. through your actions, words, smiles and tears, we can see the great love and appreciation that you have for your dear banas. you are just a wonderful person, and i hope you have a wonderful birthday ♥

Sandeul Twitter Translation [15.06.16]

CNU-hyung~~~Happy Birthday~~~^♡^

Many many congratulations for your 25th birthday~~ Even into the future~~let’s be happy~♡♡

Hyung, I’ve posted happy birthday postcards in the studio and you have to find them~^^ hehe

| please take out with full credit, translation by: thesuitelife547 @ BANASubbers|

[TRANS] B1A4's Birthday message for Sandeul

To. Sandeul
Sandeul-ah. Your birthday has come again. Time really flies. It’s been 6 years since I’ve gotten to know you. Even though in this period of time you have shown me a lot of your bright sides, I know that you have a lot of troubles and worries. Such a praiseworthy fellow. You’ve done so well up until now. You’re someone who will continue to do even better in the future so don’t worry so much. And thank you for being the middlemen with Baro. Because of both of you, the hyungs are relieved. In any case, happy birthday, and don’t hope for a birthday present.
-CNU hyung-

To Sandeul~
Hello Sandeul-ah~ Congratulations on turning 23! It feels like yesterday that I met you, but why does time fly so quickly~ Anyway hyung always thinks this way - that I’m so fortunate to have met you, and I’m so fortunate to have met all the B1A4 members! It may be tough and difficult at times, but you never show it. When I see you working hard even then, you have no idea how proud of you I am! Let’s have a little more strength in the days to come, and work hard~ Oh yes about your birthday present. On my birthday you gave me a ‘touch my cheeks for a day’ coupon so I will give you a 'stop touching my cheeks for a day’ coupon~ You’re thankful right? Haha anyway happy birthday to you and [T/N: The last few words are coveredㅠㅠ] ♡

To. Lee Junghwan!
Sandeulnim~ Happy birthday~ ㅊㅋㅊㅋ [T/N: Really shortform for congratulations]!!
- End~ Haha I’m kidding.
Junghwan-ah, congratulations on turning 23 years old. But I have something I’m curious about. Why were you born? Haha
Sorry, I was joking again. Sso~rry^^ I’m always glad to have you, someone who I can joke around with comfortably and talk to about my innermost thoughts comfortably. In the days to come when you’re tired and worn out, we will always be by your side so lean on us as much as you want!! Thank you for being so cheerful and energetic no matter where we are. Even though we’re friends [T/N: Of the same age] I am learning many things from you. There are times that I pity your eating habits, but since that’s all for your voice I won’t touch it. But let’s just reduce it by a little ^^
When you eat, you look blissful. When you smile, you look bright. When you sing, you are so powerful. B1A4’s charmer Lee Junghwan!!! Thank you and happy birthday.
- Junghwan’s friend, Sunwoo ♡

To. San-bro~♥
Happy birthday to San-bro♥ I can’t believe you’re turning 23 years old~! Time really flies. Thank you for always taking care of me and being the first to help me~♥ I was awkward with hyung in the beginning and it was hard to get close to you. Whenever I think of how you approached me first, treated me like a friend and cheered me on~ Jjang jjang boy♥ We’ve gotten so much closer since I always talk to hyung and know each other better. Let’s continue on this way! Hyungnim-ah happy birthday to you and I love you~ [T/N: He wrote this last sentence in satoori/accent]
- Hyung’s cool younger brother Gongchan-

Trans cr: skipfire (@shinwoos)
Take out with full credits