Ryoumarx where Marx reaches a little for Ryouma’s hand and Ryouma reaches for him and takes it.

Where they cuddle and Marx prefers to be tucked and wrapped in Ryouma’s arms, protected.

“How do you hold these…chopsticks…..”

“Why do you have so many spoons and forks”

trying on each other’s countries clothing n ice nic eni cei cnei ceni

Marx taking Ryoma to actual good places in Nohr. The rare flowers that grow.

Horse back riding shenanigans 

watching performances in Nestra 

Marx dying in Ryouma’s arms who desperately calls for help only to look down again and see the light gone from his eyes. Vice versa

Marx taking care of Ryouma’s mess of a hair.

Ryouma lifting Marx and parading around 

Ryouma trying out Siegfried

Ryouma finding that Marx is actually incredibly affectionate and a very passionate lover. 

 j us t give me  ryou marx please im so desperate