cnblue sydney

Fan Account- CNBLUE Blue Moon Tour in Sydney

When Australians hear that there’s a kpop concert coming down, we get pretty excited because we’re like, ‘oh hey, they know we exist!’ and CNBLUE was no exception. The concert doors were to open at 7pm, and the concert was set to start at 7:30. I arrived with my friends at Luna Park (the venue was inside the theme park) at 5:10-ish. We couldn’t really see the line that one of our friends, already in line, was talking about when we saw the building the concert was in. And then we saw it. And oh boy. It was quite a line. We walked past everyone in line who had started sitting down despite the rain, and it took about a 5 minutes walk to reach the end. And then the wait begun. Almost 2 hours later, the staff FINALLY opened the doors and people went in group-by-group. By this time, the line stretched 800 metres maybe? And finally, we started to move forwards a few steps at a time, and eventually, we reached the front, and the staff were like 'Hurry up, the concert’s already started’ and we were o.O and ran inside through the security checks, and sprinted into the concert hall, where CNBLUE had already started singing. It might have been Intuition, though I don’t really remember anymore. It wasn’t very well organised- people who sat behind us said they’d missed 4 songs! And then when we went inside, we could have just stood up in the General Standing- no one was monitoring. But we’d bought General Seating tickets, so we pushed through the crowd of people who’d decided it would be fun to block the stairs to get up there, and sat down. CNBLUE was amazing, and we’d only just sat down. I’d already watched them perform once before at the 2011 Kpop Festival in Sydney and remembered that they had an amazing stage presence, but here as well, they were perfect live. Some people had given out some banners back when we’d been waiting in line with directions for when to hold them up, and when CNBLUE sung Coffee Shop, everyone held up our banners and it was pretty cool to see a wave of blue banners and light sticks.
OMG AND CNBLUE’S ENGLISH IS LIKE ASPIUUOFHSDKJFHIEUEAWO MINHYUK CAN’T SPEAK ENGLISH VERY WELL BUT IT’S ADORABLE, JONGHYUN DIDN’T TALK VERY MUCH, JUNGSHIN SPEAKS SLIGHTLY NOT-MAKING-SENSE ENGLISH BUT IT WAS STILL GOOD, AND YONGHWA SPOKE REALLY WELL WITH CHARISMA AND HE JUST TALKED A LOT. At one point between songs, he said that Sydney has the biggest steak and we all laughed, and the other members agreed, and he said he likes his steak medium. So keep that in mind everyone, in case you ever invite Yonghwa around for dinner. They also said 'two thumbs up!’ and we all stuck our thumbs up. I’m not sure if Australians are renowned internationally for putting our thumbs up, or if Yonghwa just felt like saying it, but everyone just put up our thumbs anyway. And then Yonghwa said something like 'I’m the dancing queen, i’m better than Neyo and Usher’ and he did this little dance and alsdiskljdfh and Jungshin was laughing at him. 
CNBLUE had a little break part way through, and while they were gone, people in the audience started cheering 'CNBLUE, CNBLUE’, and they were like 'ENCORE, ENCORE’ but people. I’m pretty sure Encores don’t happen half way through concerts. It was just a little break for the members I think. And the cheers kind of died down because that’s just what Australians are like. We get a little lazy sometimes. But then since I was standing with my friends, we started stomping on the ground quickly and it spread (what trend setters we are) and there was just mass stomping and everyone in the mosh turned back to look at us. CNBLUE came back after about 2 minutes, in their Blue Moon Tour shirts now, and the second half began. People started throwing things onto the stage like teddy bears, and someone threw up a Minnie Mouse headband so Yonghwa wore it and he kept saying 'Hello Sydney, I’m Disney’ hahaha. Obviously their well-known songs like I’m a Loner, I’m Sorry, and LOVE had the biggest fan-input fanchant and singing-wise. CAN I JUST SAY AGAIN THAT CNBLUE WAS AMAZINGLY PERFECT like they have great songs and they’re funny and SO engaging. They said 'Second Floor!’ and we all screamed because hello, CNBLUE is acknowledging the second floor, and they said 'Second Floor say love, love, love’ and 'Say clap clap clap’ and 'Say *insert Yonghwa’s impressively legit beatboxing*’ and we just screamed and 'love love loved’ and 'clap clap clapped’ and it was great. 
Staff were soooo strict on filming and photography. They took away someone’s phone according to my friend (hottesticecreamninja) but that didn’t completely stop us. We still snuck in a few photos and videos. 
So the night was absolutely amazing basically, and at the end of the concert, CNBLUE said 'We’ll be back’ AND I HOPE THEY COME BACK! THEY’RE PERFECT! Then at the end they did the 'Aussie Aussie Aussie’ and we all replied 'Oi Oi Oi’ and it’s just things like that where it’s like some part of Australia, no matter how stereotypical, has been acknowledged, where us Australian fans are like YAAAAAAAYYY. And then Yonghwa said he won’t forget this night and we all screamed really loud. 
So, after a cracked voice and post-CNBLUE-concert-blues, I can say that CNBLUE was just awesome, the whole concert was awesome (despite the bad organisation to begin with), the people we met were awesome, and it was a great time. 
Hopefully more kpop companies will see that you actually can have successful, popular concerts in Australia, and we’ll have more to come. 
Like, listen up SM, please bring SMTown and SHINee down under. Please. We’ll buy everyone the biggest steak we can find if you do.