'Many wounded' in Istanbul nightclub attack - BBC News

‘Many wounded’ in Istanbul nightclub attack
Many people have been wounded in an attack on a nightclub in Istanbul, Turkey’s NTV reports.

Footage appears to show a number of ambulances and police vehicles outside the Reina nightclub, in the Besiktas area of the city.

NTV says two attackers were involved, with CNN Turk reported they were dressed in Santa costumes.

Istanbul had been on high alert for any terror attacks, with some 17,000 police officers on duty in the city.
Massive blast hits Istanbul soccer stadium
At least one bomb targeted police outside the arena in the city center.

ISTANBUL — A car packed with explosives detonated at the entrance of a soccer stadium in central Istanbul Saturday night, Turkish authorities said, causing an unknown number of casualties and sending a plume of smoke towering over the city center.

The bomb exploded outside the Vodafone Arena in the Beskitas area of Istanbul, less than a mile from the city’s Taksim Square. Residents across Istanbul reported hearing the blast, which detonated near a group of riot police as fans were exiting the stadium, according to a statement from Turkey’s interior minister.

Footage broadcast on CNN Turk showed chaos outside the arena as ambulances arrived to ferry the wounded. The interior minister said close to 20 people had been injured, including police. It was not clear if any civilians had been wounded.


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What's going on with Turkey:

I don’t know if I will get arrested for this but I don’t care. I just wanna tell the truths.
First of all, I am not supporting coup and Erdogan. I am writing this for you to know what the hell is going on here, in Turkey.
Last night, the bridges were taken over by military (or at least we know like that). Then our first channel, TRT, was taken over by some soldiers. They said TSK aka military took over the country and if we go outside, we will die.
So it means coup. Erdogan facetimed with CNN Turk because he was in holiday. He said we should go outside and defend our democracy. Right now, they’re saying that the goverment has taken over and coup failed.
Let me explain the real things.
First of all, Erdogan send his people to outside because he needed a flash shield. It was not a fight for democracy. Those people killed soldiers who didn’t even know what the hell as going and was in theirs 20s. They cut the soldiers’ head off, torture the surrender soldiers with their belts, break their necks. The soldiers didn’t even know what was going on. They just took orders. I heard one of the soldiers went to cops, asked about what the hell was going on. So many of them did.
Second, it wasn’t the military’s attack. The source is still unknown -there are rumors but not clearity. People think Erdogan did it or some other forces.
If that was a real coup, we wouldn’t have internet or TV or electricity. Which we had, don’t believe if they say a didn’t, because we had. I was in Twitter and watching CNN -which took over by some soldiers don’t even know what that were doing there, sent by the orders and people who Erdogan sent but not goverment people.
The coup should be in earlier times, not night, when everybody is sleeping so there were no chaos. But it was about the time where eveybody was awake.
It was not planned thing. Nobody, even the people who got orders to do it, knew what was going on and they still don’t know.
They only attacked TRT for announcing the coup, not any channels were attacked at first.
The attacks happened only in Istanbul and Ankara, not anywhere else. If that was a coup, it should be in everywhere, soldiers should be in every streets.
Erdogan wasn’t even suprised or scared at all. The man who stood with him were smiling at cameras. He was sending his own people to death and his flight which should be like 30 munites was more like 6 hours. So he only came when do many people were dead.
100s of people died. 1000s of people injured and 3000s of people for arrested. There were so many war planes that they break the sound barrier which made terrifying voice and everybody woke up in 5-6 in the morning. The mosques are praying all the time and calling people to streets.
I’m 16 so I am not too old to say it but I never ever scared this much in my life. We’re still terrified.
People wants death penalties but for whom? Us, the goverment, the leaders, the polices or for the soldiers?
If you want real peace, you should stop Erdogan and everybody who is leader in this country. You should protect those young souls that doesn’t know what they’re doing. Don’t kill soldiers or polices. Don’t kill innocents. Don’t go outside because our prime minister says so. Stay in your houses, safe. Because those people who are outside are killing innocents or dying innocent.
Don’t believe everything you hear. We’re in a world that not even a single life matters for people.
Stay safe, my friends.