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Зелёная печать / Шу #Пуэр от фабрики CNNP / 357 г. / 2009 г.

Отличный представитель Шу Пуэра. Сбалансированный вкус с небольшой ореховой горчинкой, плавно переходящей в шоколадную. Насыщенный и бодрящий #чай.

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Цена: 1628 руб / блин
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Закажи online на MRDAO.RU;
по телефону 8(8482) 62-33-61;
или приходи в магазин:
Тольятти, ул. Советская 71а

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7582 1997 PO Sheng

     It’s been quite a while since I’ve made a review, but I plan on making quite a few in the future as I have a fair amount of teas I’d like to review. So today I will be continuing my review of the teas from Whit2Tea tea of the month club from November. I left off on some of this 1997 7582 Private order sheng, which I did sample before, but I have yet to actually write anything about it. I will be using the remaining five grams and see how far it goes.

      I haven’t really jumped into much aged sheng yet, but I’m assuming for some people, it’s not that old, but for me its the oldest I’ve tried so far.For anyone interested here is a link to the page on White2tea So now I will move on to the actual tea and see what it has to say.

Dry leaves

This tea is originally from a standard size cake but was broken off into this 10g sample so the leaves are quite loose.

Appearance:As this is the last of the sample there’s a bit of broken leaves and dust, which is to be expected. The leaves look to be quite a good size and are a bit on the darker side, with dark shades of green and a few yellowish looking leaves. 
Aroma: When smelling the leaves straight out of the bag the aroma is quite easy to pick up. Its surprisingly earthy with some sweetness, along with an “old book” aroma which reminds me of a library.

Wet Leaves

As I said before, I will be using 5g of leaves in my 100ml gaiwan, which I pretty much will be used to sample most of my teas.

So after giving the leaves a quick rinse ~5 seconds the leaves opened up quite a bit.

Aroma:It has a very pleasant moist earth aroma with some sweet notes and also a hint of spice.

Appearance: The color of the leaves changed to more of a brown/orange color. 


First Steep: 25s

Liquor:Since this sheng has a bit of age to it its a lot darker compared to the younger shengs that i’m a bit more familiar with. While the color of the tea does say a bit about the tea, the thing that should matter the most is the taste.

Taste:This first steep was a bit light, quite smooth with some pleasant earthy undertones with some vegetal “green” sheng taste and a sweet aftertaste. Overall, pretty good for an initial steep, but for me my favorite steep is usually the second.

Second Steep: 30s

Liquor:It’s sort of difficult to really capture the colors of tea with a camera but the color of this tea for sure got quite a bit darker.

Taste: Along with the color getting darker the flavor is much more pronounced. So it’s a lot more earthy compared to the first steep along with a bit more “green” taste followed by a medium amount of astringency and the same sweet aftertaste.

Third Steep: 35s

Liquor:For the third and final steep the liquor was basically the same, so I included a picture of the tea in the cup which appears to look a bit lighter because of the lighting and the color of the cup.

Taste:Pretty similar to the previous steep with the flavors being a little bit stronger. So I’d say it’s quite consistent with its flavor profile which I happen to really enjoy.

Final Thoughts: Overall, I really enjoyed this tea, it was a lot smoother compared to younger shengs I tried. I was quite surprised by the earthy/mushroom taste, its something I’d usually experience in a shou pu'erh. But basically shou is made to taste similar to aged sheng I just haven’t tried much aged sheng. So this tea definitely gave me somewhat of an idea of how age can affect a tea and I hope to try similar teas in the future. 

Up Next: I will be reviewing some Duck Shh Dancong aka Yashi Xiang and I probably will have to explain the name of it.