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Instead of making pictures with a camera, Brittany Nelson creates fascinating textures and patterns using black and white photo paper and chemicals in an obscure process that’s just a bit dangerous.

In Alternative Processes, Nelson uses archaic development techniques like tintype and Mordancage to create bizarre and beautiful abstractions. She’s never quite sure how things will turn out, because everything is left to chance as the chemicals mix in the tray. By looking to the past, Nelson hopes to prompt a conversation about the future of photography, and what place old-school techniques hold in contemporary art. 

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‘Grease: Live’ Prepares for the Small Screen, NYTimes (x)

Mr. Tveit, who is a bit more James Dean than John Travolta, said that he had a difficult time breaking free of the movie. “I had to say my lines out loud over and over for, like, two weeks before I got Travolta’s voice out of my head,” he said. “Tommy really helped,” Mr. Tveit continued. “He has this way of telling you what he wants without making you feel like your original choice was wrong. For actors, that’s everything.”

Also features the line, “Danny (Aaron Tveit, a fast-rising Broadway and television actor) grabbed his ankles in a prolonged stretch.” Article photos (by Emily Berl) extracted and posted in high-res.