Less than 2 minutes. Let that sink in.

And keep in mind: Before he resigned the day In Touch’s story broke, Josh Duggar was the head of the Family Research Council’s (FRC) political wing. FRC, an anti-gay hate group that routinely links homosexuality to pedophilia and describes LGBT people as a threat to children, are a regular fixture on Fox News.

5 Simple Ways The Vampire Diaries Can Treat Bonnie Bennett with More Sensitivity (without altering major plots or who she is as a character)

I love the Vampire Diaries. I keep up with every episode, I have helped to organize online viewing parties to encourage more people to watch/enjoy the episodes. I make Vampire Diaries gifs and fanart, and I write Vampire Diaries fanfiction.

So please understand me when I say that this is not an attack on the show or its creators. I am grateful to them for giving us this story and these characters, who I otherwise would never have known, not having read the books before watching the show.

Many people far more eloquent than myself have already critiqued the show’s handling of race, and how it handles Bonnie Bennett’s character in particular (both constructively and… not-constructively!). I won’t repeat what has already been said. 

But first and foremost, I want very make clear that I assume positive intentions here. Based on the way Julie Plec, the show’s executive producer, has spoken about Bonnie and her storylines in the past, I do see affection for the character there, in the way a writer can feel affection for a character in an angst-driven show. That assumed positive intention then makes this even more important, because in that case, treating Bonnie sensitively would be one of their goals too.

I say this because the Vampire Diaries doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Julie Plec saying in an interview with Buzzfeed that only after seeing her interact with Damon in s6 did she “realize this character has become as valuable as anybody else,” and respected recappers/critics echoing those sentiments with phrases like “[Bonnie] made us LIKE her… Her life has been earned,” don’t exist in a vacuum.

Instead, they exist against the backdrop of a society where black people really do have to “earn their lives.” Where murdered black men, women, and children are posthumously re-victimized by smear campaigns to diminish the importance of their deaths in the public eye. Where black people are fighting for their basic human value to be recognized in campaigns like “Black Lives Matter.” 

I don’t say this to co-opt that struggle for frivolous reasons. Rather, while the Vampire Diaries has demonstrated that they understand the value of diversity (ie. by casting a black actress in this role), room for improvement remains: representation matters, but the manner of that representation matters as well, having just as material an effect on its audience. The way you write a black character can at worst contribute to, and at best subvert, the pop culture tropes that reflect/reinforce a society where “Black Lives Matter” is a controversial statement in the first place.

The Vampire Diaries may take place in Mystic Falls, where vampires and witches and all manner of fantastical thing run wild, but all the same, it exists in the context of our own reality too.

Season 6 has made major steps in the right direction in terms of Bonnie’s treatment. It gave us a much more consistent focus on Bonnie’s character and her internal struggles, and the effect has been inarguable. Critics and fandom alike have responded positively, and as the A.V. Club rightly noted:

Bonnie’s evolution in season six is notable because it’s not actually an evolution of the character at all; this is essentially the same Bonnie that’s always been there, with the same personality and the same strengths and weaknesses. What’s different is that the writers have finally given Bonnie a story that feels like it is completely about her—not her powers, not her family legacy, not what she can do for other people—so Bonnie finally feels like a fully realized character.

Bonnie’s value was there all along. Her life was well-earned all along.

So I hope that the show will continue in this vein (vampire puns!). I hope that Bonnie’s character will continue to be given the kind of focus she had in season 6, and I can’t wait to see where the show takes her.

But along those lines, I have gathered a few easy ways for the show to better portray/recognize the value of Bonnie Bennett, without really much effort on their part at all:

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encore / winning stage (official fancam ver.)

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Come wayward souls
Who wander through the darkness
There is a light for the lost and the meek
Sorrow and Pain are easily forgotten
When you submit…To The Soil of the Earth

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OTGW is the best thing ever…and THIS guy is the BEAST thing ever.
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Listening to the beast’s song got me imagining him wandering through the wood, warming them golden pipes to lure folks to their doom.

II | Remembering You Fic ft. Baekhyun

Part II of ‘Remembering You’ featuring Baekhyun.  angst / romance / feels

Part One Here


You knew that he’d trace the pages of the photo frame with his fingers, and purposely stop when they met you. It was your wedding photo, and he would recognise himself most nights, but on some Baekhyun would place the frame away into the drawer of the night stand. It was one of those nights.

