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A thing I’m thinking tonight is how a lot of the current discourse seems to assume that someone must be Evil and Inhuman and Completely Incapable of Being Reasoned with in order for you to make the decision to cut them out of your life and community.

Like. It feels like a big part of the drive to declare horrible groups as having lost their status to be considered human beings is because people don’t know how to deal with humanity in the people that hurt them; humanity in people that do horrible things.

They have to be not worthy of basic human rights, they have to be not worthy of being within the rules of society, because otherwise you can’t be as cold to them as you need to be for your own safety and well-being.

So here’s a thing.

I love my dad. I believe that he loves me. And I spent *years* thinking this meant he couldn’t possibly be “really” abusing me or I couldn’t possibly be “really” that unhappy.

And my dad, my dad. My dad is a *champion* gaslighter. My dad can make you think up is down. My dad can make you apologize for that thing he did. My dad can make you question your own memory, your own judgement, your own motivations.

People compliment me sometimes, on the thorough way I construct arguments, on how meticulously I go through point by point, addressing every possible angle– and I don’t think these people know that that was the only way I ever learned how to believe my own viewpoints–was when I built my case like a lawyer and closed all the loopholes and carefully documented every single scrap of evidence so I would be sure– sure– *sure.*

And I spent so very long trying wishing for that evidence that would prove he was Really Bad or he Really Didn’t Care or he Really Intended to Hurt Me with those things he did. I had stories in my head of what would finally let me make that break, let me make him not a person, let me make him someone I didn’t love, who didn’t love me.

So here’s the thing.

You don’t need a reason other than that you’re hurting.

You don’t have to know they can’t be reasoned with to not reason with them.

You don’t have to know that they don’t deserve compassion to not offer them yours.

You don’t have to know that their motivations are evil–you don’t have to scry their intentions like tea leaves at all. You can just know that you want to be happy, and that you’re not. You can just know that what you need is incompatible with what they do.

If you’re looking for a reason to go, you can go.

And the thing is, you really *don’t* have to deny their humanity, and you definitely don’t have to abandon your own. You don’t even have to stop loving them, if you don’t want to.

There is no cruelty required to say “enough.” There is no hatred or violent offense needed to draw your line and defend it. There is no obligation from you to either love or to not love, and regardless of either, you do not have to act on it.

Their own love, their intentions, their kindnesses, their complex humanity does not buy them any part of you. You do not owe them your company, you do not owe them your time or attention or your engagement with their arguments–you do not owe them your self.

You can hate, if you want, but you do not have to.

They can be human, and complicated, and worthy of many things beyond basic human dignity, but you do not have to be the one to give those things to them.

There are a million million humans on this planet. They can be one of them.

They can be human and that’s it.

That can be all they get. They can have their life, and their choices, and their ability to be kind or cruel, to be loved or hated, to befriend of drive away. They can have every dignity that you believe that every human in this world should have, and there does not have to be a single one of them that requires you to let them hurt you, to let them hurt others, to let them have anything from you that you do not whole-heartedly want to give.

You can protect yourself. You can go after what you need.

Because you’re a human, too. And they don’t have have to acknowledge that for it to be true.


guess who has no impulse control and watched the leaks it’s me!!!! I love the pearls so much I’m going to marry them ALL

Stop trying to demonize lars for what happened in “I am my mom”

He did not save Sadie? He had a panic attack! he had been abducted, held captive for days, taken aboard a space ship, and was staring at a hulking super powered wall of mussel that he had only just got free off. Being scared of dangerous gems and their tech is rational and not knew or just Lars.

Remember in early parts of season 1 when Steven, back when he did not have much training or experience, had to be poofed home because a mission was to intense? or when he got so scared in that Gem maze that he blacked out and Garnet had to carry him? Well he was still barely more than a human kid and was in over his head. It was really scary and he reacted scared.

Remember when we first met Connie? she and Steven got stuck in one of Stevens bubbles. No monsters, no weapons being pointed at them, they are just stuck in a giant hamster toy. Yet still Connie spent the whole episode freaking out and crying how she thought she was going to die ad she all the things she will never get to do. Well she was just a girl and she was stuck in something. It was scary and she reacted scared

Remember Jamie in the episode? spent the whole time dramatically describing how he expected them all to be killed, caused the panic level to rise, pleaded with a fourteen year old kid to save him before getting to safety, had to be carried out by said child because he was paralyzed with fear. People call his reaction understandable, funny, and adorable; and I am glad they are so kind to him. He is a human in a scary situation, that he as no training for, and he reacted scared.

