Get to know me: 2/5 favourite male groups


CNblue is my only favourite band group, like when I like boy groups it’s usually the groups that dance and sing, but CNblue’s music is amazing. It’s also hilarious to watch them dance because they really can’t however they make up for that with their amazing talent with instruments. Originally my bias lead me to the group (Yonghwa) but after watching WGM with Yonghwa and Seohyun I started to appreciate the other members when they came on. I really like their relationship together, because although they appear cool with each other they are all really “kawaii bromance” LOL. But really, I just enjoy watching them, and I’m glad the other members aside from Yonghwa have different opportunities and it’s just equal I find. I really enjoy CNblue and I really hope they come to Canada since they did south america?? (it was SA right? or Europe? I forget)