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Some of the Main Cast of Clockmaster!
Left to Right:

Evron - British. (London) An aristocrat by day, a thief by night. Smooth and debonaire, and usually gets into trouble with his fat mouth. Ironically, despite being a thief, he has an unquenchable desire to solve local crimes both small and large, and often drags those he knows into sleuthing with him. 

Malina - Romani. (Romanichal) Evron’s childhood friend, who owns a flower shop in London, causing strain between the relationship with her Romani family and those prejudiced in the city. She has a thirst for knowledge and a sharp mind, which comes in handy when it comes to solving crime.

Philippe - French. (with a mixed London accent) Evron’s best friend and unwilling partner in crime. He owns a bakery at a corner shop and is often the voice of reason in Evron’s harebrained schemes. He contains a bottomless well of patience for his best friend, though sometimes becomes irritable within good reason when things go south.

Clockmaster Series © EnjoliqueJ


Indian Tulwar with Complex Hilt, 18th or 19th Century

The single-edged watered steel blade of curved form, impressed mark near forte, the steel hilt with button quillons, open triangular outer-guard pierced with two gold-damascened ducks at the base and rising to a stylised duck’s head finial, curved tapering knuckle-guard with duck head finial, compressed spherical pommel with bud-shaped finial on a petalled mount, decorated in gold overlay with floral sprays and bands containing flower heads, undulating vines and chevron designs. 95 cm long.


A Gold Damascened Steel and Wood Gupti (Sword Cane), India, 18th Century

Rajasthan, late 18th Century. The single edged steel blade of convex form, decorated in gold inlay near the forte, to the grip and pommel with floral and vegetal motifs, the forte in the form of a tiger head inlaid with gemstones, the wood scabbard decorated to the top in lacquer with a bird and a deer on a ground of floral designs. 100 cm long.

A gupti is a dagger or sword which can be concealed in a wood case resembling a walking cane or a short staff.