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Recently I’ve been reading this shoujo manga, Watashi ni XX Shinasai!. Its darn funny alright, but I think for people who do not like strong romance factor (I’m one too), this manga will get you a little tired of it after 20 chapters… (I don’t know about you but I was) even with its equally strong comedy factor.

BTWs~ This manga is really nice. It’s not the usual girl-chase-boy scenario, but rather girl-enchants-boy-unwittingly.

(Top Picture, Left) Himuro Yukina, cell phone novelist… currently trying to succeed writing a romance novel by getting Shigure to comply to love-act for her novel.

(Top Picture, Right) Shigure Kitami, “ideal student” and “good role model” under the guise that he just pretended so as to make his school life easier, and actually keep a journal that lists all the girls in his new class, the places where they confessed to him, and how they were dumped, using girls for his own entertainment. Fell in love with Yukina through all his love-acting.

(Bottom Picture, Extreme Right) Shimotsuki Akira, Yukina’s cousin. Often looked out for her and protective over her. (My favourite character, even though he’s the one who loses out in the love triangle) I don’t know why the artist did this, but Akira’s love for Yukina’s not the cousin love, but the “I love you” love. Yukina starts to realise she has feelings for him too.

LOVE TRIANGLE. I’m not going into Mizuno Mami. She’s a detestable love rival of Yukina. But it’s just because she used despicable ways of gaining what she wants.