If you are wiccan, please watch this. If you are Christian and believe witchcraft is bad, please watch this. This video is 50 minutes long but it is important. You don’t have to watch it all at once but you must watch it all sometime. Anyone who believes wiccans/pagans/witches/witchcraft is wrong, please watch this. Make this video go viral because it NEEDS to be on the news. It NEEDS to be talked about. cnbc bbc

Right-Wing Radio Host Calls Female CNBC Anchor A 'Whore' And A 'Tramp' For Doing Her Job (VIDEO)

Right-Wing Radio Host Calls Female CNBC Anchor A ‘Whore’ And A ‘Tramp’ For Doing Her Job (VIDEO)

If you thought Rand Paul was out of line when he shushed CNBC host Kelly Evens for challenging his stance on vaccines and taxes, you’ll be twice as outraged by what Paul’s best friend said about her on the air.

During his show on Tuesday, conservative radio host Alex Jones went off the railsin defense of the Kentucky senator, using the nastiest, most misogynistic language he could muster to…

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CNBC’s “Million Dollar Homes” series is back! This time, we focus on our reporters’ alma maters. 

Each $1 million home is in the town where the reporter went to college. Our reporters are Brian Sullivan, Dominic Chu, Mary Thompson, Diana Olick, Morgan Brennan and Jane Wells. Real estate agent Dolly Lenz will be on to analyze, but the winners will be chosen by our viewers. The champion will be crowned during Closing Bell today.

Scroll through the gallery to see where you’d pay $1 million to live. Can you guess where these places are?


Welcome to the mall of 2039: It’s nothing like today.

Full-body scanners? Digital shopping carts?  Mobile checkout? It’s all included in the retail package of the future.

Innovation is pushing retail into a digital age, with stores adopting new technologies in order to streamline customer experiences. Knowing personal information about shoppers makes it easier to market to each person’s specific needs. Data analytics will play an increasingly significant role in shaping retail strategy.

Even grocery stores will go digital, experts predict, giving customers the ability to walk into a store and purchase products tailored for their personal needs. For example, one intel futurist said, a grocery store would know if someone walked into the store with a nut allergy, and would adjust that person’s food options to exclude nuts.

What do you think of the mall of the future? Would you give up more information in exchange for a better retail experience? 

- Illustrations courtesy of George Kavallines-
Jennifer Lawrence is changing Hollywood's game
"The Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence is breaking Hollywood's mold as one of the highest paid actress in the industry.
By Sarah Whitten

 Actress Jennifer Lawrence, who turns 25 on Saturday, has a lot to celebrate this year.  

 The young starlet has an estimated net worth of more than $52 million and was the highest grossing actor at the box office in 2014, ahead of Chris Pratt, Scarlett Johansson and Mark Wahlberg, with $1.4 billion, according to Forbes.  

 Lawrence has at least six projects in the works, including a role in the sci-fi film “Passengers” due out in 2016. She is slated to make $20 million for the project, according to The Hollywood Reporter; $8 million more than her male co-star Chris Pratt—a feat rarely seen in Hollywood.

 All 10 top spots in Forbes’ annual list of highest paid Hollywood stars were men in 2014, with “Iron Man” star Robert Downey Jr. taking the top spot with $75 million. The highest-earning woman was Sandra Bullock, banking $51 million. 

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OMG did anyone see #IsaacLarian on #SquawkBox on #CNBC? He did an interview about the #Bratz and presented the hosts with these #OOAK dolls - which I did the #fashion and accessories for!! SUCH an incredible honor to see one of my heroes with something that I worked on, and on national television?! 😍 #dreamscometrue! #itsgoodtobeabratz #BratzWhatsUp @cnbc @officialbratz 💋