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Escrever é um ato executado na solidão. Sou tentado a chamá-lo um ato psicótico, pois nós, escritores, construímos uma realidade artificial, habitada somente por nós, e que normalmente nos parece mais real que o próprio mundo ‘lá fora’.
—  Philip Yancey - Alma Sobrevivente: sou cristão apesar da igreja

29 de novembro de 2016 |  Repressão policial em ato contra a PEC 55 na Esplanada dos Ministérios, em Brasília.

Old 97s—Graveyard Whistling (ATO)

The Old 97s are a kick-ass live band, all four of them more than capable on their instruments and, despite a couple of decades on the long road, still fuelled by fiery animal spirits. The main songwriter, Rhett Miller, knows his way around a hook and a line, so that songs that sound like dumb cow-punk joy are often knotty and complicated, pitted with literary allusions and sharp cultural references. Two years ago, after some doubts about whether the band could continue, the Old 97s came out with a raucous winner in Most Messed Up, an album so tightly written, so exuberantly played that you felt bad about thinking they were done. By comparison, Graveyard Whistling seems a little by-the-numbers, a little too much what you’d expect from Old 97s. It’s not a bad album, not by a long stretch, but it feels like Miller & company are treading water, revisiting things that worked before.  

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Slovak party “Slovenska Pospolitost” sent funds for the kids in the ATO area

Despite the fact that Krasnogorivka is a front-line city, life still goes on there. In particular, the city has a children’s studio “Rainbow.”

Currently, about 80 children spend their leisure time in “Rainbow.” For them, it’s not just painting or embroidery; it’s a way to occupy themselves and distract from the constant reminders of the war.

The studio works 6 days a week and has almost no funding. Children almost entirely collect stuff of their need on their own.

Thanks to a friendly Slovak party “Slovenská Pospolitosť” (Slovak community, community), National Corps-Donetsk bought all the necessary things: gouache, watercolor, crayons, paper, paint, yarn for weaving, books in Ukrainian on ethnic traditions, customs and creativity of Ukraine.

This charity initiative to collect material help for children in the ATO area in East Ukraine was organized by Slovenská Pospolitosť on the eve of New Year as a sign of support for Ukrainian nationalists fighting against the Kremlin’s occupiers. Funds raised at a rate of 623 euro were transferred to National Corps and partially spent by activists on these devices for creativity.

Unfortunately, it’s too cold inside, and children work in outer clothing. This is because the communications were ruined by enemy missiles, so there is no possibility to launch heating.

But all of this does not diminish sincere enthusiasm of kids attending “Rainbow.” Children continue visiting the house of creativity and enjoying their work.

Krasnogorivka is not the only city in the ATO area visited by activists of National Corps in the Donetsk region. January 20, they helped a family that lives in the city of Avdiyivka.

Avdiyivka is directly located on the demarcation line and often suffers attack by enemy projectiles.

The family has never left their home city throughout the entire war. Even in periods of very harsh attacks they remained in Avdiyivka.

Despite these circumstances, the eldest son is actively engaged in boxing and decently represents the city at competitions. In addition, he successfully studies in the 5th form. Besides, single mother has two other children.

Owing to the Slovak party “Slovenská Pospolitosť,” this family got necessities as well.

Activists brought food products (the family needs them most of all) and a pair of winter shoes for children.

We express our deep gratitude to “Slovenská Pospolitosť” for their help on behalf of Ukrainian children and their families in the ATO area, National Corps (AZOV) Movement, patriots and defenders of Ukraine.

We remind that the “Slovenská Pospolitosť” representatives attended a conference “Baltic-Black Sea Union – A Geopolitical Alternative for Central and Eastern Europe” held July 2-3, 2016 in Kyiv on the initiative of the leader of the National Corps Movement Andriy Biletsky, and are willing to actively develop cooperation with Ukraine in the future.