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hello! what does cmyk stand for?

Oh, actually is nothing very deep or whatever. CMYK are the four ink (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and key - black) used in some color printing. And when I choose to do this series I wanted, mostly, play a little with color, because I’m not very happy with my works lately, so forcing myself to use a particular palette is, like, step one (for example the next one, Yellow, is going to be my death, sob). 

So yeah, there isn’t any deep tie with the story itself. Mostly. Because CMYK is a subtractive color model - inks “subtract” brightness from white. And things are probably going to be “calmer” only after the last part. 

Colours meme: Violet + Red= Magenta for Universal love

(Magenta is a purplish red color and one of the three primary colors of the subtractive CMYK color model. In the meaning of colors, magenta represents universal love at its highest level. A combination of red and violet, magenta contains the passion, power and energy of red, restrained by the introspection and quiet energy of violet. This color is also an instrument of change and transformation; it helps to release old emotional patterns that prevent personal and spiritual development and aids us in moving forward.)

Theory: Gem civilization is led by four high ranked diamonds. All the other gems serve under one or the other depending on their color. We already know about Yellow Diamond, and it’s theorized that Rose Quartz was once Pink Diamond or possibly was a high ranked subordinate of Pink Diamond. If that’s the case, then the other diamonds likely represent the CMYK or RGB color model-

CMYK - The four ink colors (cyan/magenta/yellow/black) used to produce every other color in full color printing
RGB - the three colors of light (Red/green/blue) used to display every other color in electronics such as computer screens and digital projection

The gems bodies are literally made of light, so it’s more likely that they follow the RGB model. Gems with the overlap/secondary colors are higher ranked then gems of the original red/blue/green. With white as the penultimate color because it’s a combination of all the rest. This explains why Yellow had control over different colored gems - red and green combine into yellow. 

Diamonds have domain over their component colors. 
If there are four diamonds based on the secondary colors in RGB, Their armies/minions would be drawn from their base colors (two out of the three). 

Yellow Diamond: Red & Green
Cyan(Blue) Diamond: Blue & Green
Pink Diamond: Red & Blue
White Diamond: All or Nothing

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