sunny meeting by Artemis_Arty

This is Mori, my soon-to-be-for-sale custom Pullip. She will come with her full outfit, flower crown with antlers, and additional eye chips. The ones in her eyes now are put in with adhesive for easy removal and changing. They’re gem cabochons, so her eyes sparkle. 

She will be for sale for $115. I’m waiting to get some decent images taken, but if you want to call dibs on her before I get her on Etsy, I would be happy to oblige you. I ship from Texas, and I estimate about $10 for tracked, insured shipping in the USA.

This is my first time installing the eye mechanism, so one of her eyelids doesn’t like to stay up all the way. I’m sure someone who’s a bit cleverer than I could get it installed better. Her lids are painted.