cmon watch it

  • Touka and Kaneki: There's nothing more than the possible death of our long lost friends that turns me on. Let's fuck.
  • Me: [Guy looking confused with question marks near his head meme.]

Yuma: I’m late again! Why didn’t you wake me up, Astral?!

Astral: *Sounding completely tired of his life and Yuma’s bullshit* For an hour I said, “Yuma, wake up.”


the fact that so few people that like both the mcelroy family of products & cool art on this site dont watch drawfee/drawga is astonishing 

You know what? 

People have to right to block.

If someone makes you uncomfortable, then go ahead.

We need to stop saying that blocking is a bad thing.

If you don’t want someone interacting with you, then go ahead and block.

Blocking isn’t a weak move.

A weak move involving blocking is when you block someone after a argument and imply that you won.

Blocking someone because you simply don’t like them is perfectly normal.

You guys seriously don’t know how humans work, huh.

Humans wan’t to remove out of their site everything that upsets then and makes them uncomfortable. 

People have to right to dislike people.

People have the right to make themselves happy, even if it’s just a little happier.

Not everyone can handle the things you can.

Some people go through/went through trauma that has made them live in fear and vulnerable to possible harm.

Whether it was abuse from someone else, or themselves abusing their own body and mind.

Not everyone works the same way as others.

Each and every human being functions differently.

And we should stop judging people for wanting to make themselves happy.

Why are people just now complaining and whining about Jack being “heterosexual” when in past seasons we’ve been shown jack being attracted towards females?

Maybe it’s because none of ya’ll watched the original show to begin with

philippine tv drama: a summary
  • enter nice girl
  • like unrealistically nice
  • probs clueless of horrible past
  • her guardians are probably not her real parents
  • original concept there award winning writers
  • we definitely havent done that shit for the 34235th time
  • enter bad bitch
  • who hangs out with two other sub-bitches
  • cause it’s the system
  • they are most likely rich folks
  • bcuz yeah let’s stereotype
  • enter boy
  • love triangle bullshit starts
  • whoops nice girl and bad bitch are actually blood related
  • and there’s always something about a company
  • and ruining rival’s reputation
  • and this is all about revenge
  • ‘cause they dont teach shit about self-respect
  • and minding your own shit
  • every episode is stressful
  • climax is always about kidnapping and shit
  • enter guns and disclosed locations
  • and bad men in black leather jackets
  • we live in a tropical country u nitwits
  • but in the end all is good
  • nice girl and prev bad bitch become friends
  • just cause of the heat of the moment??
  • wtf no u dont just be besties all of a sudden???
  • theres no bit of awkwardness
  • what the hell
BANGTAN reacting to their s/o wanting to break up

can i request something? Can you (please) make bts reaction when their foreigner s/o (foreigner like europe) want to break up with them cuz she is getting lot of hate about her nationality and not being Korean. 

did this one without gifs bc idk that was easier sorry <3

JIN: He would absolutely not accept if you’d break up with him because of that reason. And he would tell you not to worry about the hate.

“You know I would only date someone who would as perfect as me?”  

SUGA: He would try to convince you to stay with him and ignore the hatred, but if you definitely wanted to go he wouldn’t stop you. 

“Please don’t go I love you, I’m here for you when you need me.” 

JHOPE: Would be very emotional and beg for you not to leave. When you finally vote to not break up, he would do everything for you. 

“I’m gonna make you the most loved person on earth.” 

RAP MONSTER: He would respond the same as Yoongi but would want to talk about it with you before you leave.

“Please tell me why you feel like this.”  

JIMIN: Wouldn’t stop you in the first place, but when you were gone he’d want you back. He’d do everything for you to come back.

“Please come back, I need your love, I need you.” 

V: Taehyung would ask you to stay and then do everything so you wouldn’t think about the hate anymore.

“Cmon y/n, lets watch a comedy.” 

JUNGKOOK: First he wouldn’t understand why you’d wanted to break up, but as soon as you told him you got much hate. He’d tell you to ignore it and that the only thing that matters is that he loves you.

“Don’t listen to the things other people say.”


ok so like imagine ennoshita making a naruto movie
- kinoshita is naruto bcos lbr hes really naruto
- tendou is co-director bcos he knows his shit when it comes to naruto
- kuroo and daishou are in charge of make up, hairstyling and costumes (they also kno their shit about naruto cmon they probably watched that together as kids)
- sakunami is younger sasuke while hiroo is older hot dad sasuke
- tendou doesnt get one person to be itachi. he gets all of itachiyama to play as itachi. seven itachis. tendou thinks hes funny. ennoshita isnt amused at all