Can we just appreciate the fact that how this show managed to turn the whole manic episode on its head right now in this very clip? Like sure we were all really down and depressed and the clip last Friday was hella all sorts of triggering. But now we have Magnus, talking about his mom being bipolar. All casual and at ease, even joking and laughing about it. NORMALISING IT. like “hey, it’s okay, I know what its like” but not in like a sympathetic way? CAN WE JUST ACKNOWLEDGE AND APPRECIATE THIS BEAUTIFUL BLONDE CLUELESS NORWEGIAN CHILD that just basically lifted isak’s spirit by approaching it with this awesome nonchalant attitude. 

What impresses me even more now about Tarjei is now that we’ve seen glimpses of the actor’s own personality, he just seems like an average regular 17 year old kid that you’d find in your high school. That doesn’t take himself too seriously. And he’s just that kid that’s just hanging out at the back of class and practicing rap (badly, sorry boo, you’ll get there).

Like he doesn’t seem like some thespian drama hipster kid brooding all over the place and labelling it “method”.

Which makes sense I guess, cos if you look back at Season 1&2 isak was just kind of like a happy go lucky kid. There wasn’t much depth required there. And Tarjei himself in the Skavlan interview said that isak is just mostly based off himself.

And then this season was probably the true test of his capabilities. Of all the seasons and characters, I feel isak’s character came with the heaviest baggage. The type of character that demanded a lot from its actor.

And his ability to basically inhibit his character wholly and fully, and tap into those emotions that he may not have experienced in his own life is just so profoundly amazing. He delivers on basically every scene. And props to Julie Andem and scene partner, Henrik for also bringing out the best in him. Other people have spoken more eloquently on his acting abilities. And we’ve praised his portrayal endlessly. But when you contrast it with how he is in real life (albeit based on what little information we can deduce from) it just seems a lot more impressive.

Things I’m Looking Forward to in Season 2

  • Todoroki’s backstory
  • The Human Cavalry Battle
  • Hatsume Mei
  • Gran Torino
  • The Tetsutetsu and Kirishima arm wrestling competition
  • All of Class 1-B
  • Uraraka being a badass (proving she isn’t a week heroin)
  • This panel to be animated!
  • Class 1-A Cheerleaders
  • The Stain fight!
  • Bakugou and Blue Jeanist
  • The entirety of the Todoroki/Midoriya fight
  • Iida and his brother
  • Fumikage and Dark Shadow
  • All Might cheering on Midoriya
  • The human disaster that is monoma
  • “You All Might’s illegitimate child, or what?”
  • Iida vs Hatsume
  • midoriya learning how to use the full cowl

Have I ever mentioned how much I love these two arcs?!