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Three major characters from my story: Pinch Drive. Lillin (L’il Lin: Spear of the Light) is the main character on a journey to save her brother, escape space pirates, and make it safely to Terra (Our future Earth)

Ning Pahn: Tavern Master of the aptly named: “Ning’s Bar” on the desert moon city “Nexus”, vision of desire in many a spacefarer’s heart, who’s only love is her wife and the Sheriff of Nexus, Pahn Ning, who she is forced to chase after once several space tunnels explode high above the orbit of Nexus.

And finally Avani: Grand Master of the Bulwark the Space Navy that protects, defends, and serves the people of our future Galaxy, an as an Onen Champion she has the unique ability to project a pink construct of light, hers being a suit of armor that augments her abilities and defense like no other. The Bulwark was named for her. (She’s lead the Bulwark with her wisdom as it’s leader for hundreds of years.)
The Seven Principles You Need to Know to Build a Great Social Product

Social products are an interesting bird. For even the most experienced product designer, social products prove an elusive lover. While there are many obvious truths in social products, there are also alot of ways to design them poorly. Especially when you are deep in the moment making pixel-level decisions trying to remember what’s important, things may not be so clear.

The only magic I’ve found in designing compelling social products that have the best shot at breaking through the noise and capturing people’s time and money is in being extremely clear on how your social product meets a few key design principles.