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George Harrison attending a anti-nuclear rally, Trafalgar Square, London, 19 June 1986. Photo: Janet Macoska.

In April 1981, George became a paid-up member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).

In activism related news, on 4 June 1985, George’s song “Save The World” was featured on the U.K. release of the Greenpeace album.

“George [Harrison] talks at length about the planet, his concern about destruction. Last year [19 June 1986] he participated in an anti-nuclear rally in Trafalgar Square, and he’s a member of the ecological organisation Greenpeace. ‘I love those people because they go out and actually do it. I mean, if it wasn’t me that’s the kind of thing I’d like to be, out there on a ship getting harpooned by Russians and Japanese.’” - The Sunday Tribune, 18 October 1987 [x]

MANICURE MUSE: Querelle Jansen in Pringle of Scotland for Exit Magazine

If this look reminds you of Balenciaga, I would tell you “you’re on to something.” The newly appointed design director of Pringle of Scotland, Alistair Carr has a resume that includes four years at Balenciaga, which would explain the sharp edge. The bold mock neck jacquard pays homage to 60s mod, while showcasing digital prints and technical fabrications. Fun fact: Carr was inspired by the fabric on the London tube. To recreate this look, I used “Mitzi” by Zoya, “Brilliant White” by CND World, and a black nail art pen.