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Brandon Sanderson NJ Signing, 12/3/2016

Here are all the questions I asked him and got answered:

  • Q: If the technology for 3D printing, CNC milling and the like existed on Sel, would a Forger be able to use it to create stamps, or would they have to do it by hand.
    • A: They would be able to, but since they have to still create the stamps themselves, they’d have to be the ones to model/draw the stamps. (I take that to mean that a forger couldn’t just download someone else’s stamp and print it out and use it)
  • Q: Does TenSoon look like an Irish Wolfhound (which is how I’ve seen a lot of people draw him) or more like an actual wolf?
    • A: He looks more like a large wolf-like dog, such as a husky or something (though more wolflike than a husky, he was just using that as an example)
  • Q: Will we ever get some sort of dictionary/guide to Aons or Forging, one that tells us how they’re made, with what all the various parts of a seal mean and how we could theoretically design them?
    • A: We might, but it would be a ton of work for him to put together. He compared it to when people ask if we’ll ever get the full text of the Way of Kings (the in-universe book) and he said that we might, but all he has is an outline.
  • Q: When a spren changes into a weapon, are they locked into one specific design for that type of weapon? Like, if Syl chose to be a longsword, could she only become that specific longsword?
    • A: no, they can become whatever they want/need.
  • Q: Who has the best and worst handwriting in the cosmere?
    • A: Hoid’s is just terrible, but it can also be really beautiful when he wants to, but Brandon said he didn’t have a real answer for this one.
  • Q: Can you tell me anything new about the force or whatever that opposed Adonalsium (this was what I had him answer in my personalization)
    • A: “I would count groups of people as a force”
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