Now lets look at Sadie. Everybody is saying how she should hate him, and if it were reversed she would have saved him, but is that true? Anyone who watches the show objectively will notice that Sadie pulls, or stands by watching, a lot of bad crap, at the same time Lars does. The characters make an interesting couple because they are very similar in habits and flaws. Unlike Lars though half this fandom gives Sadie a free pass on her crap because she is female, and because they are so happy to see a short, chunky girl on T.V. (note I am not trying to insult either representation. I happen to be extremely short myself.). In that house of horror episode she did nothing to stop Ronaldo from saying this was all Lars fault, and trying to sacrifice him to the house; she just watched scared and tried to get out herself. Yes she saved them in the island episode, but that was after Steven threw her a stick and reminded her that she was a good hunter, before that she was running in blind fear just like the other two. Why did she act like this? Because she is a human who was over her head, in a scary situation, and reacted scared.

In all of this I have only described human characters, and Steven before he learned to use his gem powers. How many times have Gems lost it and reacted bad. Hey lets talk about real people. I could say I would fight if someone cam after me and my friends, But the truth is that unless I was grabbled I would lose my mind and flee. Any of you who are criticizing Lars can say that you would stay and fight a attacker/kidnapper, but honestly unless you have like military or police training it is safe to bet you would lose your minds and run. The first lesson you are taught in self defense classes “scream as loud as you can, and run at first chance”.

Fear is a natural and human emotion. It can at times prevent you from doing what you  want to, especially when it comes in a force strong enough to cause panic attacks. It is wrong to call someone a bad guy or weak person because they got scare

internet slang

as promised, some keyboard slang (we stole a lot from you)(sue us). I wrote what is accurate at the moment, a few years ago it was quite popular to write lik this m8 but it became pretty unhip (I could tell you that you can type “aussi” (: too, as well) “O6″ but literally no one has done that since 2008) most people write normally and add some of the following words :

basics :

- jpp (je n’en peux plus) : I can’t stand it anymore, I’m dying from the lols

- osef (on s’en fout) : no one cares

- mdr (mort-e de rire) / ptdr (pété-e de rire) : lol

- cmb / ctb (comme ma bite/comme ta bite) “like my dick/like your dick” : easy punchline to almost anything, ex : “the line was so long!” “cmb” “you have a short memory” (expr ”tu as la mémoire courte”) “ctb”

- cmt (comment) : how / cmb (combien) : how much/many

- slt (salut) / bjr (bonjour) / bsr (bonsoir) : hello

- bn (bonne nuit) : good night

- bcp (beaucoup) : a lot, much, many / tp (trop) : too, too much

- mtnt (maintenant) : now / ajd (aujourd’hui) : today / jms (jamais) : never

- srtt (surtout) : especially, above all / vrmt (vraiment) : really

- jsp (je ne sais pas) : I don’t know / ms (mais) but

- pr (pour) : for / pcq / pq (parce que) : because

- pq / pk (pourquoi) : why

- ss (sans) : without OR (sous) : under / sr (sur) : over, on

- tt (tout) : all, everything OR (tant) : so much, as long

- mn (mon) : my (m) / tn (ton) : your (m) / sn (son) : his/her

- ns (nous) : we OR (nos) : ours / vs (vous) : you (pl) OR (vos) yours (pl) / lr (leur(s)) : their / theirs

- fr (faire) : to do, make

- tmtc (toi-même tu sais) : you know what I’m talking about, private joke

- tkt / tqt (ne t’inquiète pas) : don’t worry

- c (c’est) : it is OR (sais/sait) : know (½/3p sg) / ct (c’était) : it was

- d (des) : some, ex : mange des chips / t (tes) : your (pl for one person)

- h (heure) : time/hour, ex : on se voit à ql h? (at what time do we meet?)

- keske (qu’est-ce que) : what is, ex : qu’est-ce c’est?

- kesta (qu’est-ce que tu as) : what’s up/wrong with you?

