cmon not fair

One of my least favorite things about the Gorillaz fandom is how so many people are like “we want less hip hop!!! too much collaboration!!! more Damon plz’

like.. …. . the whole point is to let other artists with various perspectives and backgrounds speak and Albarn is just orchestrating it and adding his flavor so it’s cohesive………..

Maybe if you’re asking for less hip hop………………….just stop listening to Gorillaz expecting that because it won’t ever happen……??? (Exception being The Fall, if you count it )

Everyone’s entitled to an opinion but it just makes no sense??? They can’t all be 19-2000 or Feel Good Inc with the rap edited out (yeah I’ve fucking seen this requested and done, people love to edit the rap parts out of Gorillaz songs smfh) like sorry you’re 12 and listen to Twenty One Pilots on repeat and nothing else and the hip hop collabs are too radical for you but Damon Albarn doesn’t care!!!!!!!

ok but like, lemme tell you a story of a character specifically made for the tastes of Fsnowzombie

short hair, be it curly, wavy or straight, whatever as long as its fluffy you will get my attention and Haru has like a pillow for hair i LOVE IT

THEN you give her the cutest sweater in human history

THEN her thief clothes are based of musqueteer with pooffy ass pants, pooffy sleeves, a corset and a hat with a huuuuge feather

AND her code name for heisting is freaking Noir, like cmon dude its not fair 

i am convinced that atlus sent spies on me and they picked my brain i - cannot -  believe - my - love - for - Haru Okumura from persona 5

(if you dont get the noir thingie, it essentially just sounds like Noire from fe haha)

Just adding my unnecessary two cents on that debate but guys, K/ido and K/a/no and S/e/to call each other by their second names. And they call Ay/an/o “nee-chan”.

They don’t call each other by adding any family-related suffix on each other’s name, although they do call their older sister that, meaning they do make a clear distinction between the sibling relatinship they see themselves with Ay/a/no and the childhood friend relationship they see themselves with each other.

Not sure if my english is making sense and is probably not, but listen. While I get it people could get unconfortable shipping childhood friends that were so close and were raised together on the same household, then wouldnt that argument also be valid for not shipping s/e/t/o///ma/ry on the route Mary gets accepted in their house, which seems to happen on the manga?

Through the entire series, either manga or light novels there was always this clear distinction between how they saw (and spoke of) Ay/an/o, their big sister, and how they saw each other to the point where the fact they were adopted on the same household seemed to be a mere formality on their background.

Not to speak, they knew each other (and had their own dynamic) way before getting adopted on the same house. 

I absolutely get it if it makes you unconfortable but to go as far as treating as “incest” seems to absolutely incorrect, dishonest, even. I don’t think any of the authors,  ( who keep on hinting Kido/Kano and S/eto/Ma/ry to the point in which it might even be canon already ), have ever seen or treated as that. Or any of the characters would see any relationship between the trio as “incest” including the characters on the relationship themselves, since, all things considered, they really dont seem to have ever treated each other that way.

Hold on, so;

Jensen Ackles  can sing
Jared Padalecki  can sing
Misha Collins can sing
Rob Benedict can sing
Richard Speight Jr can sing
Matt Cohen can sing
Kim Rhodes can sing
Briana Buckmaster can sing
Osric Chau can sing
Gil McKinney can sing
Ruth Connell can sing
Felicia Day can sing
Timothy Omundson can sing
Julie McNiven can sing
Alona Tal can sing
Sebastian Roché can sing
Kathryn Newton can sing
Emily Swallow can sing
David Haydn-Jones can sing
Jeffrey Dean Morgan can sing
Jake Abel can sing
Ty Olsson can sing
Lisa Berry can sing

I hate this cast so much.


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Author’s Note: this is kind of similar to something I’ve written in the past but I tried my best to not make them be identical to each other. hope you like it!

Summary: Peter and You are best friends, of course. But, he may be hiding just one teeny tiny secret from you; he’s Spiderman.

Peter sighed loudly to himself. “C'mon, Y/N. Come over just this once. You haven’t been over in a while.” He whined.

You chuckled. “Pete, I was just there earlier this week.”

