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18:16 CNU: Did something happen?? [99]


01:29 CNU: Aguu~~ so lovely hehehehe [99]

01:30 CNU: You guys~~~~hehehe I’m gaining strength [99]


23:30 CNU: BANAs thank you very very much~!! It was so fun today! [99]

23:30 CNU: Go home safely!!! [99]

23:54 SD: I wonder… do you all have someone who you love…?? [99]

23:56 SD: Sorry… [99]


00:15 JY: Oh my!!! [99]

00:17 JY: Our Sandeullie with a solo~~~?????
Solo solo day~~~
Sandeul solo day~~
Our Ssandeullie ssolo day ~~~~ [99]

00:24 GC: What’s going on..??!! I just washed up but what’s this about Sandeullie hyung’s solo album.??!! When did you prepare thisssssss 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 [99]

00:34 CNU: Sandeul-ah may you fly higher [100]

03:51 BR: Junghwannie for real?? Really??
Such a surprise isn’t it………… [99]

03:58 BR: To. Sandeul
Junghwan-ah congrats on your first solo album
As you’re the first in B1A4 to do so
I really hope good things come to you!! Let’s be a little greedy!
I think you can achieve it!
Sorry that I can’t help you much, but you do well on your own as well
So gain confidence and show us!!! I’m looking forward to it as much as BANA^^

And to our BANAs~!
Right now I’m
reading a book called Me Before You
And I heard that the movie is good too
I was told to read the book before the movie so Im’ reading it now
but the letters are so small, if you read it at night you may fall asleep. But still, I recommend it for those who haven’t read it yet!! [99]

11:49 JY: BANA just wait a little bit longer~ hehe [99]

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I met a girl with the same last name as me, which to most ppl isn’t weird but I’ve never met any that I wasn’t somehow related to, and we might end up being college roommates and telling ppl we’re twins, only to drop the truth when we graduate in 4 years