cn: ean

Aku Hidup Tidak Merdeka

Aku hidup tidak merdeka, dan tidak ada kenikmatan melebihi hidup tidak merdeka.

Aku hidup tidak merdeka, dan kusyukuri keadaan tidak merdeka ini di siang dan malam, di pagi dan sore, di semua menit detik, di setiap peluang yang sesempit apapun.

Aku bersyukur, aku bersyukur, aku bersyukur karena Allah tidak membiarkanku melangkah berjalan merdeka. Aku bersyukur, aku bersyukur, aku bersyukur karena Allah mengikatku, memelukku erat-erat dan tidak mengizinkanku keluar dari pelukanNya.


Not Ean

Eadlyn is Not going to choose Ean? 

You know why?

Because she doesn’t realize it, but Eadlyn needs a relationship where she is pushed out of her comfort zone, a bit. She needs someone who is willing to ask the tough questions, and then stay by her side as she sorts through the answers. She needs someone who is willing to love her every moment of every day, and not just because they get something out of it. She needs someone who is going to tell her when she is being a snob, and someone who will be willing to say “I’m sorry” when they’ve done something wrong. Eadlyn doesn’t need another Type A personality in the mix. She needs someone who is their own individual person who chooses to spend time with her because she lights up their world, not because she provides a comfy lifestyle.

She needs someone to challenge her to help her grow. And Ean doesn’t offer that. He offers less than a puppy would, honestly. And though Eadlyn might think she’d be happy with him, she’d feel empty inside. And Eadlyn has enough on her plate that she doesn’t need some faker sharing a bed.

School time

Luca knocked lightly on the open office door of Professor Rathais, a smile curving her lips as she entered the room when he looked up at her. “Well, class was interesting today,” she said, referring to the fight that broke out between two jocks within the first five minutes of the first class of the semester. The fall semester had come and gone quite quickly. It had been a whirlwind of classes and of Luca orientating herself to her current home. She’d been Professor Rathais’ TA all last semester, an occupation she took quite a bit of pleasure in since she did get to pick the professor’s brain from time to time. She’d come to appreciate his knowledge even more than she already had as well as his wit and personality. As much as she wish she could have a crush on him, seeing as he was a perfect specimen of the male form in every which way, she just found the idea… impossible. Some how, he just wasn’t her type.

“I just came by to pick up the roll and any filing for today’s classes,” she continued with a smile.

shoutout to wonwoo for for apologizing for his mistakes (he made years ago) and wording it as best as he possibly could through a handwritten letter which could have easily been done by just typing out an apology and posting it

damn im the same age as him but im still dumb af lmao