I fucking hate this Y/N person. She always get very one it’s not fair like why can’t she share the kpop idols. I mean sharing is caring but I guess she doesn’t care. I really I want to meet her and know why she can get everyone I want. All I know of her is that she has Y/E/C eyes her last name is Y/L/N and she loves wearing the colour Y/F/C. I am so jealous of Y/N. Sometimes she fights with the people I like, sometimes time she doesn’t and sometimes she even does the shame shame with them 😩 it’s not fair 😔 Your one lucky person Y/N.

New K-pop Collaboration Idea

Group Name: Minhyuk and the Minhyuks


Lee Minhyuk #1 (Block B) - Leader, Lead Vocal, Main Dancer

Lee Minhyuk #2 (BTOB) - Lead Dancer, Main Vocal

Kang Minhyuk (CNBlue) - Visual, Drummer on occasion 

Kim Minhyuk (MAP6) - Lead Rapper, Vocals

Lee Minhyuk #3 (Monsta X) - Main Vocal, Mood Maker

Park Minhyuk (Astro) -  Maknae, Main Rapper