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Finally finished my first digital painting !!!!!! OMG I couldn’t see the end, it tooks me so long… But it’s here

Sou (in the middle) is my OC, and the two others are my friends OC, I’m so happy I could draw them together in this new style Q///u///Q It’s been three years that I didn’t draw them, so much nostalgia, so much memories… I wanna cry…


“The Movie ArsMagna Close Call!“
Making of movie

Sensei: Isn’t this corner beautiful?
Witt: If Sou-senpai went into it, we wouldn’t be able to tell where he was, would we?
Akira: We wouldn’t be able to tell Sou apart from the flowers.
Sensei: *laugh*
Sou: *goes to stand in the flowers*
Tatsuki: Oh!
Akira: Huh? Where’s Izumi?
Tatsuki: Ah, huh?
Sensei: Try crouching down.
Sou: *crouches*
Akira: Where’s Izumi?
Witt: Huh?
Tatsuki: I can’t tell at all.
Akira: I can’t tell at all.
Tatsuki: He’s camouflaged!
Witt: Huh?
Sensei: Hey, would you lower one of your knees?
Sou: *lowers one knee and looks up at Sensei*
Sensei: Yes, and do this with your hands.
Sou: Do this with my hands? *lowers his hands*
Sensei: *Sings Terminator music* De de de de de. De de de de de.
Tatsuki: De de de de de.
Witt: It can’t be…! It can’t be…! It can’t be…!
Sensei: De de de deeee.
Witt: No way! No way!
Akira: Oh no.
Witt: Oh no!
Akira: Oh no.
Sensei: De de de de de de deeee.
Witt: It can’t be…!
Akira: He’ll start by going to look for clothes, won’t he?
Others: *laugh*
Sou: *stands up*
Witt: Eh?!
Sou: I’m wearing clothes!


Vocal&Mix*Sou(@Nico_nico_Sou )