- ke / q (que) : that/what, ex : ke ve tu? (what do you want?)

- ql / kel (quel(s)/quelle(s)) : what/which

- askip (à ce qu’il paraît) : from what I’ve heard, apparently…

- oklm (au calme) : relaxed, calm, ex : petite soirée oklm avec les potes #posés

borrowing to english or kids :

- go : to leave (j’y go)

- dodo (beddy byes) : to sleep, sleeping (je vais dodo)

- miam (aka “yum”) : to eat (je vais miam)

- lol, the legendary

- chiller : to go somewhere and have some relaxed time, without doing much

- fat : something big/amazing, ex : cette soirée est trop fat!

dropping the vowels : 

it’s hard to explain but since so many words in french contain “ou”, “an”, “ai” or “on” (…), when we need or want to make verbs (or possessive pronouns as we have already seen) smaller, we drop those letters and the other person guesses what’s missing regarding the context.

a few examples (but you can play with lots of other verbs) :

- vx / vt (veux/veut) : to want, ½/3p sg, ex : tu vx d pom? je ss o magasin (do you want apples? I’m at the store) OR (voit) : to see, meet, 3p sg

- ss / st (sais/sait) : to know, ½/3p sg OR (suis/suit) : to follow, ½/3p sg OR (suis/sont) : to be 1p sg+3p pl, ex : où st t frères? (where are your brothers?)

- cns (connais) : to know someone, 1p sg

- pvs (pouvons) : to can, be able/allowed to, 1p pl

NB : I have used 1/2/3p sg or pl several times in that post, if you have doubts it means that those forms are the conjugated forms - reminder : je / tu / il-elle-on (singulier) ; nous / vous / ils-elles (pluriel).

You know, something that hase been bothering for a while (and i havent stopped thinking about it until last night when i finally realized what was it) is that the only reason Ladynoir patrols are canon is because Thomas said they were.

And nothing else.

There’s no evidence in the show that they do patrols. There’s nothing that can prove that patrols are something LB and CN do.

In fact, every time that there are akuma battle, Chat is very much happy when those happen because he can see Ladybug, but why would he crave those moments if they have patrols? Unless they dont talk or do patrols alone.

And there’s not like they cant at least mention them in the show. Something as easy as “see you on patrol” or “you said that on patrol” or “you can tell me that on next patrol” can be done without showing the patrol itself

tbh I hope that the patrols are at least mentioned in season 2. Even with the *SPOILERS* new holders, just a 1 second line would not hurt anybody.

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If Infinity Train gets dropped, will we ever be able to know more about its story? Or is there some sort of rights transfer to CN that would prevent you from making more media/straight up telling us

I can’t tell you what I would or wouldn’t do for something that hasn’t happened yet. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

However, I think I can say the way it works in general with contracts for shows? All networks differ on this slightly, but basically, you give the network the rights to your idea for about a year. This is called an “option”. They can then re-option the work after a year has gone by if they want to. If not, the rights for the show revert back to you and you can do what you want with it. Some companies are a bit more hoard-ish in this regard than others.

The issue is, however, if you decide to take it somewhere else, that place has to like it enough that they pay the original company that made the pilot and did all the development for all their work. Companies don’t like losing intellectual property like that and other companies don’t like paying for stuff in general, so this only happens for something a company really wants. So it happens, but I don’t think it’s the norm.

Love Square Hide and Seek - 7

Sorry.  Been busy hanging out with the family, getting feasted on by bugs that I’m allergic to, and hanging out in a hypertrophic lake.

CN - Shhh.  They’ll never find us here, Princess.

CN - Oh no.  There’s only one place to sit.  *gasp*  I know.  You can sit in my lap.
MD-C - You could try to sound a little less fake, there, Kitty.
CN - What.  You want me to sit in your lap?  I’ll do it.  Just say the word.

LB - We can wait out the akuma here.  Just get comfortable.
AA - Like this? <can not turn off the posing>
LB - *blushes* Uhh.  Yeah.  That’s… good. <OMG - when did Adrien get so extra?!>

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Do older people ever start out in the animation business? I always see like 20s and 30s people starting out at Disney or CN but never like 40s or 50s people

Anyone can start at any time, as long as you have the talent and drive, Anon! There may be different challenges for everyone but if it’s something you’d like to try, don’t let that stop you :) There are also plenty of other smaller studios to work for that can help you build experience in order to get into the larger ones :)

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Pearl and Mystery girl are a thing!!!

