Mexico’s National Indigenous Congress Appoints Presidential Candidate 

The EZLN and the Mexican National Indigenous Congress nominate María de Jesús Patricio, a practitioner of traditional medicine, as an independent candidate in Mexico’s 2018 presidential election. 

Hi gaisss. Mel nyaris kantoi dgn tunang gara2 x log out tumblr ni. 😂😂😂 trpksa delete gmbr dulu sbb risau trlepas kt tgn dia. Btw mel x online sgt kt cni sbb takut nnt tunang mel tau. Mel reply text abg2 semua slow2 ye. Slm knl dri Mel mna yg bru follow. Mel umur 26. Stay setapak. Nnt ada free mel blnja gmbr ye. 😙😙😙

Maaf yea kepada yg inbox ryna..
Cni ryna knl kan diri ryna lg 1x..
-Ryna dari kl
-Umur 37 milf
-Apa pic dlm post mmg pic xperlu minta lg pic2 yg xkan mungkin ryna bg.
-wechat ryna .. yup pic kereta.. sbb xnk bg wechat personal.
-nak video col sory mmg xkan dilayan.ramai fl lain yg buat vcol untuk melancap so blh pilih yg tu. Bkn ryna.
- nk juga tngok pic full bru nk stim dan boking?. Boleh boking yg ready ada pic full.
-no money no honey..
-ryna kl

Ada orang marah mel x layan dm. Maki hamun semua. Xpela. Marah la. Mel mls nk ambik peduli. Bukan korang yg kena pukul dgn tunang mel. Mel yg lebam penyudahnya. Mel MC ari ni. Stay kt rumah je. Gara2 snap gambar bogel ingat nk post kt cni sekali tunang cek fon. Kena soal mcm polis pencen. Sekali penumbuk dgn pnyepak kena. Dh byk kali macam ni. Rasa nk lari. Tp tak tahu nk ke mana. 😭😭😭😭

A quick guide to neural implants in Halo for RVB fans

  1. Standard - The standard neural interface has basic functions. It acts as a “friend or foe” indicator, so that radar signatures will pick up the owner’s signature and identify it as friendly. It is easily removed and is basically intended to prevent friendly fire.
  2. Command Neural Interface (CNI)-  implanted in the brain of every UNSC ship commander. In addition to the duties of a standard, they also have several purposes specific to a ship commander.They cannot be removed without killing the host or doing permanent damage to the host’s brain. Their main use is the storage of data codes, NAV data, and also for receiving telemetry from outside sources. AI can access info from here or enter info into there, but only with permission. The commander can also lace with the ship itself to get data.
  3. Spartan Neural Interface (probably what Freelancers have a similar interface to) -an upgrade of the standard that SPARTANs received when fitted for MJOLNIR Mark V. They cannot be removed without killing the host or doing permanent damage to the host’s brain. the Spartan Neural Interface is unique in that it is designed to allow an AI to directly interface with the Spartan’s brain. The AI is said to reside both inside the armor and inside the wearer’s mind. Essentially, it is in both places at once. The interface allows the AI access to most of the suit’s internal systems, though the Spartan has override control.

Basically anyone would have a standard neural interface. The Freelancer one was special for the fact that the AI could interface even while the armor was off, and in that specific AI could jump into it without a chip somehow. But most likely it would be closer to the Spartan interface.

Any other character from the UNSC would have a basic version at least, though. Which is basically a tiny chip. They can be removed easily

I wouldnt be surprised if the Director had a Command interface but he was never shown to have it probably because he was mostly a civilian and not military really. Id imagine he might have considered it at some point though.

People who would have Freelancer Project implants:

  1. The reds
  2. the blues
  3. the freelancers
  4. maybe someone like Niner or the Counselor we’re not really sure
  5. Any freelancer grunts

If the character is not in this group they dont have Freelancer implants. They have something else. This includes Felix, Locus, Kimball, Doyle, Dr Grey, the LTs, and any other Fed or New character.

Mencari gadis or janda gersang area pekan, kuantan pahang… Klu ada pm sy atau ada yg nk swap awk n janda… Sy janji akn puaskn nafsu awak… Sy janji jilat n hisap awak satu badan.. WeChat sy fikri199122.. kt cni slow ckit… Yg brminat boleh tinggal I’d WeChat..

ficlet: Dean/Cas #3

Originally posted by lokiandthorblr

Dean groaned and rubbed the sleep off his eyes, turning around on bed. He froze when he hit on something. Someone. He’d got real drunk last night, but fuck, the last thing he needed was to have slept with some other lady he wouldn’t remember.

Except, he realised when he could half open his eyes, that lady was more of a grown up man with messy, dark hair, and that was when he lost it. He’d slept with a man. He, Dean Winchester. He basically jumped off the bed, his legs bowing in protest. He’d fucked a guy. Or, if the soreness down there was something to go by, a guy had fucked him.

Messy Hair woke up, presumably thanks to his, you know, smooth reaction. Dean was terrified as he stretched with a groan similar to his and settled to turn around. “Morning.” He muttered. 

His voice was gravelly, but he wasn’t sure it was because of being hangover. Actually, as he opened his eyes -giant blue eyes that he seemed to remember vaguely-, he didn’t look hangover at all, so that meant fucking a guy wasn’t something to freak out about for him.

He took a deep breath and was going to say something when he just ran to the bathroom and threw up on the toilet. He washed his mouth afterwards, rinsing it thoroughly so that there was no trace of it ever happening and wrapped a towel around his waist before daring back into the room.

“Hey. Uh, sorry about that.” He muttered to the stranger. He just couldn’t believe this was happening. It just felt wrong… or it didn’t…?

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Usuario de Tumblr destacado: Martín del Palacio Langer

Blog: Martín del Palacio

Ciudad de origen: Ciudad de México, México

Ciudad actual: Barcelona, España

Primera publicación: Septiembre de 2010

Nacido en 1977, Martín es escritor y periodista. Fue coordinador de las secciones de deportes de los periódicos mexicanos Milenio y Excélsior. Actualmente, es colaborador en medios internacionales como World Soccer, Kicker, y London Evening Standard, además de ser columnista en Anteriormente, colaboró en Sports Illustrated Latino y When Saturday Comes. Reside en Barcelona desde hace 7 años.

¿Cuándo supiste que te querías dedicar al periodismo deportivo?

La verdad es que no fue una decisión demasiado estudiada. Mi primera participación en una revista deportiva (la extinta Balón) fue a los 11 años. Empecé a escribir columnas en un periódico (el también extinto Unomásuno) a los 19, pero no consideré realmente dedicarme a esto hasta bastante más tarde. Cuando terminé la preparatoria, hice un semestre de Ciencias Políticas y otro de Relaciones Internacionales. Después, me fui un año a Toulouse, Francia, en teoría para estudiar Literatura Francesa: en realidad, pasé mucho más tiempo en los bares que en clase… Eso sí, mi francés es casi de nativo desde entonces. Finalmente, a los 20 años, después de haber «perdido» 48 meses, regresé a la ciudad donde había pasado mi adolescencia, Cuernavaca, y entré a estudiar Comunicación, esencialmente porque era la carrera más humanista que ofrecía la mejor universidad de la ciudad, el Tec de Monterrey. No fue hasta los 22 cuando Roberto Velázquez, un buen amigo al que había conocido en mi breve etapa en Ciencias Políticas, y con quien tenía en común el descontento por la carrera que habíamos elegido cada uno (él estudiaba administración), me invitó a trabajar en el ahora también extinto CNI Canal 40 de televisión en la Ciudad de México, para empezar una sección deportiva. Fue entonces cuando se definió mi rumbo profesional.

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