No, this isn’t the District Board design.
It was my submission though (:

I spent six hours at the computer, hoping to create a design that would personify the district board and its message to take service to INFINIBEE AND BEEYOND. The honey combs represent each division that acts as a cell, each mending together for a great purpose. I highlighted the infinity symbol mocking wings to show how integral it was that we took our work beyond what was expected.

Unfortunately, I was too late. The due date was the seventeenth, but by 7pm (when I’d turned it in) they had already sent in a design by 1pm.

The chosen design is wonderful, I do not doubt it. My design integrates a lot of the chosen design since I had been inspired by it. I’ll wear it proudly as a member of the CNH District Board (:

But it’d be really great to see at least one of these shirts printed. I was thrilled when fellow board members liked the design - to see them wear it? I think I’ll burst out crying.

This experience has taught me to be on time or earlier with my submissions. Not to let life’s opportunities slip through my fingertips.
Hopefully, I’ll have second chances to come ♥

A message from one of UC Irvine Circle K’s Membership Development & Education Chairs: Angelina Chanthanouvong!

Hello! Hi! Bonjour! Are you a Key Clubber? Kiwins member? Someone simply interested in service, leadership, and fellowship? Well I have a wonderful club that I’d love to introduce to YOU! :D

College is a time of discovery and growth. You’re able to meet new people, venture out and enjoy new experiences, and create new memories in the process—there’s so much to do and so little time! You have so many choices and so many clubs that you are able to join, so the big question here is: What exactly sets Circle K apart from any other service club?

But wait…let’s answer an even more important question…


Circle K is THE LARGEST collegiate community service club IN THE WORLD! Our members have a passion for service and making a difference through the service that we do.

Circle K is the collegiate branch of the Kiwanis Family. Our Kiwanis Family includes sponsoring Kiwanis Clubs (adult version of Circle K), as well as other clubs such as Key Club and KIWIN’S (high school service clubs), Builders Club (middle school and junior high students),  and K-Kids (elementary students).

Circle K is based on the three tenets of SERVICE, FELLOWSHIP, and LEADERSHIP!

SERVICE: There are so many service opportunities that you can get involved in that fit with your own personal schedule. From weekly service projects, weekend projects, to even district wide service projects, every event makes a difference and plays an impact on our communities. Through service, we are able to make a difference in our community.

LEADERSHIP: A unique thing about Circle K is all of the leadership opportunities open up not only to board members, but general members as well. At your home club, you are able to chair events, join committees, or even apply as a board member for the next term. But wait! Your leadership isn’t just limited to your own school! You can apply to host workshops at district events and even serve alongside district board members by applying for district committees. There are so many ways to grow as a leader as well as many opportunities to showcase your capabilities as a leader!

FELLOWSHIP: Another thing that sets Circle K apart from other clubs on campus is the crazy amount of energy, spirit, and enthusiasm that we have in our members. There are so many amazing people you can meet in the process of being in this club, whether it is a divisional, district, or even international event. Not only will you get involved with a Circle K club at your own school, you’re also welcomed into a divisional, district-wide, and international family of leaders. Through service and social events, we are able to foster lifelong friendships, create strong bonds with one another, as well as create impacting memories.

As our 2013-2014 Cal-Nev-Ha District Governor Sean Dylan Nguyen puts it:
“You come for the service, you stay for the fellowship, and you aspire to be a leader.”

So next time you see a Circle K club or member on your college campus, don’t be shy and stop by to say hi (oh hey, that rhymed, hehe)! Attend a service project! General meeting! Social! We’re more than happy to have you check out and join our Circle K family! Better yet, ask us how we feel—you’ll be in for a great surprise  ;D

So remember…

We serve, we lead, we are a family! We are C-K-I! ♥

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Hope to see you around!


Key Club, you never fail to change me for the better.

Scott Greenberg was right. Key Club really is an escape. My own, personal, escape. Not from the cruel world, but from my own. Key Club helped me see that there are others out there who need my help. But to help others, you need to help yourself first. So, it’s time to cut those sandbags off.I’m done holding myself back.

DCON 2013, you’ve brought me back up.  I hope y'all believe in me enough to know that I’m changing. In fact, I’ve already changed, thanks to all your beautiful hearts and inspiring words. I WILL get that Distinguished Vice President Award at DCON 2014, no matter what.

I’m cutting those sandbags off, raising that Key Club spirit, and maybe along the way, I’ll inspire at least one of y'all to open yourself up to see the amazing things Key Club can do for you, and of course, the world.

I<3KCI, Ohana4lyfe.

@jayquachie @princesstrinh @celinatheasian wahh missed so many others but i’ll find y'all ;)


It has arrived. CALL TO DCON 2014! See you in Sacramento with your GOLDEN TICKET! ^_^



Video Credits:Lisa Lotito-Byers

California-Nevada-Hawaii District Key Club

Despite what anyone says, becoming Division 36 East Lieutenant Governor back in 2010-2011 was one of the proudest and best moments of my life. I will be 67 years old, and I will look back at all the progress I made for my division. All the clubs went from no awards to being able to get Early Bird and all On Time Monthly Report Forms. Every club had increased attendance to Division Council Meetings and Fall Rally, increased membership, increased funds, and best of all, increased dedication to service and Key Club. I made our little area become known to even people in Jamaica! I was able to become a Distinguished Lieutenant Governor. I was honored with the international Robert F. Lucas award. My name is in Kiwanis HQ for “Most Improved Division.” I gave my life for this amazing organization.

I built an affinity with members from all of the world in both Key Club International and Kiwanis International. They were all family to me. I love my Kiwanis club and all the things they did for me. To this day I have no idea how I can fully thank them for all the support they gave me. Senior year in high school was tough for me, but I always had my K family there. They were the people I knew I could always count on. I love them, and I will always love them. Even when we do not speak for years, I know that I can always call them up and they will always be there.

I have not seen many of my fellow IncrediBEES in a couple of years now. I really miss them. It’s great that after 2 years, we still want to check up on each other and see how everyone is doing. I want a reunion again. We’re all older now, and we have branched out doing new things in our lives. I want to see everyone and see how everyone has grown. College has changed all of us.

Despite the changes, IncrediBEES forever. Key Club will always be in my heart, and Kiwanis is still giving me support.