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(CNN)It was 1940s America, and the enduring image of a rugged horseman swaggering across the western plains was about to get a sparkling makeover.

“‘Real men wear rhinestone’ – that’s what he always used to say,” Jamie Nudie, the granddaughter of tailor to the stars Nudie Cohn, remembers. 

Nudie Cohn: The rhinestone cowboy tailor who dressed Elvis - CNN

Most of America is deeply, deeply fed up with tolerating the bible-bashing, Fox news-watching Benghazi-obsessed Trump/Cruz supporting nutjobs who are actively itching to nuke Iran and start WW3. But, you know, they still have to learn to deal with it and be civil.

Because that’s what being smart means these days: Shrugging, falsely smiling and putting up with dumbass people’s bullshit.
Why wouldn’t the Clintons hold Wall Street to the same standard they hold themselves to?
The Clintons paid a 35.7% tax rate: $40 million in total taxes over the last 7 years. The Clintons aren’t hiding thei...

The Clintons paid a 35.7% tax rate: $40 million in total taxes over the last 7 years. The Clintons aren’t hiding their money overseas in Swiss Bank Accounts like Mitt Romney, a man who paid a 14.1% tax-rate — a man who [like Trump] was born with a silver-spoon in his mouth.

Many voters tend to forget both Clintons came from humble beginnings and used their natural talent and determination to achieve success, building the Clinton name side-by-side since their days together at Yale Law School. That is the very embodiment of the American Dream. Therefore, I don’t begrudge them for it, especially considering how much they give to charity, pay in taxes, and have done for our country. The Clintons pay their fair share and give back to a country that has given them so much. That’s the way capitalism should work.

At the end of the day, one needs to look no further than Karl Rove’s ad comparing Wall Street to Hillary:

Karl Rove is propping up Bernie to hurt Hillary because he fears her far more than Bernie’s no-starter legislation.

In a post-Citizens United world, one simple fact remains: it takes money to beat money. Now, I know idealists will say that is a self-defeating, pessimistic outlook. But since the passage of Citizens United, it’s a reality. Look at the loss of 900 legislative seats under Obama — 37-state’s are currently controlled by Republicans, defunding Planned Parenthood and attacking gay rights on a local-level.

31 | Republican legislatures

11 | Democratic legislatures

8 | Split legislatures

This “Obama-era” sweep of state legislatures has resulted in devastating consequences on a local-level: the defunding of Planned Parenthood, attacks on voting rights, gerrymandering, and the denial of human rights to LGBTQ Americans. That’s why these organizations have endorsed Hillary. They know she is our best shot at moving the progressive agenda forward in 21st Century America.

At the end of the day, the Clintons know how to fight fire with fire. It takes $$$ to beat $$$ and during the Benghazi-hearings, Hillary proved [yet again] she can take on the GOP — anytime, anywhere.

In 2008, we opted for Obama’s idealism. In 2016, I want the Clintons ruthless pragmatism that led to the booming 1990s when incomes rose at all levels — more people lifted out of poverty than at any other time in American history. We did this by investing in progressive causes Hillary has championed her entire life:

We need someone who can strategically navigate the Tea Party infested waters of Washington. Like it or not, the Clintons are political animals and play to win. And it was the Clintons who warned us about the Republicans, being firsthand survivors of their onslaught during the 1990s.

The Clintons are going to criss-cross the United States, building the political infrastructure needed to change the system through the system. This will help reverse the devastating trend in deep Southern states where women and children are hurt the most by GOP policies.

37-state’s are controlled by the GOP, defunding Planned Parenthood on a local level. We have lost **900** legislative seats under Obama. No wonder Planned Parenthood endorsed Hillary — they know she has already withstood the Republican onslaught for decades and *STILL* stands strong. If Bernie can’t even handle Hillary’s rather easy healthcare critiques, he will be slaughtered by Karl Rove and the Republicans. Mark my words.

Remember – we barely passed the Affordable Care Act with majorities in both chambers of Congress. Let’s build on the Affordable Care Act instead of relitigating healthcare, a battle that isn’t wise to do in this scary political environment.

Bernie’s plan failed 9 times and was rejected by his home state of Vermont. It is no wonder Planned Parenthood, the Brady Campaign, and the Human Rights Campaign endorsed Hillary – she is the best candidate to take us forward successfully. Hillary has raised $18 million for down-ticket Democrats. Bernie? $0.

