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Question if I can ask and if you know Is cnu's natural hair straight ? Because I've seen many predebut photos of it both wavy and straight but idk if what was natural or not it's kind of a dumb question but if you know or even just your assumption I'd like to know too :-)

I’d say his hair is pretty straight. I think as he let it grow out pre-debut (for this question we won't take any post-debut long hair into consideration since it may be styled) there may have been a slight wave to it, depending on how it fell and was cut. Kinda like how some girls with shoulder length hair may see a little flip at the ends if it hits their shoulders? Like for example these pics:

But his hair is still fairly straight, just with a slight curl to the end where there is some layering. I also think his hair may look a little wavier in the top pic because of his hat and him being over heated and probably sweating, which might make it a little curlier than it would normally be. But if we look at other pre-debut pics of it slightly shorter we can see it is pretty straight:

I had to include the grad pic i’m obsessed with it i swear i’d hang it over my fireplace but that would be creepy but he’s just so handsome in it help

And in any older pics where he had it shorter or buzzed you can see it grew out perfectly straight. So to answer your question more directly, I’d say his hair does have a very slight wave towards the end as it grows out, unlike Jinyoung for example, who has perfectly straight hair regardless of length. But I’d also say it can be dependent upon his hair cut as well. Thanks for the question~! (Sorry I don’t have a straight yes or no answer lol) And I shall leave you with this beautiful pic of cnu in his permed hair glory~

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