Sehun had managed to comfort him and bring him back into your house. He told his hyung that this was his home, but he eased off from reminding him that you were his wife. Sometimes too much information in one go would completely set him off. Baekhyun would beg to leave with Sehun; leaving the both of you with no choice.

“Uh, thanks for letting me stay at your place” Your husband shut the drawer firmly, already getting ready to fall asleep in the main bedroom, “I guess I’m too exhausted to find my own way home. I even lost my phone along the way… but Sehun told me that he already contacted _____. She’s probably worried sick”

You stood a good distance from the bedside, sighing to yourself because you knew you wouldn’t be sleeping in your own bed tonight. Again. You thought for a second to lightly touch his hand; in the hopes that maybe he’d remember again. But you didn’t want to startle him; especially since the only guys who could get him to calm down, were probably already asleep.

“I heard Sehun on the phone earlier” You replied, stepping towards the door. Tears were brimming once again and you wouldn’t let him see them. “Your fiancee is fine. ____ feels better knowing that you’re safe and sound”

“Thanks” Baekhyun mumbled, drifting into slumber. He feel asleep just like he used to, and just how you remembered. It was too bad, that he didn’t remember falling asleep next to you.

The wailing of sirens reached the rooftop of your apartment building. It was your escape; but even in your escape, anything and everything that could remind you of what had gone wrong still seemed to haunt you. But at least the sirens blocked out the sound of your cries.


A deep voice loomed over you as you sat crouched by the edge of the rooftop. You were drowned so deep in your sorrows that nothing could shake you at this point. You rubbed your eyes before look over your shoulder.

“..Who’s there?” You asked, unable to decipher the figure behind you, “It’s too dark to figure out who you are”

“Oh, it’s me, Kris. From across the hall?” Kris sat himself beside you, when he crossed his legs, you couldn’t help but notice how long they were. He really was that tall. “I heard you crying… and I couldn’t go back down knowing that I could’ve helped stop the tears”

Deep down you appreciated the gesture, but in the moment, you were too tired to appreciate anything.

“How would you stop them?” You were sarcastic, but Kris didn’t seem to mind.

“I’d talk to you about what was making you cry” He was starting to sound like a therapist at this point. “ Talking helps”

You stared down to the city and street below. Few cars would zoom pass; the occasional police car and ambulance too. Would you open up to a complete stranger about the one thing that dictated your life? If anything, he already knew the gist of it after what had happened in the hallway. But to give him all the details?

“It was a month after our wedding… he planned a late honeymoon because we had spent so much on the actual wedding” You started off, playing with the wedding ring on the finger of your left hand, “I didn’t realise how off we were with our finances… He didn’t tell me that he was taking loans from these dodgy guys that he met at a bar”

Kris nodded, seeming to take in the story. Sometimes his hand would hover from his lap, wanting to comfort you by grabbing yours. But he kept to himself.

“The morning before we were supposed to leave for our trip, the loan shark was our doorstep; asking for the repayments” You continued to explain. But it was coming to the point of what had happened that really hurt the most, “Baekhyun got in an argument about when the payments were due… The guy wouldn’t take his reasons so he tried to get into our place to take some belongings. He wouldn’t let him; so the guy took it out on Baek instead”

“He sustained head and brain injuries. We thought he had recovered really well since he wasn’t in the hospital for long; but then when he opened his eyes; he didn’t even know who I was; he didn’t even remember me… his own wife”

“Why are you sleeping here?”

Baekhyun chuckled as he adjusted the thin quilt that covered you as you slept. He had woken up before you and in better spirits than the night before. The house smelt like pancakes and coffee; he must have been cooking.

“I…I was cleaning the house, late last night” You lied, rubbing your eyes to get a better view of your husband. “How are you feeling?”

“So, so” Baek held a mug of something hot to drink in his hands, before setting it on the coffee table and sitting next to you, “Ah, hot drinks are the best, even during Spring…”


He’d always talk about the season that the two of you got married in. Except he’d think about it, like a fiancee would instead.

“Mm. Just a month left till Summer is here” You mentioned, sensing that he was starting to remember you, at least the fiancee-you.

“…Just a few weeks till we get married” Baekhyun rested his hand over yours, looking to the photo frames hanging above, “Soon these frames will be filled with wedding photos”


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