Image taken from issue No. 10 (pub. Dec. 1993) of Montreal based anarchist publication entitled SAOIRSE. This image was used in a piece recounting personal stories from the front lines of the Spanish Civil War.

From what I can tell, this publication has long been out of print. I can’t find any further info about it online. If you have info, feel free to share it!


Firefighters Clash With Riot Police In Spain During Austerity Protests

March 29, 2013 (1 Year Ago Today)

In an odd turn of events, firefighters were the ones starting the fires during an austerity protest in Spain.

Spanish firefighters clashed with riot police in Barcelona as they protested against spending cuts in Catalonia, the economically powerful northeastern region of the country.

Labor unions that represent the firefighters warned in a statement that the proposed reductions in staff and spending put the “safety of workers and the people of Catalonia” at risk, according to Agence France-Presse.

Another round of protests is expected in Spain today as the CNT, an anarcho-syndicalist labor union, begins a 24-hour General Strike against harmful austerity measures and the anti-worker Labor Reform.