“I know, but um….Aunt May misses you.”

You closed your locker door as you faced Peter while raising your eyebrow. “Oh is that so, Aunt May misses me?” You snickered as you teased Peter knowing he just wanted you to go over.

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You okay Raph? You’re, uh, lookin’ a little torn up there bro. It’s like your heads sayin’ left while your heart’s sayin’ right. Sure, there’s two sides to every story I guess, but lemme tell ya, you sure got one hell of a split personality - it’s like ya can’t decide where ya sit on this whole thing. Make up your mind, ‘cause I’m startin’ to see double here.

a lazy morning with Calum would include;
  • waking up slowly and finding out its nearly lunchtime
  • planning on staying in bed until you can be bothered moving
  • poking his face and then all of his tattoos gently
  • ‘y’know technically it’s not morning anymore’ 
  • shhhh just let me sleep babe
  • he’d be all about you lying on him rather than him snuggling with you because he likes to think he can protect you 
  • ‘feel the abs babe, aren’t you so glad to have such a muscular boyfriend like me?’
  • ‘i can hear your heartbeat, i think you might be dying’
  • nahhh i’m just nice and calm’ in his gloriously husky morning voice
  • pulling you both under the covers at some point, which are a comforting fresh white, with the sun shining through as he reaches down to your waist, lightly tickling your hips
  • ‘i kinda forgot we were naked’
  • ‘tell me hOW you could forget last night? am i gonna have to do it all again…huh?’
  • kissing all over ur body with his plump lips as you collapse into giggles
  • the sheets ending up on the floor
  • ‘good news babe i ordered enough pizza for us to last until Monday’
  • wearing one of his shirts to keep a fraction more of your modesty
  • ‘so that’s why they always smell of you’ 
  • noticing that his curly morning hair is ‘all growing back now huh cal’ :-) 
  • aka return of the wild sex hair his neighbours (and parents) don’t necessarily approve of
  • it being your turn to get up for the pizza and realising that your legs actually can’t hold your body up because of last night
  • Calum lying back on his arms behind his head with a cocky grin as his arms lay folded supporting his head
  • ‘these fluffy pillows were the best thing we’ve ever bought for the house’
  • ‘uh cal idk about you but our little pup downstairs might hate you for saying that’
  • ‘cmon babe that’s not fair he’s our baby’
  • ‘i never want to leave this bed…’ suggesting more fun activities to carry on from last night 
  • ‘i know… but what if Teddy needs his dog treats..?’
  • GIVING HIM A LOOK before he pulls that stupid crinkly grin again, causing his face to fill with dimples, as he pushes his head back under the sheets to remind the frat boys next door that you are his and he is completely and utterly yours


january writing thus far

yell at me or whatever i love human contact

So my laptop died a while ago but I’m thinking about Sam as a dad and about to cry and I need I make a post about it because reasons.

Sam would be the best dad in the whole wide world omg. He would support his kid(s) NO MATTER WHAT like the only thing I can see him NOT being supportive of is becoming a hunter. But other than that … You wanna dye your hair purple? Okay I’ll help look here’s some dye that’s vegan.

Mathlete and forensics team? Neato let’s geek out together.

Trans*? Hey that’s cool so I have a daughter instead of a son no problemo that doesn’t make you any less my kid.

Depressed? Oh no honey I promise things get better. I swear they do. If you ever need to talk, I’m here, okay? I know how hard it is to deal with this so if there’s ever a day where you just can’t make yourself get out of bed I’ll call the school and tell them you’re sick.

Boy-/girlfriend break your heart? He obviously wasn’t worth your time because if they really loved you they never would have done such a thing. In the meantime, where do they live? We’ve got ten acres of land they’ll never find the body.


can you imagine though

reyn is just: “shulk cmon that aint fair! you, dunban and fuzzball get'ta fight but we gotta stay here? that ain’t right.

shulk is "i didn’t do the choosing, reyn, im sorry”

“ya gotta do somethin’ to make sure i’m there, in spirit, yknow? say my catchphrase. but change it to your name. say it”

“….now its shulk time?”