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Do classes require papers to be written according to the Chicago Manual of Style?

I mean, profs won’t go through your papers underlining shit that doesn’t conform, so no? but it’s def the best citation style (fck MLA!) so learn it; love it; use it.

(I’m pro author-date myself, but biblio/notes has its uses)

while we’re on the topic, footnotes »»>> endnotes forever and ever amen.

- Grace F (‘12)

CMoS 17th ed. suggestion box
  • Tildes as terminal punctuation~
  • Z pluralz
  • Emphatic consonant reduplicationnnnn
  • Paired tildes for ~emphasis~
  • Some guidelines for best practices in dynamic typographical rhetoric (i.e., gchat carriage returns strategically timed for drama)
  • A definite decision on how to render in-character action on the part of the speaker: *walks away* /walks away [walks away]
  • X pluralz, for x-tra hijinx

Christine , a quite noisy fuzz pedal. Built with PCB from the MusicPCB store, a circuit desgined by the tone god.

Chose MC14049UBCP over CD4049BCN for more out of control self-oscillatory bliss/nuisance.

The paint job is quite messy, but it doesn’t show that much on the picture.

Demo video here.

Also someone put up a video on youtube for his build calling it Insano Fuzz that perphaps does a more structured job of demoing it. It’s worth searching out.