This is the 3rd one this week, but atleast it’s not a death threat. 

Why am I getting these anons, may you ask?

The below image got a very nice, colorful page in the upcoming Steven Universe artbook.

I pointed out somewhere that it was originally from Kat Morris’ livestream on CN FB, drawn in 2015 (you can see the date on the picture in the artbook better). “The Show” was a working title for “Last One Out of Beach City”, which aired in September 2016. 

Apparently I am the devil for pointing this out, because a lot of people ship Myst//eryPe//arl and thought this was a new episode. MG does have an episode coming, but at this point we can only guess what’s going to happen in it.

I do not care if people ship Myst//eryPe//arl. The fanart for it is cute, and Mystery Girl is pretty cool looking/easy to cosplay. I get it. She’s a great character! If people want to ship her with Pearl, go nuts. Shipping is for fun, not war.

Do I think Myst//eryPe//arl will be “endgame”? No, I don’t. I’ve posted about it before, but if you would like to know my opinion, feel free to ask about it politely.

But if you’re going to get mad and send nasty messages because someone pointed out the origin of a promotional poster, please move on from my blog.

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You know I just thought of it. If Civil War happens how will the fight between Steve and Tony go? And the part where Steve says "he's my friend." How will Tony respond? Maybe something like "and what was I?" In response with a cooking angry tone. Idk the CN verse and Civil War just mess with my head. Plus I think the whole fight scene was beautifully done but I think it was all wrong. And thinking about CN!Steve I can't see him doing that to Tony :(

Yeah, I can’t really quite wrap my head around it going quite how it did in CACW in CN!verse, tbh.  I just don’t see them going at each other like that, though I can totally see Tony having an overwhelming emotional moment and going after Bucky (who would have killed not just Tony’s parents, but Jarvis, too).  Plus, there is the whole issue of Steve “choosing” Bucky over Tony, which I think would be extremely hurtful.  I remember on the DVD commentary, I think it was, where they said that some of Tony’s rage against Bucky was really about hurting Steve back a little bit, too, and can definitely see that happening. 

 I can also see Steve not telling Tony and telling himself he was protecting him or Steve not letting himself quite realize what Zola was saying.  I think in CN!verse, that would actually make a little more sense than in MCU, because there would be this need to protect Tony and a sort of inherent cultural bias that Omegas are more emotional and that it is the Alpha’s responsibility to handle things, and as forward-thinking as Steve may be, it is hard to totally escape that.  Plus, as is hinted at in the Epilogue, if they were trying to start a family, I can see Steve sort of saying to himself, now isn’t a good time, I don’t really know for sure, etc.  And Steve has a huge guilt complex when it comes to Bucky that I think is sort of tied up in him finding happiness with Tony in the future.  There’s that survivor’s guilt that messes with his head.  I mean, it is still totally wrong to keep that info from Tony, but I can see it making a bit more sense from a character perspective to me than it did in the MCU.  People are really good at rationalizing, and I think Steve is great at it and really, really good at compartmentalizing things.  Anyway, long-winded way of saying I can see the pieces fall into place.

So, basically, I can get the story in my head to get close to what we saw in CACW, but I can’t really ever see it being as brutal as it got there at the end.  I don’t think Tony’s threat to Steve to stay down, last warning would really carry any weight (I don’t think he actually would’ve done much in the movie, but mileages may vary).  I absolutely cannot see them going at each other the way they did there at the end.  I think it would’ve ended a lot less dramatically, but still with them separated and both reeling from everything that went wrong.  

@lavengadoraaa also made me think a lot about that whole pregnancy discussion in the conference room.  

I don’t have any plans to write that far into the story, but I do think about it.  People are free to share their own thoughts!  I’d love to hear them.  Maybe IW will give us a bit of a resolution.  

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Here's a tip for people in the UK: use a VPN. If the CN feedback page is blocked/non-existent in your country, install an extension like Zenmate or get Betternet if you're on your phone. You can do this from wherever so that way you can definitely ask CN to air the show in your language! Hope this helps!


