Fall Rally South 2013

I’m spamming people on Facebook with all of my Fall Rally South posts and pictures but I honestly don’t care.  Fall Rally South 2013 has been one of the happiest days of my life.  To people not in Key Club, it may sound silly because I’m so happy we won the spirit stick but really, it’s much more than just a spirit stick.  I looked into the crowd and I see a sea of colors but the most important ones to me are the black and white cubs because those are my babies, those are my cubs and I’m their Mama Tiger.

I’ve worked my butt off to try and make this division better, to continue my amazing IP’s work and I feel like it’s finally coming together.

Division 16 served 2,926.2 hours to their home, school, and community for the month of October which is the most we’ve served in one month since the beginning of this term.  Division 16 also won the spirit stick yesterday.  One of Division 16’s most inactive clubs in the division is now probably the most active and enthusiastic about upcoming events.  I don’t know about you but honestly, to me that makes me so happy.  Every division is different and maybe the division you’re apart of serves 5,000 service hours per month and that’s amazing but let’s not compare. (:
All I see is progress in the division I serve and that’s all I could ever ask for.

All I truly care about is that the members have FUN and enjoy their time in Key Club.  I mean look at the faces in the picture above, I see a sea of black and white cubs screaming their heart out to share their love for Key Club and Division 16.

Of course, what would a Key Club event be without spirit battles?  WE GOT SPIRIT YES WE DO, WE GOT SPIRIT CAUSE 1 WE ARE WHITE TIGER 2 A LITTLE BIT LOUDER 3 WE STILL CAN’T HEAR YOU WE ARE NUMBER 1!

Spirit Chairs, you make me so proud.  I see future leaders in this picture which makes me so happy because as a LegaBEE, my desire is to leave a GOLDEN Legacy behind.

To the executive board that drives me crazy sometimes, I love you all and without you all I really would go crazy.  It’s not me who does everything for this division, it’s YOU.  So thank YOU for everything that you all do.  I mean the entire executive board not just the ones in this picture.  I love you all.

To my beautiful IP, I don’t care what anyone says.  I saw you.  I saw you cheering your heart out and helping lead the cheers.  You’ve never failed me and you’ve always been there for me.  Without you, I don’t know where I’d be today or where this division would be today.  As you said, last year was birth and this year, we heard Division 16’s first words.  Thank you. <3

I truly am proud to be a White Tiger.  LTG or not, I could not have wished to be apart of a better division.

And how could I forget Burbank and East Valley?  You all made my experience at Fall Rally better than it already was.

To my Region 7 OHANA, you all inspire me to work harder and push harder every single day.  All of your hard word and dedication is truly inspiring.  I love you all REGION 7 MAJICK. <3


I have the rest of November left, December, January, February, March, and about two weeks of April.  I’ll try nothing but my best to end this year with a bang.  Thank you for allowing me to serve you, Division 16.  Really, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

*creds to whoever took these pictures*


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