cn: yuya


I think the character designs they did for Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V were amazing. Not only did they create one likable hero and heroine BUT they made three other dimensional counterparts. I really wish Arc-V’s ending wasn’t as rushed as it was. They spent so much time in the Synchro Dimension (not complaining per se since I loved 5D’s) but glossed over Xyz and Fusion Dimensions :\

Two of the three chairs found in KV46, the tomb of Thuya and Yuya, Parents of Queen Tiye

Left: Chair with lion feet, decorated with openwork representing Bes between two figures of Taweret (female hippo’s).

Right: Chair gilded and sivered. The back is decorated with scenes of offering to a  Queen, Bes and Taweret dancing with knives.

The cushion is made of linen filled with pigeon feathers.