Me Rewatching ML: Evillustrator

I guess Nath really likes Climatika and Lady Wifi’s design to dream about them. That or the ML team really liked their designs and wanted to bring them back in some way XD they are really good designs and fun villains. 

Hm, rewatching now, don’t know if the ship of Marinette/Nath appeals to me anymore. This dream sequence seems to suggest that he connects to the trope that the hero that saves the damsel must get her naturally, for he deserves it for his efforts. 

Also thinking Marinette needs to be saved; that would be quite a wake up call. Far more likely she’ll save you. She is scary. There is a solid reason why she can go solo just fine. 

Nathanael is failing science. 

Mendeleiev wipes her hand on shirt after dropping Nath’s picture. She calls his really good drawings chicken scratch. 

Juleka sits next to Nath in physics, Rose sits on the other side. Juleka and Nath are possible friends. Also Mendeleiev might’ve separated Rose and Juleka possibly from talking too much in class. 

Rose and Ivan sit alone. That is sad. 

Mendeleiev picks Nath up like some cat she’s ready to throw out. 

Marinette sees Nath’s sketchbook falls open, is confused why he drew her. 

Chloe is amused to see Nath crushing on Marinette, confirms what Marinette certainly wondered.

I saw Nath akumatized through humiliation, with Mendeleiev being the biggest instigator, Chloe’s verbal reveal about his crush in front of the class being the final snap.

And with Nath upset that Chloe revealed his crush to the class, he is definitely a very private person. Don’t know about him being shy, but definitely reserved and private. 

“Artists are so emotional. I love it.” Speaking from experience of having an artist friend? Gabriel certainly can be rather reactive when agitated. And Mama, who I do like the idea did play piano, is described to be very emotional and sensitive. You referring to both or just one? Most likely Mama though is who he might be thinking of since she seems a lot more reactive than Gabriel. 

“You tired of having your creative spirit crushed?” With this, I would definitely count Mendeleiev as the big main cause of Evillustrator, because it is only her that picks on him for his drawing, which is what his transformation resolves around. 

Alya why do you look offended to work with Nino and Adrien? Do they spew puns together? Are you and Nino still working out things? Is it kind of awkward? Or did you want alone time with Nino? Probably alone time with Nino if they are dating at this point. 

Mendeleiev officially doesn’t give two shits about making Chloe happy. 

“I hate dealing with it.” This is like the perfect summary of Chloe. 

Alya loves Marinette, but not enough to deal with Chloe and Sabrina, who she both refers to as “twosome of terror”. 

Marinette is appeased with just being mentioned to Adrien. 

Marinette used tackle. 


Alix’s locker is opposite of Chloe’s and it looks like it’s on the far left end. 

Marinette is unaware of how Chloe and Sabrina’s friendship works. 

Chloe and Sabrina have known each other since elementary (grade school in French), which is where this started. 

I find it funny that when Chloe states that Sabrina has to do what she says, Sabrina’s smile just drops right then and there and she has this “wait” expression.

I like the touch of detail that you can see Sabrina thinking this over while Chloe and Marinette argue, like you can tell she’s looking over facts and observations and considering what Marinette said to what Chloe insists. 

While Marinette is open enough to work and interact with Sabrina, Sabrina has left a bad enough impression that Marinette is a bit put off to receive a hug from Sabrina, very different from the sudden hug she received from Alya in Bubbler, which she quickly accepts despite her surprise. Here Marinette is just really put off and doesn’t seem to know how to respond. 

Despite this Marinette is open to test the waters and develop a friendship with Sabrina, though definitely still unsure.

Sabrina suggests to Marinette that they should reveal Chloe to the teacher. They do have a right to do so and should with Chloe hardly doing any work, but for Sabrina to propose this out of nowhere is very sudden and off putting; even Marinette is pretty put off and unsure about it. Kinda gives me an impression that Sabrina can be shifty with loyalties if she sees a better opportunity for a nicer friendship, at least what she grasps as friendship which is someone helping her do work. Really does make me think about the possibilities of Lila and Sabrina in s2, with Chloe’s redemption very likely resolving around her connection to Sabrina, which does need to change for both to get better. 

Day’s not over yet and Marinette is already tired. And doesn’t want to be in the middle of Chloe and Sabrina’s fight. 

Sabrina can be appeased/tempted with bribery, something Chloe has likely discovered works in getting past any fights. 

