“Bonjour”. It tickles my throat as it spreads through my nose. I didn’t know such a beautiful greeting existed. I didn’t know such a beautiful time existed. I didn’t think it would end. Love, romance, excitement. They were nothing to me but everything to me at the same time. No one taught me how to part with someone. The warmth of another person left my life. The cold wave of Europe came over me. And everything froze over, except for my tears.

things people should stop doing: misgendering male k-idols because some things they do or somethings about them aren’t completely masculine which is apparently such a fucking travesty

things people should start doing: normalizing the idea that male k-idols can be delicate and gentle and like feminine things and support them without labeling them or questioning them

just let them be.

Do you ever just feel so much love for a group that you just don’t know what to do with yourself?? Like sitting there smiling but also feeling sentimental with butterflies in your stomach and teary eyes?? Just thinking about this amazing wonderful group who live on the other side of the world but just feel that overwhelming love and respect for them and they just make you feel so freaking happy??

171007 cnbluegt Instagram Update:너무 귀여운데 어떡하지? 댄스 가수했으면 난리났겠네
What to do we’re so cute? If we become dancers and singers it’ll be a problem

Comments on the post: Chanyeol: hahahahaha
Chanyeol: We’re a team
Jonghyun: @real__pcy No we can’t, Suho would be so upset hahahaha EXO-L’s I’m sorry… hahahaha

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