Sanders admits he can’t pay for his own programs.

Interviewer: You’re for increased spending in a lot of areas; increased revenue in some areas. But would you submit a balanced budget?

Bernie Sanders: No. Never. Arguably you could not do that.

No. Never. Arguably you could not do that.

That’s it. End of debate. Bernie Sanders himself admits his budgets will not balance. That means more debt onto future generations.

Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Communists now harbor a desire to amend the First Amendment to regulate speech in regards to political comments. So, to put it simply, they want to protect them and the Obama Regime from the opposition and our America-supporting words. They want to destroy our Constitution bit by bit to fit their likes and dislikes, and therefore are a severe threat to America and must be catastrophically defeated before they cause more devastating harm our very way of life.
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I’m almost certain that he actually believes the bullshit coming out of his mouth.

Based on this chart, one could almost conclude that #MichelleO #AntiObesity campaign is actually promoting it…

( – The incidence of #American obesity hit its highest point ever last year, 27.7% of the population, according to #Gallup’s report on #Obesity Rankings released on Wednesday.

“Nationally, the incidence of obesity is at its highest level, rising to 27.7% in 2014, up from 27.1% in 2013 and significantly above the 25.5% recorded in 2008,” reported the survey.

The survey is the third in Gallup’s annual Well-Being Index, though Gallup has been tracking obesity rates since 2008.


For all the music fans out there.



President Barack Obama is ready to take “small, medium and large” actions without the consent of Congress. - Jay Carney
DNC Chair: Superdelegates Make Sure Party Leaders Don’t Have to Run Against Grassroots Activists
Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton shake hands during the final debate before the 2016 New Hampshire primary. (AP photo)

I don’t like using a right wing sites to make a point, but this really just puts it out there for you, and why the system feels like it is rigged. Superdelegates are there so establishment candidates don’t have a hard time against grassroots candidates.

Obama Admin Has Admitted 550 Syrian Refugees To U.S. Since Paris Terror Attacks, Only Two Christians

Obama Admin Has Admitted 550 Syrian Refugees To U.S. Since Paris Terror Attacks, Only Two Christians

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You know, because religion played no role in the Paris terror attacks. ( – Five hundred and fifty Syrian refugees have been admitted into the United States since the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL) carried out terrorist attacks in Paris last November, and of those, two (0.3 percent) are Christians. Over the past week, another 24 Syrian refugees have been admitted,…

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Mr Americana, Overpasses News Desk
February 5th, 2016
Overpasses For America

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( – According to the Obama administration’s propaganda release, the unemployment rate for white workers is at 4.3%, the unemployment rate for black workers is more than double that rate at 8.8%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

In addition, the unemployment rate for Asian workers (3.7%) and Hispanic workers (5.9%) is also lower than the black unemployment rate.

For January 2016, the BLS reported that the national unemployment rate, seasonally adjusted, was 4.9%, a rate that was last seen in February 2008.

The unemployment rate for whites, age 16 and older, seasonally adjusted, was 4.3%; for Asians, 16 and older, 3.7%; for Hispanics, 16 and older, 5.9%; and for blacks, age 16 and older, 8.8%.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, whites in the United States comprise 77.4% of the population; Hispanics comprise 17.4% of the population; blacks make up 13.2% of the population; and Asians comprise 5.4% of the population.

Unfortunately, the claims by the Obama administraion are simply lies to misrepresent the state of the nation’s economy.

U6 employment numbers show a much more dire picture, and is generally considered an accurate underestimate that shows a real unemployment rate that is more than double reported by the White House.

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