Chloe seems genuinely think that this is how friendship works, with friends that answer her whims and do what she wants. Being spoiled by the mayor and having Adrien and Sabrina as her only close friends, I can see how she thinks this is how it works. I’ll be looking forward to seeing her struggle as QB, cause LB, CN, and fox!Alya aren’t going to cave to her at all. And you have to do actual work. I am looking forward to a hard, painful redemption for Chloe. 

Chloe really cares about her hair. This is the most I hear about when she’s distressed. 

Fresh as an akuma, with a power to erase and create, and the worse Evillustrator can think of to torment Chloe is drop a bunch of hats on her and blow her with a hair dryer. 

Omg Adrien… so many puns… 

With Chloe, Chat is doing the questioning, a role LB usually does. LB though has this grossed out expression on her face. 

“Yay! Ladybug said I’m adorable!” There she goes with her crush. And is bothered that LB didn’t really smile right. She wants the perfect picture of them together. 

LB is so tired and done. 

Chat is calling out on LB for her attitude here. 

This is the first fight I’ve ever seen between LB and Chat. 

A frustrated Marinette will throw her bag when she gets home. 

Damn that’s a lot of missed phone calls. With all of this happening in the same day, it takes her a couple of minutes of travel from school, to Chloe’s, to home, and Marinette only lasted probably five minutes at most in Chloe’s company, I guess she’s about ten to fifteen minutes late to get in contact/meet up with Sabrina. And Sabrina called her constantly in that short time period, possibly suggesting that she’s a clingy friend, something that will certainly be an issue when Chloe gets her miraculous. 

Evillustrator don’t erase your crush’s window, that is not reassuring. I would’ve flipped out and thrown something at you. 

I say this crush on Marinette is pretty new since he doesn’t seem to know her very well; plus in a web episode, Marinette doesn’t list Nathanael as one of her friends (even Sabrina and Chloe got mentioned). 

Marinette a bit unsettled by infatuated akuma, and a likely reaction to someone she doesn’t know well approaching her romantically.

 Nathanael has a nervous habit of touch the back of his head. 

Pfffft, Evillustrator gives himself intense anime eyes. And of course Marinette has adorable, big eyes. It really does echo how he views them both. 

Look at my daughter go, making plans on the fly. 

And even when frustrated with Chloe, she makes sure and akuma won’t go after her. 

And she has the utmost trust in Chat to do his job well despite their little spat. I love this trust she has in him. Tikki approves of Marinette relying on Chat. 

Chat is an attentive guard cat. 

Evillustrator confirms that Adrien has physics down. 

Chat isn’t amused with Chloe’s cat pun. 

Adrien needs to learn to say no. This push over.

When LB tells him to leave Chloe, he kind sighs and looks disappointed, mostly likely thinking LB is brushing off Chloe’s danger again.

How long was Sabrina standing in that doorway waiting for Marinette? It looks like she’s been standing there for a while, no move to knock or anything. That hints that Sabrina will stand around and wait for Chloe.

Body language and expression suggest to me that Marinette is still unsure about how to handle/respond to Sabrina. 

I think most likely for both girls to develop, grow, and have healthy friendships, this current one has to broken up between each other and both willing to change and learn what a real friendship is and have a good, solid redemption. In the future if they’re up and willing, they can have a go at friendship again, but for sure, after they have developed.


With how quickly Chat arrived from Chloe to Marinette’s, through miraculouses, that’s just a couple of minutes of travel. 

Boy immediately moves to kiss her hand with his introduction. He wants to make make sure this “first” meeting goes right so much. 

Lmao, his face just screams “score!” 

There he goes, flexing and flirting and putting on a show. He wants to impress Marinette so much. 

I love this different opinion that Chat and Nath have of Marinette. In Nath’s dream, Marinette needs to be saved, to rely on him to get her out of that trouble. But here, Chat asks Marinette if she would help him, suggesting that he knows and trusts that she is capable, that she is his equal in this and can help him, not just a damsel in distress for him to impress with saving her. Even recognizes her to be a helpful Ladybug to him tonight (which understandable unnerves Marinette). 

And he’s so sad to say that LB is busy. He was probably looking forward to working with LB AND Marinette. And he rings his bell. 

