The Shore Line Route of the North Shore Line in Wilmette, Illinois

This view shows a southbound train with the Wilmette station on the left. The tracks in the foreground are curving east onto Greenleaf Avenue, and the North Shore Line trains traveled for a number of blocks down the middle of Greenleaf until they curved south again toward the Linden station.

Today, the Linden station is the northern terminus of the CTA Purple Line. The Shore Line Route was abandoned in 1955. Until then, a passenger could board a North Shore Line train in the Chicago Loop and ride all the way to Milwaukee on the North Shore Line through Wilmette and past the other stations on the Shore Line Route. Increased ownership of automobiles and the interstate highway system resulted in declining ridership and the North Shore Line ceased operations in 1963.

Miraculous Headcanon

Headcanons ahoy: The reason Hawk Moth can target Ladybug and Cat Noir specifically is that he can sense where the location of their Mircaculi with his own (supported by when ML was able to track CN in “Copycat”). Then he can “akumatized” (bedeviling) anyone nearby their locations who willpower is temporarily weakened by a negative moment in their life and use influential telepathy to direct action towards them. Also, Hawk Moth’s akumatization has the same special effect as Cat Noir’s Cataclysm so the two may be connected. Plus, (and I was hoping they do this in the Pharaoh episode) a lot of the problems dealing with Ladybug and Cat Noir (including them being soulmates) has to do with Scarab and cat-related legacies from Egyptian mythology where the lovers often have tragic fates and use unique abilities to sustain each other. Also, the Miraculous transform a person based on their most positive trait: Maronette (dutiful and a planner) and Adrien (honest and protective).

anonymous asked:

I doubt beyonce or any other A list singer would voice a character besides Nicki. The crew can barely afford Nicki as casting her costs a ton since she's so high up there and they don't have unlimited funds to cast more ppl like that

I mean, we can only assume casting and booking her cost quite a lot. Again, given that there’s buzz about the show, general and sometimes parties come together because they’re both interested. Money isn’t always a driving force for involvement (as there’s also publicity as a guest actor, participation in a series you enjoy, etc etc)

I don’t disagree, Beyoncé does feel like a stratosphere level super star that likely would be at this pint well out of range for the series, but we’ve got the likes of Patti Lupone, and Estelle to boast about in terms of star power.

Not to mention the incredible line-up of guests CN has hosted for similar shows like Adventure Time like Neil Patrick Harris, Mark Hamill, George Takei, Ron Perlman, Andy Samberg, Donald Faison, “Weird” Al Yankovic, freakin Biz Markie too! While there’s no doubt that AT’s notoriety has helped pull guest stars in by being on the general radar of even the most casual viewer of cartoons currently on the air- Steven Universe isn’t THAT small of a show if you ask me. It’s not to be overlooked, that’s for sure.


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When I think about what LB did to CN in "The Puppeteer" , I thought about what happened in "Dark Cupid" when CN nearly used Cataclysm on LB while brainwashed. I think considering CN and how much he loves LB, he'd rather be catapulted off a tall building than harm her under control. Likewise, it's not like LB wanted to do that at all, but I think she understands that he wouldn't forgive himself if she'd allowed him the chance to hurt her or worse, repeat the events of Dark Cupid. IDK*runs*

Mmm whatcha saaaay….


On one hand Seth MacFarlane created some of the worst and most insulting TV shows of all time, but on the other hand he also wrote some great episodes for Johnny Bravo and other CN shows and he produced the Cosmos remake.

So I’m hearing buzz that Hawkeye in the Marvel Avengers Academy game is going to be voiced by Gus Sorola from RoosterTeeth/Red vs Blue fame, and that it was announced on one of the recent RT podcasts.


I am dying of both laughter and squee right now.