cn: soubi


Some VERY old artwork from back in 2009 of my first OC and my past girlfriend’s OC that I happened across when I found my old PSP-1001 with these pics saved on the memory card. Virtually all of these, save one picture, was drawn by her because I wasn’t quite good at art back then (even though I have art from that time) but she was more than happy to draw enough for the both of us. 

Felix was the name I used to go by according to my character much like how people recognize me as Paige nowadays. Of course, if you pay enough attention you’ll see my real name in one of these pics and I don’t mind that people know but I tend to prefer being referred to as my nickname online. It just seems odd otherwise haha. 

But other than that, I guess I just wanted to show these pics because they mean a lot to me and the person who drew them also meant a lot to me. I guess if anyone was also interested, this was my first OC ever, all the way from 8 years ago. 

Anthro Talk

A sketch of some new, old, and revamped Anthro OC’s. I really missed drawing  characters like this.

In honesty I stopped drawing furry characters for a long time after being harassed badly about it. I’m glad I got back into it, and had friends who reassured me who were positive about any of the things I enjoyed.

Don’t let people stop you from doing the things you love, and know it’s okay to go to someone when you need it. No matter what the circumstances. You never know what you’ll miss if you let someone else decide what you should do with your talents.