Chat is pleased with Marinette’s overdramatic fangirling. 

I will say, this is a very nice date Evillustrator put together. 

Promises are important to Nathanael. Marinette it looks like appreciates this. 

Marinette does a little wave to Chat when he’s behind them, subtly telling him to wait. I love that touch of detail. 

“…you’re just like Chloe. Teasing me, mocking me, leading me on!” To make comparisons like these means that they’ve happened before, and that possibly not only has Chloe picked on Nath, but evidently lead him on too. Maybe Nath was the first one Chloe encountered to have a crush on her. Something she likely took advantage of, and sparked her finding amusement in boys confessing to her (like Kim in DC). 

Evillustrator can jump, damn. 

14, Tikki pops out of the purse where Chat could’ve seen her if he looked down by chance. 

Adrien’s first instinctive response to Marinette coming up with a smart plan is to pull her close and flirt. Marinette doesn’t respond positively to the sudden closeness. 

Chat is more than fine to back off, and Marinette is still physically comfortable with him. Bless these dorks. 

Lmao, he still wants to be impressive. 

15, Tikki floats into the open, and if Chat looked back, would’ve seen her. 

Chloe, all this effort wasted to try and appeal to Mendeleiev, who don’t give two shits; you could’ve been done a long time ago. 

Chat left first, with Marinette grumbling for a minute, yet LB is there first? Is LB hero faster than BC or did she purposely go faster? Or maybe she it’s her knowing the streets better? 

Look at these two. They’re flirting. 

“…this is known as the final showdown.” “…she’s a baddie!” This tells me that Nath bases his thinking off comics, or at least uses examples of comics with heroes. Also, declaring Chloe’s a “baddie” and deserves to be harassed, that’s a pretty black and white view to have. Also adds to why he didn’t go after Mendeleiev, he believes it was her right to call him out for drawing in her class. And yes, she is, but she doesn’t have the right to treat his work with such disrespect (reacting to his drawings in disgust, calling it chicken scratch). 

“Once I have them all in my grasp, I will have absolute power!” So HM wants all miraculouses. Or at least for sure, the ones he knows about. 

“…they only made matters worse.” Chloe you tsundere, that’s not what I saw earlier. This is a public front, you still adore LB. 

Alya is more than happy to put aside her personal feelings for Chloe for an interview. 

I stand that Adrien was totally waiting for Marinette in the locker next to hers. He was not there before.

Marinette’s locker is the 2nd from the last on the far right of the row next to the wall. And Chloe and Marinette share the same locker row. 

Sabrina is back to being happy to work for Chloe again, Marinette is baffled. 

Hi Adrien. Just out of nowhere, he totally had to come out of that locker. This nerd. Being a cat. Hiding in spaces and waiting to pop out. 

And Adrien, wanting to make sure Chat left a good impression on Marinette. He really cares that Chat left a good impression. 

Marinette states that Adrien is far more awesome than Chat, Adrien isn’t bothered at all. He is pleased enough that Marinette has deemed Chat awesome. 

16, it’s a school day, people coming in to gather their stuff for the morning, and Tikki’s just hanging out in the open on Marinette’s shoulder where she can be seen.

I RECOGINZE THAT. That is like one of the earliest concepts of ML that Thomas Astruc did, isn’t it? 

Also it seems Nath’s crush on Marinette is over, hinting that he possibly has some memory of what happened, though probably fleeting. If he does have a crush now, most likely for LB. 

Love Square Hide and Seek - 11

I promise, I’m working on Independent Catractor (also brainstorming for my Miraculous Big Bang participation) but it’s not ready yet.  So have some hide and seek.

AA: Ladybug, are you ok?!
LB: Yeah. *embarrassed laugh* Not to worry.  I do this ALL THE TIME.

LB: … and that is why you have to let the dough rest before shaping it.
AA: You’re strong, brave, and you can bake?  Is there anything you can’t do?
LB: Pffft.  I totally can’t talk to my crush in my civilian form.  And walking.  I’m not very good at that.

MD-C: Thanks for hanging out with me.  This has been exactly what I needed.
CN: My purrrleasure, Princess.  And you know, we can have DIY spa day, with extra-cat-riculars whenever you want.
MD-C: Since it’s my turn to plan the next one, I’ll get right on that… when we’re done lounging.

