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So here it is, my 2nd follow forever, as I just reached 1000 followers. Like mentioned above - I want to make sure that people who I follow know that I love them and their blogs.

Guys, you’re amazing. Thank you so much for all of the effort that you put into running your blogs, for all the time you spend on them. I also included the fy/daily/network blogs that I follow, as I’d like make sure that people running these blogs know that I am SOOOO grateful that I get to be up to date with my fav idols thanks to them.

Some of you I’ve been following for ages, some I have followed recently - doesn’t matter, I love all of you just as much as the other.

This is a list of literally every single person that I follow right now. A list of 500 amazing blogs. 

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140620 “Marry Him If You Dare” Trailer - Blu-ray & DVD / Release Date: September 3

cr: NBCUniversal Entertainment

140624 Script of tvN’s drama “The Three Musketeers” (k-drama starring Yonghwa)
‘The Three Musketeers’ script reading is held today. 
The first episode of 'The Three Musketeers’ will be aired on August 24
[Spanish] Guión de la serie de tvN “Los Tres Mosqueteros” (kdrama protagonizado por Yonghwa)
La lectura del libreto de 'Los Tres Mosqueteros’ será hoy.
El primer episodio de 'Los Tres Mosqueteros’ saldrá al aire el 24 de agosto.

photo: u_shiningstar / Info cr: CebuNuna, DCJYH
Spanish Trans: CNBLUE.CL
*Take out only with full credits / Puedes tomar esta traducción sólo con los créditos completos*


140507 Lee Jonghyun singing Garota de Ipanema [KBS Music Bank in Brazil]

cr: Nadine Oliveira