b1a4 appreciation week // day 5 - favorite concert series 
Unfortunately I haven’t attended any of their concert series in real life, but I think Amazing Store is probably my favorite. I especially like each of the member’s solo stages, and it was awesome that they got to bring out some instruments too! Not to mention some very cute sailor outfits were involved. 


B1A4 Appreciation Week ~ Day 5 - Favorite Concert Series 

Road Trip World Tour - Road Trip is very meaningful to me. It was like a dream and my wish came true. It gave me a chance to attend at their own concert that I always dream of and be in BANA fandom ocean. A night that I will always remember and keep as my memories. I really love all the performances, all the songs that I never thought that I would seeing them performing live, their singing, rapping, dancing, their interacting with fans, and live band. I felt like I was mostly having fun with them more than enjoying their performances. Road Trip gave B1A4 a chance to meeting international BANAs, showing their love to them, and having adventure to different places where they wanted to come, and exploring places that they never been at before. 


B1A4 Appreciation Week- Day 4: Favorite Variety Show Moments/Funny Moments

Well this one was hard, but I found a lot of my favorite moments to look back on and laugh at was during their Sesame Player! From their pajama party- never forget princess squirrel, self promotions (Jinyoung composing an a+ song as always), to watching them film “Baby I’m Sorry”, cleaning their dorms, cooking what looks like great food, and just having a great time being together this show was gold. It was so fun to watch and was how I fell in love with these boys. Its honestly full of so much fun and good vibes, just like B1A4 themselves~


Day 5 - Favorite Concert Series

Hands down it is B1A4 Road Trip-Ready? NYC.

I still can’t believe I managed to attend the concert. You know how you always says I want to see my idol perform live and you think it will take a decade for it to happen… well I had that idea so when the chance to see them showed up While doing the line outside the venue I got to see Sandeul & Baro walking by then been drag by staff when people noticed them. lol! I couldn’t believe it. Not only I got to see them live but I got to spend time with other Banas and we had a blast. Even after a lot of trouble I managed to take TONS of photos like the ones above and really good.

I also got to record a video of my favorite song Seoul and on top of all that awesomeness CNU gave me a heart. Yey! I still don’t know how I got so upfront but I did and without pushing my fellow concert goers. Ouh I wished the high five wasn’t so rushed by the production staff & security guys but I still got to touch all of them and finally say “THEY ARE FREAKING REAL” and the photos you see here posted often don’t do them justice at all.Simply GORGEOUS!

Note: If you ever get the chance to attend a FULL concert of B1A4 please do yourself a favor and go. I can’t tell you to not attend a concert with various artists cause yeah it is fun… but if you really love B1A4 and want to savour all they have to give just keep saving and attend their solo full concert. You wont regret it. Not in a million years. I know I didn’t and I am already looking forward for their next tour in US just hoping we have more time to get emotionally ready. lol!