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tips fr how to not feel like a faker? I wanna like reinvent my style to always look super punk but thats rly all i cn do since I'm not in a home environment where I can stand up for my views. There's also like no local scene as far as I know. so like... how do I stop feeling like a fake punk/like im using the name as an accessory?

I mean, the whole point of this blog is to tell ya that just by being yourself you ARE punk, as long as being you doesn’t include any discrimination or systematic bullshit yadda yadda yadda. There is not WRONG way to be punk, and the bastards who tell you otherwise can go fuck themselves. 

You can always meet other punks online! If what you lack is a group of people like you, online is the place to go. Y’all can share your views and just talk and all that shit. Don’t worry about not being able to stand up for yourself– abusive situations exist in which sometimes speaking up can lead to horrible consequences.

Just remember that by being yourself you are being punk \m/

-mod kip

⭐️Please support Steven Universe by watching the upcoming Steven Bomb Jan 30-Feb 2 at 7pm EST!!!⭐️

I know that with the bomb being leaked, a lot of people have already seen it (myself included) but we have to remember that watching SU on an unofficial site doesn’t help the show or the Crewniverse at all. If anything, it hurts them. Views/ratings on those sites don’t count.

If you want to support SU and help keep it going, then I’m asking you to please watch it when it airs! If you really love the show then you’ll do it. If you’re not able to watch when it airs, then you can DVR the episodes and watch them when you can or watch them on the CN website or on the official app!!

Please do this for the show! And come on, who wouldn’t want to watch that bomb again???💫

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So I come from a very "men are the worst/oppressors/conscious perpetrators of patriarchy etc" sect of feminism. But am starting to think I might be a man. Help me?? I hate men. I just want to die thinking I might be one. What do I do? I can't

Leave that sect of feminism.  Push your life raft into the water and paddle away for greener lands.  No ideology is worth destroying yourself for.

I think describing men as evil in such black and white terms isn’t helpful for… really anything.  It’s not helpful for creating a better world, because it suggests men can’t ever improve.  It’s not helpful for distinguishing really dangerous men from the rest.  It’s not helpful to heterosexual women to tell them that they’re equally doomed with any man they choose.  It’s not helpful to mothers raising sons.  And it’s not helpful to people like you.

Also, I think it’s absurd to describe all men as conscious perpetrators of oppression/patriarchy.  That might be true in some abstract gender-studies sense, but it’s false in practical terms.  Men harm women with words and actions which are consciously chosen.  To say otherwise is not just false, not just hurtful, but it lets men who make those choices off the hook.

And you can be a man without making those choices.  Recognizing yourself as male isn’t going to suddenly make you a wildly different person.  Everything you know about feminism and being a good and conscientious person isn’t going to magically evaporate.  If you’re a good person, you can be a good man.

I would really recommend therapy and/or a good trans support group, because I’m sure you need more support than I can give in the medium of Tumblr Ask.  Do not try to make your feminist sect into your support group; find people who will care about you as you are.  Because we’re out there.  I care about you, and I don’t hate you, and I don’t want you to hate yourself.


People who use the excuse “It’s a kids show, why are you even watching it if you think it’s shit?”

Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you

That is the worse bloody excuse you can make for a show. Just because it’s for kids means it’s ok? No. No it is not. A cartoon(or really, anything for kids) does not have to appeal to the lowest common denominator, putting in flashy colors, farts, and random yelling to be for kids.

Gravity Falls​, Adventure Time​, Clarance, Regular Show​, The Legend of Korra​, Over the Garden Wall​

All of these are cartoons. All of these are modern day cartoons. All meant for kids. And you know what else they share in common?

They don’t act like the viewers are morons! They don’t act like kids have the attention span of a goldfish!

If you treat kids like idiots, they become idiots because you never put the damn effort into helping them not become idiots! Now don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to be a little stupid sometimes. Life can be dark and depressing so a little dumb gag, no matter how stupid done right can lighten the mood.

But note, I said SOMETIMES. You need to know where to draw the line.

So next time you see someone try to defend crap like ‘Breadwinners’, 'Teen Titans GO!’, or god forbid 'Sanjay and Craig’ with the excuse of “It’s a kids show, get over it.”, do me a favor and slap them in the face.