Hillary proves, time and time again, that she’s not only smart, but possesses the skills to finally dismantle the Republican Party. Don’t you Bernie fans ever wonder why the GOP hates Hillary so much? Let us remember that George H. W.’s initial impression of Hillary was: Aggressive.”

The GOP fears the Clintons for a reason:

Wall Street also remembers very well that President Clinton created 23 million jobs, a balanced budget, and a surplus for our nation. Incomes rose at every level when the Clintons were in power. Wall Street has seen that everyone does better when a Clinton is in power.

President Bill Clinton did a tremendous job for our country given the GOP-controlled Congress he had to work with. Meanwhile, Bernie has zero congressional accomplishments regarding his lifetime cause: income inequality. Bernie is all talk. The Clintons are results even when dealing with a GOP Congress, something we are currently presented with in 2016.

But according to her critics, Hillary couldn’t possibly be honest about trying to implement her extremely tough and thorough plan to reign in capitalism run-amok. Which brings me back to my original point: the Clintons 35.7% tax-rate — 43 million in total taxes over the last 7 years.

To act as though Hillary wouldn’t make Wall Street pay their fair share and play by the rules doesn’t add up when you look at the Clintons finances. One could make this argument against Mitt Romney who paid a very low tax-rate –14.1%– and came from a wealthy family. Hillary? Not so much.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders is far from perfect:

Bernie opposed DOMA on the grounds of state’s rights only and finally supported gay marriage in 2009. On the contrary, Hillary worked with the Human Rights Campaign [HRC] on HIV/AIDS medication and hate crime laws as New York Senator. Hillary knows the HRC President from back during her days as First Lady of Arkansas. Hillary was the first First Lady to march in a gay pride parade and she implemented policies and programs as Secretary of State that saved LGBTQ lives worldwide, declaring: “Gay Rights Are Human Rights!” Hillary passed the first-ever U.N. Resolution on LGBTQ Human Rights, and launched the Global Equality Fund.

90+ die a day and 33,000+ die a year from gun violence. Bernie has made a partial flip-flop on guns. Keep up the pressure, Hillary!! 

Central Romania is engulfed in the soaring Carpathian mountain range, filled with green groves and ski and hiking trails for adventure-heads. What isn’t well known is that Romania catches the Danube Delta at its southern tip, where wetlands prove fertile ground. Head here for hiking, birding and fishing. Or go gallery hopping in Cluj-Napoca, a hotly-tipped future art scene.
—  CNN about Romania, a top holiday destination for 2016

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Hillary's Still Standing. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Despite the media shoving the “David vs. Goliath” [underdog] storyline down our throats 24/7. Despite high voter t...

Despite the media shoving the “David vs. Goliath” [underdog] storyline down our throats 24/7.

Despite high voter turnout [170,000+] that was said to ensure a Sanders victory.

Despite most of the media not properly vetting Bernie Sanders until a few weeks before the vote.

Despite Obama saying Bernie had the benefit of being the new “bright, shiny object.”

Despite Obama saying Hillary had both the “privilege and burden” of being the frontrunner.

Despite Republicans launching a taxpayer funded Benghazi witch-hunt.

Despite Republicans leaking e-mails a few days before the vote.

Despite Republicans launching ads making Bernie seem “too liberal.”

Despite Karl Rove running ads comparing Hillary to Wall Street.

Despite the high-level [43%] of Iowans that self-identify as a “socialist.”

Despite the fact Iowa is demographically unrepresentative of the United States of America [95% white].

Despite losing Iowa in 2008.

Hillary is now the first woman to win the Iowa caucus. A win is a win. 

Hillary is still standing.

The theme song at Clinton rallies should be Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing (Yeah!! Yeah!! Yeah!!)” – Great energy!!

Hillary’s 2008 New Hampshire Comeback Speech:

“I come tonight with a very, very full heart. And I want especially to thank New Hampshire. Over the last week, I listened to you and, in the process, I found my own voice.”


“I felt like we all spoke from our hearts, and I am so gratified that you responded. Now, together, let’s give America the kind of comeback that New Hampshire has just given me!!!”


~Hillary Clinton; 2008

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!


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