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-extremely bored, so here’s my full Jeff Rosenstock collection. I got the majority of those Worry.’s by accident I swear. I have everything except the Scott & Aubrey wedding 7″, if you have any idea on how i can get that, please hmu. I don’t think I left anything out in these pics, but maybe I did. Excuse the really weird lighting in all of these pics. This list is a nightmare to look at so apologies in advance.

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gonnadeleteblog-deactivated2014  asked:

Hello! I just wondering about your prints, doesn't it have to be CMYK in order for the colours to be shown well? If you work only in SAI (which doesn't support CMYK), how does the colour of your prints turn out well? Do you edit it in Photoshop, if so, how? Sorry if this has been asked before, and thank you for reading!

Heyo! Sorry for this belated response. Cmyk printing is something I’m still trying to figure it out myself so I can only give tips from personal experience. Yes, I only work in SAI and it doesn’t support CMYK unfortunately. I always edit in Photoshop afterwards. What you can do it ideally test print your images at home with your own printer or there are some online printing companies that allow you to order actual hard copy proofs of your images so you can edit accordingly which is super helpful!

In Photoshop (I’m using Photoshop CS6), there are several ways to do this. One method is to covert image to CMYK mode under Image > Mode > CMYK Color. This usually merges all your layers though.

Another is if you’re working in RGB profile you can go under View > Proof colors. This sets the profile you want to simulate or test with overriding normal display color management so basically it’s showing you the CMYK colors as it would print on paper. Not super exact but gives you an idea. It appears duller than RGB profile. 

You can edit your colors as and keep checking the Proof Colors option on and off to try to get it to how you like.

Something to keep in mind while you’re working with cmyk printing is the gamut colors. Gamut is basically the range of colors that a color system can display or print. Most RGB colors are too vibrant, thus out-of-gamut, and are unprintable. 

You can see which color won’t print under View > Gamut Warning. Click and Unclick to see which colors are out of range.

You can also color pick a color in your drawing, open up the color picker and it should give you this warning icon that shows you it is out of range. Clicking on it will give you the CMYK substitute which is usually much duller. In regards to my illustration, the bright blue color of the sky will be replaced automatically with a color replaced within the CMYK scale if it prints. 

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Clicking View > Gamut Warning while in color picker, shows you exactly where the printable color range is (image below). So in regards to the blue sky of my sousuke drawing, that color will not print.

External image

OH Another thing… my colleague gave me some tips with Color Settings when I printed out assignments for school. In Photoshop, go to Edit > Color Settings and select Adobe RGB (1998) for RGB. It provides a larger gamut range for RGB which helps when you’re converting to CMYK! And it prints fairly true to what I see on my screen! YAhoo!!!

External image

Adjusting colors is complicated and it takes some experience to get right! T_T GOOD LUCK! I hope this was somewhat helpful! There are way more helpful links and explanations online too so yeah don’t…take my word on it because I’m still learning myself…. Eep. 

Christopher Williams. Printed in Germany
Published by Buchhandlung Walther König GmbH & Co. KG
Ehrenstr. 4, D-50672 Köln
368 pages (4 pages cover, 8 pages dustcover, 16 pages
supplement, 128 color images)
Dimensions: 8 ¼ × 10 5/8 inches, spine width: 1 ¼ inch
Offset print, Euroscale (CMYK)
3 editions: yellow, red, green
Paper stock: cover: Munken Lynx 400 g/qm, dustcover: Papyrus
Rainbow Color 160 g/qm, colored stock: Papyrus Rainbow Color
120 g/qm, chapter pages: Papyrus Rainbow Color 230 g/qm,
image pages: Scheufelen BVS (white, matte) 170 g/qm,
supplement: Papyrus Rainbow Color 160 g/qm and Scheufelen
BVS (white, matte) 170 g/qm
Graphic Design: Petra Hollenbach
Lithography: Bernd Montag
Printed by Artnetworx, Hanover
ISBN 978-3-86335-601-9
Photo credit: Rhein Verlag